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77.35% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 79: Troubled (2)

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Chapter 79: Troubled (2)

Standing in front of them was Prince Chandler and Prince Calixander with their personal knights behind them. They had this intimidating demeanor and Prince Calixander, being their eldest brother, his height loomed over them and Alexandra looked up to him and met his gaze. I completely forgot that Prince Calixander was 15 years old and looks 2 years older than his age, Alexandra thought to herself. If ever he was younger, maybe he would be easy to deal with. Well, Alexandra was still older, mentally.

"May the blessings and glory of this land may be with you, Prince Chandler, Prince Calixander," Carlos and Gabriel said their greetings to the two princes in front of them as they bowed. Prince Chandler and Prince Calixander's personal knights also greeted them as they bowed. Brother Gilbert is always missing out from this unexpected encounters, Alexandra thought to herself. "Good Afternoon, Prince Chandler, Prince Calixander," Alexandra said politely and bowed to show respect. This is can be either a great timing to give the things I brought but also a worse timing since she wasn't ready.

Alexandra raised her head and heard Prince Calixander clicked his tongue before he continued walking, his personal knight along with Prince Chandler and his personal knight followed him. Where are his usual insulting and rude remarks? Alexandra asked herself, confused as she watched the princes walked away. "Miss, aren't you going to give those to them?" Carlos was referring to the macaroons and cookies which were made by Diana that will be given to Prince Calixander and the necklace which she will give to Prince Chandler. Carlos just recently knew what Alexandra was planning to do earlier morning as she was being scolded by Diana. Alexandra turned her head in his direction and back at Prince Calixander's direction, they were already walking away but they aren't that far away from them.

Alexandra gulped before she jogged towards the princes, hugging the box near her chest. "Prince Calixander, Prince Chandler!" Ugh, I hate this, she thought to herself and hoped that the two would turn around. Carlos also followed silently behind her. Their personal knights stopped walking along with the princes. Alexandra stopped near them and Prince Calixander turned around, somewhat annoyed but she was already used at that look, so she wasn't fazed by it. "What?" His cold voice rang inside Alexandra's ears, his eyebrows were creased as he spoke. "Carlos, please hold this for a while," Alexandra said as she gave Carlos the box that she was holding since earlier. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/troubled-(2)_42418113144217853">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/troubled-(2)_42418113144217853</a> for visiting.

Alexandra inserted her hand inside the pocket of her dress and brought out two small bags that looked like a pouch and inside it was cookies and macaroons. She showed him a faint and gentle smile before she handed it to him, slightly bowing her head. "Please accept this," Alexandra said in a determined yet gentle voice while bowing her head. She was staring at the ground and she just hoped that the prince would accept it. "For what?" She heard Prince Calixander say but she still hasn't raised her head.

"An apology," She simply said.

"For what?" Was what Prince Calixander said, still staring at the two small bags placed on top of her small and delicate hands. She already gave him one yesterday, why is she giving him one today?

Alexandra shrugged, "I don't know because I wanted to?" What a witty and intelligent answer, Alexandra, she thought to herself and heard a chuckle which made her raise her head and looked at the direction where the sound came from. Prince Calixander looked back to where the chuckle came from. It was from Prince Chandler's personal knight, Cortez. He was stopping the urge to laugh because of what the little girl said. It honestly looked like she was confessing her love to the prince when in reality, she was apologizing because she doesn't know. Prince Chandler glared at his personal knight which made him shut up and clear his throat.

Prince Calixander returned his gaze back at Alexandra and their gazes met which Alexandra immediately averted away from it and lowered her head. "If you are going to give someone a gift or something, you should raise your head up and not look at the ground. It seems like you are talking to the ground," She heard Prince Calixander's cold and monotone voice as she felt the two small bags being lifted off from her palm which made her raise her head up and looked at him, shock and confusion wrote all over his face. He was staring down at her, his gaze cold and piercing but she wasn't bothered by it because she was shocked that the prince accepted it without insulting her or something.

"If these are poisoned, I'm really going to kill you," Alexandra just smiled at him but it was a forced one. Well, that's what you said yesterday when I gave you the macaroons but here you are, alive and kicking, Alexandra thought to herself, hoping that she could say that to him but rather not because it would be rude and bold for her to do so. Her eyes darted at Prince Chandler who was staring at her, or probably glaring at her but she just smiled at him. "Carlos, please give me the box," Alexandra said, looking at him while she smiled at him. Carlos smiled back at her and handed her the box.

Alexandra walked towards Prince Chandler's direction since he was slightly far away from them, probably 5 steps away from them. She stopped in front of him and showed him the box. "I have heard that you like to collect things," Alexandra simply said and he stared at him since he was taller, Alexandra has to raise her head up but not that much unlike Prince Calixander who is several inches taller than her. Doubt was written all over his face and looked at the box placed on top of her hands. His eyebrows were creased and he slowly lifted his hand, gently taking the box away from her hands. He opened it, his eyebrows were still creased.

Then his eyes sparkled when he saw what it was. The Rubinalia Red necklace that he has been searching for since last year, it was inside the box he was currently holding and was given by the girl which he hated. He cleared his throat and looked at Alexandra, "Even if you give this to me, my view and opinion about you still wouldn't change. I would ask someone to examine it if it's the real one and not a fake one which you created," He said, slightly blushing, stopping the urge to smile. He sounded somehow… in denial. He was completely averting his gaze away from her.

Alexandra blinked multiple times as she stared at him and he took a glimpse from her before he turned around and continued walking. Cortez, Prince Chandler's personal knight just smiled at her and bowed before he waved and turned around, following the prince behind. Prince Calixander also continued walking and his personal knight, Christopher bowed at Carlos and Alexandra before he turned around and left them behind. Alexandra let out a sigh of relief and Carlos walked towards her direction, smiling proudly. "You have done well, Miss Alexandra," Carlos said, grabbing Alexandra's attention.

She turned her head in his direction and smiled at him before she walked back towards Christian who was waiting for them to return.


When they were away from the little girl who gave Prince Chandler and Prince Calixander some sort of gifts, Cortez let out a chuckle before he spoke. "Isn't she amusing and interesting, Prince Chandler?" Was what he said as he looked down at the prince who was staring at the box. He could imagine the expression the prince was making, after being with him from the moment he was born, he already memorized and knew everything about the prince. He is probably stopping his self from smiling and his eyes would be sparkling with delight after seeing the necklace he has been looking for since last year, he thought to himself.

"Shut up, Cortez," He heard Prince Chandler say as he closed the box gently. Cortez just smiled, "Are you going to ask someone to examine that item to see if it's the real deal or not?" But the prince just ignored him and continued walking. He let out a sigh and just followed him behind quietly.


"Good job for giving them those, I wouldn't have the courage to do so because I know that Brother Chandler would just probably get angry at me or something," Christian said as they walked towards the library, deciding it would be the best to just sit around and read multiple books. Alexandra smiled at him and nodded. "Honestly, I was already used at being glared at, so I wasn't scared by it but I still hoped that they would accept it," Alexandra said and looked ahead of her. Prince Chandler's actions from earlier were somehow confusing, it feels like he was somehow shy or arrogant, Alexandra thought to herself and recalled how the prince reacted when she gave him the necklace.

He is truly confusing just like Christian said. She let out a sigh. I'll just think about this later, it's making y headache, she thought to herself.

Alexandra didn't realize that they were already 5 steps away from the library's huge wooden door. It was opened by Gabriel and they went inside, heading towards the stairs to go to the 2nd floor. Come to think of it, it's rare for Gabriel to talk, it feels like I never heard his voice, Alexandra thought to herself as they walked. Is he just naturally quiet or what?

"By the way, Alexandra," Alexandra snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Christian call out to her.

"Yes?" Alexandra responded to Christian as she turned her head in his direction. "Are you going to do it for the next few days? Like giving them those kinds of things?" Christian asked as they climbed the stairs. Alexandra hummed and nodded as an answer, "Since there are already a few days left before they leave and go back to the academy, I figured that just giving them things they like would probably the easier and fastest thing," Alexandra responded and took one last step before they arrived at the second floor, heading towards their usual spot where they would always read. "Yeah, you're right. But how did you know that there are only a few days left before they return to the academy? I didn't remember telling it to you," Christian said, a confused expression plastered on his face.

Crap, Alexandra mentally cursed inside her head. I couldn't tell that it was Carlos who told me that but at the same, I couldn't say that Diana told me that since she knew nothing about that. Alexandra panicked inside her head and she fell into silence as she thought of what to answer him. It was Harrison who told me that, should I just tell them that it was Harrison?

Alexandra laughed awkwardly, "A friend of mine who is also a student at the academy told me that," Carlos knew who Alexandra was referring to, he already asked who her friend was before but she refused to tell him the name because that person might get angry or something. Carlos doesn't know if he should believe what Alexandra told him that day since he never saw the face of that friend of hers, he also asked Diana and the other maids about him but they said that he should ask Alexandra about it. "I see," Thankfully, Christian didn't ask no further questions as they arrived at their spot.

Alexandra walked towards her desk and sat on the chair behind it. She picked up the book placed on top of the stack of books on the floor and she began reading it, as she forgot what happened earlier and just focused on reading.

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