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Chapter 39: What She Must Do

Alexandra head back towards the palace with Carlos following behind her. She quickly went to their library to look for the book which Gilbert told her, she was given a chance to talk to him once again and as much as possible she wants it to happen as soon as possible like maybe tomorrow. "Are you heading to the library once again, Miss Alexandra?" Carlos asked her while they were walking up the stairs heading towards the library, Carlos was wondering what caused for the young miss to act like this. He was wondering what happened in the garden which caused her to go to the library every time she went there, she even asked him to just stay behind. Sure, the young miss does love to read but this somehow sparked his curiosity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/what-she-must-do_41629232861860833">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/what-she-must-do_41629232861860833</a> for visiting.

Alexandra nodded, "Yes," She responded and upon reaching the floor where the library is located, Alexandra walked towards its door. When they arrived in front of it, Carlos opened the door for her and they went inside. Carlos closed the door behind him and Alexandra walked towards the section of books that is about the history of countries and such. She glided her hand against the books' spine as she looked for the words History of Deva, she was hoping that she could find the book and not go to her father's palace library to look for it.

And her wish was granted, after a few minutes of looking for it, she immediately found the book just in the middle and she took it out. It wasn't thick just like any other books but it wasn't also thin, it was just right. She guessed that it has 150 pages or more. Alexandra walked towards Carlos' direction. Carlos noticed her carrying a book, hugging it against her chest. "Let's go to the study room," She said before she walked towards the door while Carlos followed behind her and opened the book for her. Alexandra stepped outside and waited for Carlos too as he closed the door behind him.

They walked towards the study room which was just around this floor and when they arrived in front of it, Carlos opened the door for her once again and she stepped inside heading towards her desk. She dragged the chair closer to the desk before she sat on it and placed the book on top of the desk. Dusk which came from the book immediately scattered and went straight to her face making her cough a few times while her eyes were closed as she swished her hand around in front of her face.

She sneezed and looked for a handkerchief inside her pocket and was disappointed when she found none. She wants to wipe her face because of the dusk. On the midst of sighing because of disappointment, somebody suddenly lends out a hand holding a handkerchief, she lifted her head up and looked at Carlos. "I noticed that you didn't have any handkerchief, so here," He casually said and Alexandra couldn't help but smile at him as she took the handkerchief from his hand. She muttered a 'Thank you' and he just responded with a smile and a nod.

Thus silence surrounded them and Alexandra opened the book to read its contents. As she was reading, Carlos suddenly spoke and asked her a question which she didn't expect, "What happened in the garden, Miss Alexandra? Did you met someone or you were just curious about some things as you walked around?" What Carlos was referring to was about her actions. His question should be, what gave you the urge to suddenly read every time you came back from his highness' garden? But it sounds impolite and might cause a misunderstanding. Just like what he thought earlier, the young miss loves to read books but she suddenly rushed to go back to the palace and look for a book. Based on what Diana said, Alexandra would usually read a book by browsing through the library and reading a small part of it to see if it sparks her interest.

Maybe her brother Christian recommended her to read that book but… They didn't meet in the garden and he doesn't recall him telling her to read a book with that title. Alexandra heaved a sigh before answering, "I met Prince Gilbert at the garden," It's not like she was hiding it from him anyway. The reason why Alexandra would ask him to stay behind because Gilbert doesn't like it when there are many people or something like that. He doesn't like it when there is someone who is listening to their conversation or when he is having a conversation with someone else.

Carlos somehow flinched and just nodded multiple times before he spoke, "I see…" He muttered and Alexandra just smiled at him before she continued reading the book in silence.


A knock interrupted their silence and grabbed the two's attention. The two looked at the door with a hint of curiosity that can be seen from their eyes. A voice was heard from outside the door, "Young Miss, it's time for your lunch," Was what they heard. Alexandra went down from her seat and she walked towards the door with Carlos following behind her. He opened the door for her and Daisy greeted them with a smile on her face, "May Queenilia's peace be with you, it's currently time for your lunch," She repeated what she had said earlier but just revised her words and added her greetings. Alexandra nodded with a smile plastered on her face, "Thank you for telling me. Please accompany us as we go down to the dining room," Alexandra stated and Daisy just nodded as a response.

Alexandra started walking towards the stairs to go down and head towards the dining room where her meal awaits. Upon reaching it, she saw multiple of her favorite meal along with a glass of juice beside a plate in front of her chair where she usually sits. Alexandra climbed up the chair and adjusted herself to be comfortable. She started eating the food that was served quietly.

While Alexandra was eating, Carlos who was standing near her suddenly spoke, "Pardon me for interrupting you as you eat but His highness has to cancel the tea party because he was busy and is expecting a visitor. Although you can visit him while he is at his office doing some work," Carlos stated causing Alexandra to stop eating, Alexandra cleared her throat and she started eating again. "Is that so?" She said while eating. Did Carlos teleport there because my father called for him? But how did he called for him? Alexandra asked herself while eating but since it was making her confused, she just stopped thinking of it. It was hurting her head just thinking about it.

After Alexandra ate, she went back to the study room and continued reading the book hoping that she could finish it since she was already half-way and she only has 75 pages or more left to read.


Alexandra closed the book that she was reading and heaved a sigh. She leaned against her chair and closed her eyes for a moment, The Emperor of Deva whose name was Farlan Kris Obalia III surrendered to their enemy because they held their daughter and wife hostage and threatened to kill her if he doesn't admit defeat, there was a traitor in their palace and it turns out to be one of the palace's maid. He loves his daughter and wife very much as well as his country and the people, he doesn't know if he should fight or not. He decided to surrender but what turns out to be a bad choice was actually a good one for their country, their enemy actually treated the people in their country right. That somehow proved that not all enemies are bad, it just depends on the person's view or something. But holding his loved one's hostage is actually a bad thing to do.

Alexandra stood up from her seat and Carlos turned his head towards her direction and looked at her. "I'm going to my room," Alexandra said as she looked at him and smiled. Carlos smiled back and nodded. Alexandra started walking towards the door and Carlos opened it for her like he usually does and she stepped outside waiting for him as he closed the door behind him. Alexandra started to walk the stairs heading towards her room which was on the last floor.

Upon arriving in front of it, Carlos opened the door for her and she went inside while he remained outside to guard. Alexandra heads towards her bed and removed her shoes by kicking it off her feet and laid down her bed, face down. She crawled to the middle and sprawled her arms and legs, conquering the whole bed. Somehow, she became drowsy and sleepy when she laid down her bed.

Her eyes slowly closed as her vision was slowly engulfed with black and without knowing she fell asleep.

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