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Chapter 56: Second (3)

After Alexandra ate the snacks Diana made for her, she decided to go to their library and look for books to read. As she arrived in front of the door, Carlos opened the door for her and she entered inside while he followed behind her. Alexandra walked around the library, looking for a perfect book to spend her afternoon reading it. The sound of their light footsteps resonated inside the place and a peaceful and light atmosphere surrounded the two as they walked.

She stopped in front of a row of thick and old books, each one of it catching her interest and she decided to take one out. There were words written on the cover, Luminaria Kingdom: Cowell Bloodline (History and Background). Alexandra's mouth shaped into an 'o' as she stared at the title of the book. She didn't know that they have books like this, she pulled the book closer to her chest as she walked towards one of the chairs of the table, having a hard time because of the weight of the book but she didn't ask for help, and sat on it as she placed the book down.

She opened the book and flipped it to its first page where multiple small words greeted her sight and along with a picture which isn't that clear but she was able to guess what it is. A brief introduction of the Luminaria Kingdom was written and after that, the background of the Cowell Bloodline was written and as she flipped its pages, a portrait or a picture of a person would always greet her sight and besides it was the person's name and his or her background.

Their bloodline or family's crest or their insignia was the head of a lion with a sun behind it. The blade of the swords formed a cross underneath the lion's neck. Then designs and such surrounded the crest which made it look grand and tells that their bloodline is composed of strong and brave people.

She was hooked with the book that she didn't notice that it is already late afternoon and almost evening. Carlos called out to her name and reminded her that they should go down since there are only a few minutes left for her dinner and Alexandra nodded her head as a response and stood up from her seat. "I will just return this book, wait for me here," Alexandra said and started walking back to the bookshelf where she got the book and placed it back. She walked back towards Carlos who was patiently waiting for her return and she showed him a faint smile which he also returned with a gentle smile.

Quietly, they started walking towards the door of the library and Carlos opened it for her. She took a step outside and stepped aside waiting for Carlos to come out. He closed the door behind him and it made a sound. Alexandra started walking towards the stairs and head down to the dining room where her dinner awaits.


After eating her dinner, she was about to head to her room as usual when Diana called out to her in a rather excited tone. Alexandra turned her head around and met eyes with Diana, whose emerald eyes were shining bright and sparkling. "Young miss," Diana said and Alexandra responded with a hum as she stared at her with a curious expression. Diana smiled at her, "Would you like to take a stroll outside? I know, its evening and cold but this will be the last day of the winter star, it's not that bad to see it, right? But if you don't want to, you can just view it at your room's balcony," Diana said and Alexandra's eyes widened for a moment before she gasped in delight.

Alexandra's eyes gleamed in happiness and she nodded repeatedly, showing how much she agrees and how excited she is. Even though she just saw it yesterday with Harrison, she still wants to see it today. Just like what Diana said, it's not bad to see it. "Then, please return after an hour or less, Carlos will accompany you but if you like, I can come too," Diana stated but Alexandra just shook her head as a response to what she just said. Diana needs to rest, she must be tired from yesterday and today since she is the head maid and she takes care or handles almost all of the things. "No need, you can take a break or rest if you want. I will be back in an hour," Alexandra said and smiled at her sweetly.

Diana couldn't help but smile back and ruffle her hair. "Then, please don't wander off or leave Carlos' side. If you want to be alone, please don't walk off that far, I am afraid that something bad might happen to you and we are not there to save you especially that it's night," Diana said in a gentle tone of voice as she ruffled Alexandra's hair. Alexandra just nodded and hummed. "Rest assured, I will not lose sight of the miss. His highness will be mad if I do," Carlos said and showed a faint smile. Alexandra turned around and started walking while Carlos turned his heel around and followed her behind.

As they walked towards the door of the palace where they enter or exit, Carlos started to talk about his experience as a child when he desperately wanted to see the winter star, he escaped during the night and climbed up a tree since his room doesn't have any balcony and he might not see it. As a child training to be a knight and whose father was a knight, he easily climbed up the tree without being scared nor scarring himself. They were somehow alike but Alexandra didn't tell him about her sneaking off her room during the night to go to the lake nor the one where Harrison teleported with Alexandra to the lake and to the market.

"After that, the branch suddenly snapped. Due to my excitement, I didn't care if I was sitting on a thin branch. The people at the house have good hearing, so they immediately went out of the mansion and looked at where the sound came from. They found me sitting on the ground, groaning in pain. After I recovered, I was scolded for like a day," Carlos laughed shortly after and Alexandra can relate pretty much. She was also scolded by Diana at that time.

Alexandra couldn't help but giggle and when she felt the cold breeze of the winter air in the evening, a chill went down her spine and her breathing was visible in the air which looked like a small cloud and disappeared afterward. She looked around and gasped as she saw how her surroundings glow brightly because of the wistalia trees which surrounded the place. Slowly, Alexandra doesn't feel cold anymore and she felt warm. Carlos must have surrounded them with heating magic or barrier. She thanked him in her mind and they walked around. As they walked, Alexandra noticed the path to the Diamond palace, there was this small glowing dot that caught her attention and she was curious about what that is. Without the knowledge of her personal knight, she walked towards the path.

The small glowing dot eventually grew bigger and as she got close, she saw a figure of a person. She raised her guard and scooped a handful of snow, hopefully, this would protect me, she thought to herself and hid behind a tree and looked at the figure aimlessly walking around. The person got closer and Alexandra was able to see what he looked like. A… kid? What is a kid doing here? She asked herself, eyebrows creased in confusion as she watched the kid walk around as if he was lost. It was a boy, his hand held out and with a ball of light that was suspended mid-air but followed him as he walked. He had red hair and dark grey eyes, his skin was white and gentle as snow.

As he walked around, Alexandra stared at him, watching his every action, and observing him. He was wearing formal clothes and it seems like he came from the party at her father's palace. He must have wandered off, I wonder if his parents are looking for him, she thought to herself and heaved a sigh. A small cloud appearing as she sighed. She decided to show herself and opened her mouth to speak, "Are you lost?" The boy was startled and his guard was suddenly raised. He threw a ball of fire at her which was made out of his magic but Alexandra holding a snowball threw it towards the ball of fire and extinguished it. Alexandra heaved a sigh of relief when she was able to hit it.

He was about to throw another fireball when Alexandra spoke once again, "I am a harmless person! I am just wondering why you are here," Alexandra said and hopefully, he would calm down and answer her. She was already used at this type of events and she wasn't scared anymore. The boy calmed down and he looked at her for a moment as if he was examining her. "I was curious by where this path will lead you to but I didn't expect that it will lead to the Wistalia Palace, what are you doing here?" It was his turn to ask. Alexandra doesn't know what she should answer him but as she remained silent, he was able to figure out who she is.

"I see, what my father said was true," He said and nodded multiple times.

Alexandra tilted her head and her eyebrows furrowed as a confused expression was plastered on her face. What is he suddenly saying? Does he know me? She asked inside her head. "You are Alexandra, right? The emperor's one and only daughter. The first-ever female of the Everly Bloodline. It's nice to finally meet you," He said and Alexandra's eyes widened in surprise. She suddenly raised her guard, I don't know who this kid is but he knows who I am. I thought my father only trusted the knights who were there at that time and told very few people about her existence. Was this kid one of those? She thought and looked at the kid.

He smiled at her brightly, "Don't worry, just like you, I meant no harm. I was simply curious about if your existence is really true or not. I find it unexpected and shocking," He said and Alexandra still stared at him, her eyebrows still creased. Who is this person anyway? She asked herself once again but knowing that nobody can't answer that question if she just let it stay inside her mind, she spoke. "Who are you?" Alexandra said, a serious expression plastered on her face but her voice was gentle as always but it sounds threatening.

"Oh, me? Y-You don't know who I am?" His smile remained plastered on his face as he asked but it seems like he was shocked when he heard him ask that question. "I suppose, you have a little knowledge about the outside world. I am—" He was interrupted and cut off by a sudden loud voice which called out to Alexandra's name and startled her.

"Miss Alexandra!" That familiar voice. It belonged to Carlos and Alexandra cursed under her breath as she realized that she left Carlos behind and didn't tell him where she was going. She slowly turned around, meeting the worried gaze of Carlos but his expression was stern. "I was looking for you the whole time! Please do tell me beforehand if you are going to wander off on your own, you are giving me a heart attack. I even told Diana that I wouldn't lose sight of you," Alexandra said and slightly bent down as he spoke. Alexandra pouted, "I'm sorry," she said, it sounded sincere and genuine. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/second-(3)_41909180726050089">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/second-(3)_41909180726050089</a> for visiting.

Carlos heaved a sigh, "Please don't do it ever again and by the way, what brings you here at his place? Are you planning to go to your father? But the party is still ongoing," Carlos said and he looked around. His eyes darted at the kid and he stared at him, he seemed familiar in his eyes but when he realized who he was, he immediately bowed.

"May the Queenilia's peace and glory be with you, Prince Julian of the Luminaria Kingdom," Alexandra looked at Carlos and at the kid. Wait, he's a prince? Alexandra didn't notice it earlier but he was wearing a crest of a lion with a sun behind it where two blades of the swords formed a crossed underneath the lion's head.

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