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Chapter 22: Tea Parties

"Papa!" Alexandra ran towards Alexander who was with Lysander at the bottom of the stairs and not sitting on his throne which was pretty unusual because she would sometimes be greeted by him while sitting on the throne staring down on her with a cold gaze. Well, his gaze was still cold and piercing, he wouldn't smile around her. But so far, 3 days have passed and they would spend their time having tea or eating together during the afternoon.

Alexandra's footsteps echoed and resonated inside the room as she ran towards her father. "Young miss, don't run!" Diana said and followed Alexandra behind with a worried face. Alexandra slowed down when she heard what Diana said and stopped in front of Alexander, a foot away from him while smiling brightly, her face beaming with joy as always. This is what she usually does for the past few days, greet him with a smile and be friendly around him. Alexander just stared at her examining her, "You look chubby," He said.


Alexandra's eyebrow twitched at what he said. Previously, he compared her with a stick and now, he called her chubby. Nothing's wrong with me, your eyes are, Alexandra thought to herself still smiling. Alexandra giggled, "Hehe, thank you, papa!" She said innocently in a sweet voice as if she doesn't know what he just said earlier. Diana took in a deep breath, not letting it go until the emperor started to walk. "The usual, Lysander," Alexander said while walking and Alexandra walked beside him. Diana walked behind them and looked at the two's backs. Alexandra is a 7-year-old kid, her height just reached past by the emperor's hand, his wrist. The emperor, her father, was tall, his height was like 6 feet or something near that.

They both walked with a peaceful and silent atmosphere. They were heading towards the courtyard where they usually have their tea parties which would end peacefully. After a few minutes of walking, they have arrived at their spot. Alexandra climbed the chair and sat in front of his seat. Alexander sat on his seat and looked at Alexandra while Diana stood at her usual position, 5 steps or more away from them. "I read many books today!" Alexandra learned how to start a conversation with this man, smile and tell a story, what you did or something.

"You always read many books," Alexander responded coldly which Alexandra didn't mind.

Alexandra chuckled, "It's fun to read books!" Alexandra answered. If before she was scared to respond or answer him, she's not anymore. This is a way to get close to him. "How was your tutor?" Alexander asked and crossed his legs which made him emit a powerful and superior aura with his gaze of his but Alexandra didn't pay attention to that, she was already used to it. "Oh, the tutor! He was very smart and kind! He teaches me many things which I don't know!" Alexandra said happily, her face beaming with joy as she smiled widely. Alexandra's tutor, Ferdinand Rogel, a famous scholar of QIA, arrived 3 days ago and started to teach her many things which the maids didn't teach her.

Alexandra had fun learning at that time and he sometimes gives assignments. He was kind and loves to teach. He was born in a noble family and his level was 4 which means he can do tier 1-4 spells. Aside from that, he's pretty young, he was in his mid-20s.

"Is that so?" Alexander said and right after he finished, a maid arrived with slices of cake, cupcakes, a glass of milk, a teapot and a cup of tea. She started to place it all down gently and carefully not making any noise. She bowed and quietly left the place after placing it at all down. What thing that she likes when she has tea parties with him is that there would be different types of cakes and cupcakes and she can eat all of those because he only drinks tea. Alexandra took the fork and started to eat quietly while the man in front of her watches her eat and try each one of the deserts on the table.

"Do you have any friends?" Alexandra almost choked at his sudden question. She looked at her father confused and wondering why he is asking her that. "Harrison and the other maids are my friends! Lysander is one of my friends too!" She answered.

"They are too old to be your friend," Alexander replied.

She suddenly remembered the black-haired rascal, "Oh, there's one but 2 years or older than me," She said and that made him curious. "Who?"

-- '… Do not tell the emperor my true identity' –Handsome and awesome wizard Harrison'

After Harrison visited her that night which was like 10 days ago, he left her a note that says those words, there were some words before that but she only remembered these ones. She wondered about what she should tell him but remembered what Harrison told Diana when she saw him carrying Alexandra that night.

"I met him almost 2 years ago at the lake at the palace. He actually loves the lake there and the wistalia trees blooming, he usually stays there and somehow he already lived there. He would play with me sometimes and he can be trusted!" She revised his story to somehow make it reasonable. Hopefully, he just believes her story about him. Well, that's what Diana and the other maids know, so it's no use asking them for more info or background about him. And investigating him would make it look weird or something. That's because Alexandra, Diana, and the other maids know him for almost 2 years and that means he can be trusted. Aside from that, Alexandra already said it.

Well, even though he and the maids rarely meet or see each other because he visits Alexandra at night and Alexandra would dismiss the maids when she goes to the lake to play with him, they still trusted him because the young miss did.

"I see…" He said and didn't ask anything about him anymore. That made Alexandra heaved a sigh of relief, lying to this person is hard, she thought to herself and drank the glass of milk. Harrison hates being discovered or something like that, what would he be if he met the emperor? Will he tremble? Will he be scared or nervous? Or will he just yawn and look at him bored?

And just like that, the tea party ended peacefully and quickly because her father, being the emperor, still has many things to do.


Alexandra opened the door of the study room just near the library. It revealed a maroon-colored room with bookshelves, similar to the library but it is filled with many things like globes and maps. This where Ferdinand tutors her, the ambiance of the library is too distracting and quiet, it's better to study in this room because everything is knowledge-related and the ambiance is perfect, it motivates you to study. The walls have paintings of famous people and some info about them below their painting. The ceiling is a world map and a golden chandelier hanged in the middle of the ceiling and it glowed brightly.

There were a couch and a glass table not far away from the desk with stacks of books on top, behind the chair, and on the ground. That's where she does her homework, everything she needs is inside this room, pens, papers, books that aren't in the library and such. This room looked aesthetic and beautiful. She can't believe that she just recently discovered this room 3 days ago not until the tutor arrived and Diana showed them this room after he said that he doesn't like the ambiance of the library in a gentle tone filled with respect.

Although, she reads books at the library and she does her homework or studies inside the study room which was just a room far away from the library. Alexandra sat on the couch, her feet hanging off the couch while she waited for Ferdinand to arrive.

The sound of the door opening caught her attention and she saw Ferdinand closing the door behind him and walked towards her direction, "May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, young Miss Alexandra," He said while bowing to show respect. His dark-green hair fluttered as he bowed, he raised his head up and she saw his turquoise green eyes and his gentle smile. "Ferdinand," She said and smiled back at him sweetly.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, young miss," He apologized and bowed once again. "No, no, it's okay! I just arrived here!" Alexandra said, flustered. He raised his head once again and smiled at her, "Is that so?"

"Yes," She responded.

A few moments of silence and after that he spoke again, "Shall we start studying?"


Alexandra stared at the ceiling of her room while Diana tucked her in bed who was humming happily. "Diana…" Alexandra called out to her and she stopped humming. Diana sat at her usual spot and looked at Alexandra, "What is it?"

"Are my brothers kind?" She asked out of blue shocking Diana, making her wonder and confused. Diana regained her calm self and answered Alexandra in a gentle tone, "They are like your father, to be honest, but the youngest, Christian, was like your mother, he slightly resembled your mother because of his eyes even though I first and last saw him when he was 3 months old. They have silver or platinum hair and gem-like eyes that are different shades of blue. Your mother also has blue eyes but it doesn't have the appearance of a gem, it looked rather normal but it looked like the blue ocean and it was very attractive, it suited her personality. The color of her hair was platinum-blonde and it looked really beautiful and silky," Diana started to talk about Alexandra's mother when she only wanted to ask about his brothers. Diana must be really close to her mother.

"Oh, I must have drifted away from our main topic. However, I will tell you about your brothers next time because it's already past your bedtime and you already need to sleep," Diana said sweetly and smiled at her. Her emerald-green eyes were enchanting especially in the dark and her brown hair swayed gently. Diana looked beautiful, her emerald eyes looked very enchanting. She inherited it from her mother. It looked gentle and warm just like a mother's gaze towards her daughter which she loves very much.

"Oh, okay," Alexandra simply replied and fell into silence. Diana caressed her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear while humming a song. It was gentle and it seems like a lullaby but it still made Alexandra sleepy. Her features softened as her eyes closed and she slowly drifted to sleep. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/tea-parties_41328430532323605">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/tea-parties_41328430532323605</a> for visiting.

"…an angel will guide you…" A gentle and sweet voice said.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Hope you liked this chapter! Exams are coming! Thank you for reading!

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