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Chapter 11: Unexpected

"Say what?!" Alexandra screamed at him, she had a dumbfounded look on her small face and she was clutching the empty glass of milk. Did I hear it right or no?

Harrison covered his other ear while he munched on the cookie he was holding on his other hand. "This cookie is delicious, I give that maid praise. And yeah, I enrolled at an academy. What was its name again? Queenilia Imperial Academy, was it? Classes start two days from now."

He answered her question casually while he kept on munching and eating the cookies Diana and the maids baked. Alexandra's eye twitched, she can't find the right words to say. She kept on opening her mouth to close it again. She looked like a broken robot in front of him.

It was one cloudy afternoon when Harrison appeared inside Alexandra's room while she was reading the book he gave her 5 days ago, 'All About Flowers', she told him to stop suddenly appearing because her young heart can't take it as usual and he just ignored her and went straight to the couch in front of Alexandra to sit. And he said these words casually while taking a huge bite at the cookie.

"I enrolled at an academy, I was bored that's why I did it." He said it very casually like it's a normal thing to do when you are bored. This man goes on an adventure when he's bored while Alexandra just sleeps inside her room or read a book. Alexandra had an unbelievable look on her face, she had a frown on her lips and her eyes were narrowed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/unexpected_41166474026475808">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/unexpected_41166474026475808</a> for visiting.

"H-How? When did you have money to enroll at an academy?" She asked him. She suddenly thought of something and she gasped, "Did you steal one of the expensive paintings in this palace? Scoundrel! Thief! Bastard!"

She said somewhat mocking him and took the pillow beside her and throw it at him which he just easily caught and placed on his lap. Harrison made a sad face, he clenched his chest and pretended he was hurt. "Those words hurt, how could you say that to me? My heart can't take it, you've hurt me." Alexandra rolled her eyes and took a cookie at the plate in front of her.

"So how?" She asked, her eyebrows were knitted. Harrison stopped pretending that he was crying and cleared his throat.

"I'm the world's most genius and amazing wizard, how could I not do it?" And there he is, his usual answer when Alexandra asked her a 'How' question. What a good answer, I'm moved and I understand how you did it, she said inside her head. She imagined pulling Harrison's hair out of frustration inside her mind.

She groaned, "You said that you are slowly recovering your mana and it's still low, how could you enter that academy in that state of yours?" She asked and leaned back her seat staring at him while she waited for his answer. "On the scale of 1-1000, my mana is about at 300 and that's my lowest. While common or average females highest would be at 50-100."

"Then what about the money?��� She asked and Harrison smirked.

"Oh, that?" A nonchalant reply from him. He snapped his fingers and a gold coin suddenly appeared and continued to appear until it became a pile of gold coins. Alexandra's eyes widened and she let out a gasp while she looked at the pile of coins in front of her, her eyes sparkling. "Basic magic." He said sounding arrogant like he usually is.

"That's illegal. If anybody caught you, you will be imprisoned because of committing a crime." She said. She was worried about him but what he did still amazed her. Bravo! You deserve a punishment! No, just kidding.

"If they caught me that is. And I want to check how much the system has changed." Liar, you just want to show off your skills. You must be 9 years old and above to enroll at that academy, you also need to have high mana that's why the Queenilia Imperial Academy's students are mostly boys. The Queenilia Formal Academy's students are mostly girls because that teaches you formal education like manners, history, and such.

"Does that mean I won't see you for 5 years?" She asked, her voice laced with sadness. She was already used to his presence and annoying attitude and she won't be seeing him for 5 years. Hearing her tone of voice, Harrison showed a mean smile, mocking her.

"I suppose you will miss my face, should I place a replica of myself inside your room?" He said and that made Alexandra annoyed. "No, that would be creepy." She replied and tucked the loose strand of hair behind her ear. Does that mean she only has a day to enjoy this person's presence?

Lovely. She thought to herself, sadness pierced her heart, tearing it apart.


The next day came.

It was late afternoon. Even though the weather was fine, it was cloudy and slightly windy, Alexandra sat on the chair of the picnic table, and a gloomy aura surrounded her. She can't stop thinking about Harrison's decision about enrolling at the academy just to check if the system (of education in magic) changed or just show off his skills.

That bastard attending classes? He looked like he would just sleep and would only show off his abilities. He was a wizard and wizard are powerful beings, he was actually an adult and he is just in his child form. Geez. Alexandra was sad and furious at the same time.

It was said that if you graduated in that academy, you will have great benefits, maybe that's what he wanted. That reason of his was still not acceptable, what kind of reason was that?

However, Alexandra wasn't in the position to judge. Harrison was a mysterious and unpredictable person, he hasn't told her his background yet and the only thing that she knows about him is just his name and that he really wasn't a kid. Her features soften and became calm. She got too attached to him and just he simply leaving for 5 years to go to the academy made her sad.

"Claire, I want cake," Alexandra told Claire, her guardian for today. "Right away, young miss." She noticed that Alexandra was somewhat gloomy and sweets are the only thing that will cure her sadness and frustration.

Claire bowed first before she left and left Alexandra alone. Harrison was her first friend, although he was arrogant, rude, mischievous, and straightforward, he is actually kind, he just doesn't show it. Ugh, whatever, the maids would be here to accompany me. Claire arrived carrying a tray of different types of cakes, surely this maid knows what her taste is.


Diana tucked her in the bed and sang her a lullaby. A lullaby that is about shooing nightmares and problems and would let her sleep peacefully, however, when Diana left, she thought she would be sleepy. Frustrating, maybe she was very frustrated that her mind refuses to sleep. I may look like a 7-year-old kid but I'm 18, I need to control my emotions more. 5 years is just a short time, it's just a short time, she tells herself. "Argh! Bastard!" And kicked the blankets off her.

"Bastard? Who are you calling a bastard?" And she heard the familiar voice, this time she wasn't startled nor shocked. She was expecting for him to come or show up.

"Oh, you're here." She said and sat up looking at him, her lips forming a pout and she was glaring. She looked angry and cute at the same time but her cuteness didn't affect Harrison a little bit. He dragged a chair and placed it beside her bed. I thought Diana's lullaby would shoo of problems, why is my source of all frustration here? But Alexandra doesn't want him to go away.

"You look like crap. Stop pouting." He was still straightforward as ever and his face still had the same bored look. His decision was final, she can't change his mind.

"You're angry." He said and Alexandra just stared at him. He ruffled his hair, "It seems like I spent too much time with you that you got too attached with me. I suppose you will miss me after all."

"Yeah." Alexandra didn't deny it. She was acting childish, well she's 7 years old, what's wrong with that?

"Should I create a replica of myself? So that you will have someone to play with?" He suddenly said and Alexandra raised an eyebrow. He snapped his fingers and poof! A Harrison appeared. Wait, there are two Harrisons! H-How did he do that? Alexandra's eyes widened in shock. She was confused at who's the real Harrison.

"H-Harrison?" And both of them answered in unison, with the same voice and expression.

"What?" That's hella creepy! I don't want a replica of him appearing suddenly at the palace in the next days, it's creepy.

"Ahhh! I don't want a replica! Stop, remove him at once!" She said and she doesn't know who to point her finger at. And poof, the replica was gone and Harrison was laughing making Alexandra frown. "Why are you laughing?"

"Your face was funny, I couldn't help but laugh." He answered and continued laughing. My face must be very funny to make him laugh like this. Alexandra let out a groan as she glared at him.

"Shut up!" Alexandra said and watched laugh longer, she unconsciously smiled and that caught his attention. "Finally, you smiled. You were so gloomy and frustrated earlier especially while eating the cake. Poor thing got stabbed with a fork multiple times."

He said and Alexandra realized something. So he was watching me earlier! That's why I felt like someone was staring at me.

"Your reason was very unacceptable, I mean why would someone go to school just because he or she was bored?" She answered.

"Me." Typical Harrison. He raised his hand and answered proudly.

"And I also have other reasons. You don't need to know those." He said, his face became serious and Alexandra who was used at him being secretive just nodded. 5 years is just a short time, 5 years is just a short time, 5 years is just a short time, she thought to herself repeatedly while she looked at Harrison. Time flies fast when you are a kid, she added to her thoughts.

"Visit me if you have time," Alexandra said. She was acting like a child whose parents were about to go abroad for work. Harrison just nodded, "Sure." He said.

And before he left, he handed her or more like throwing her a pocket watch which she caught. It looked old and it looked beautiful at the same time. It was made out of pure gold and you could see the insides, the little wheels that turned made the watch work.

"Keep it safe for me." He said and Alexandra looked at him to see that he was smiling, not a smirk nor a mocking one, but a sincere and gentle one.

"Have a sweet dream and a good night. May the glory and blessings of the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, young miss Alexandra." That was the first time he properly bid goodbye. The way he mentioned her name was gentle and smooth, it tugged a string of her heart.

He looked like an adult when he spoke, his mocking tone was replaced with a gentle and calm one. He even bowed at her while he spoke. Before Alexandra could reply at him, he completely disappeared, out of her sight. She clutched the pocket watch tightly.

5 years is just a short time, 5 years is just a short time, 5 years is just a short time, she thought to herself repeatedly like a broken machine.

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