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47.16% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 47: Winter Star (2)

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Chapter 47: Winter Star (2)

"Thank you very much," Christian said in a voice filled with gratitude and happiness. His voice rang inside Alexandra's ears and it sounded smooth and gentle. "By the way, you mentioned academy, right? Do you mean Queenilia Imperial Academy? Are their presences as Princes needed there at the party or do they attend the academy?" Alexandra asked rather curiously. If they do, one of them must know who Harrison is because he also goes to the academy.

"They are students of the academy," Christian simply answered and that piqued Alexandra's interest but she fell into deep thought when she remembered how old Calixander is, he's already 15. Shouldn't he be finished already? Unless he started late or there was a second level or something like that? She asked herself and she opened his mouth to speak, "But Prince Calixander is already 15, shouldn't he be finished or something?" Alexandra said, tilting her head sideways slightly, confusion visible from her face as well as her tone of voice.

"There's like a second education, level, or cluster. It's called high school level, however, you are somehow given a choice to continue or not. Most of the students continued until high school and some just stopped or didn't continue, at this level, you will be taught so many things the previous level didn't teach you. You will be trained in using a weapon and by the way, you will have your own weapon created by your mana, it will be taught at the first level" Christian said and his voice became loud or high at the last sentence showing that he was excited or interested. So the education system here is like from Earth, she thought to herself. But then creating your own weapon with the use of your mana sounds cool, she thought to herself.

"Does that mean they could create any type of weapon they would like to use? Like they could switch or something?"

"They only have one weapon of choice and they can't change it, it will be marked or tattooed on their soul since mana is like your spiritual strength, it can't be destroyed," Christian replied and that amazed Alexandra. "Can everyone do it?" She asked but Christian shook his head. "Only people with enough mana or have the normal amount of mana can do so," Christian answered and that saddened Alexandra. Since she is a female or a girl, she might have a low amount of mana like others. But it's still unknown if she had a high amount of mana, heck, nor she even knows how to use magic.

"I see," Alexandra said, nodding her head repeatedly as a response to what he had said. Her eyes darted at the hilt of Christian's personal knight and an idea popped inside her head. "Carlos," She called out to him and gained his attention. He turned his head and looked down at her, wondering why she suddenly called out to him. "What's your weapon? I believe you have a high amount of mana since you are knight, a royal knight to be exact," Alexandra said in a cheerful tone of voice, her eyes sparkling and gleaming with interest.

Carlos said and he rested his hand on top of the hilt of his sword while smiling at her, "This is my weapon," Alexandra's eyes darted at his sword on his waist. "I can make it disappear," Carlos said and with a blink of an eye, the sword on his waist disappeared, what was left is the scabbard or the holder of the sword. "And I can summon it," It took a long time for the sword to appear once again, maybe 3 seconds or more. Alexandra gasped in awe when he saw him holding the sword, the blade blazing or surrounded with golden flames, almost the same color as his eyes. It looked beautiful and dangerous at the same time, she can't believe that this was the appearance of the sword that was hidden on its scabbard or holder and she can't believe that this is the blade that he was going to use to hurt or attack Sir Philip or someone.

The light that was emitted by the golden flames of his sword was reflected by her eyes, making it look like it was glowing or gleaming. She was in awe as she stared at the sword. Carlos smiled and he placed his sword back on his scabbard, "Summoning it would take time," Carlos said, answering the question which lingered Alexandra's mind not until Carlos answered it. Alexandra smiled at him widely and as she muttered a 'thank you' because he showed her his weapon which might sound selfish or rude with other people but it was clear that it wasn't like, she was really interested and just want to see it because that would be her first time to do so.

Even Christian was amazed at what his sword looked like, it looked enchanting yet powerful and deadly. Alexandra returned her gaze back at Christian, a smile plastered on her face as she looked at him. "There's a library upstairs and it's filled mostly with old books, if you would like, we can go there," Alexandra said and Christian smiled widely, he loves books, especially old ones. Christian nodded and he stood up from his seat indicating that he wants to go. "By the way, Carlos, could you please tell Diana that a guest is joining us for lunch, so they could double the quantity of the meal?" Alexandra said before she stood up and Carlos nodded, "Will do, young miss," Carlos said before he disappeared with the use of teleportation and came back a few minutes later.

When Carlos returned, they started to walk towards the door of the living room to leave and head towards the library upstairs with a bubbly and cheerful atmosphere that surrounded them as Christian and Alexandra talked.


The sound of the door opening rang inside their ears and Alexandra entered inside along with Christian. The sound of their footsteps resonated inside the room as they walked. Christian was amazed as he roamed his eyes around and he walked around the place. He looked at each one of the books that were placed on the bookshelf, gasping in awe as he read the contents and flipped its page. Most of the books here in the library are really old, some letters already disappeared but they read it fine. Some were restored through magic.

Christian took out a book from one of the shelves and stared at the cover with an amazed expression as if he found gold. Alexandra walked towards and looked at the cover of the book, wondering what's amazing when there is not even a single word for the title. Christian opened the book and flipped its pages to see nothing, "What is an empty book doing here in the library?" Alexandra asked, her eyebrows knitted, and her tone of voice filled with confusion. Christian smiled widely, "This is a concealed book," Christian answered and Alexandra became more curious when she heard the word concealed.

"The contents are hidden or protected by something, there is like a barrier which prevents the contents of the book to appear or be hidden from our sight. With the use of magic, a spell, a fingerprint, or a crest, the contents will appear and you will be able to read it," Christian explained and Alexandra gasped in awe. But why do they do that? Are the contents confidential or something? Alexandra asked herself.

"Then I want to read the contents," Alexandra said, she was very curious on what the contents of the book are. What if something important was written there? She had a serious expression on and Carlos who was watching them, knitted his eyebrows and wondered what they are looking at but he just decided to remain in his position and raise his guard up. Christian shook his head and Alexandra stared at him while wondering why "Why not?" She asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(2)_41717766901776672">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(2)_41717766901776672</a> for visiting.

"There's a specific spell or password for this. There's like a magic word and only the people who created or wrote this book knows, possibly they told some people about it. I don't know what kind of crest will I use and only the chosen people can open it using their fingerprints. Since this book looked really old, people who know how to reveal or uncover the book might be dead or gone," Christian said and heaved a sigh. So that means, the chance of them knowing what the contents of the book are 0. Disappointed, Alexandra heaved a sigh. Christian returned the book back to its place before he turned around and faced Alexandra with a smile on his face, "We better place that back," Christian said and he continued to look around while Alexandra followed behind him.

"Is it your first time to see a concealed book?" Alexandra asked as they walked around. Christian nodded his head and he opened his mouth to speak, "It's my first time to see one but I know it from the books that I have read," Christian answered.

"Are all the contents of the book really important to be concealed or hidden?" Alexandra asked once again. Christian shrugged as he hummed before he spoke, "Some are important like the real history of a country and some are not important like a diary of someone that they don't want other people to read," Christian answered and Alexandra's mouth shaped into an 'o' as she nodded repeatedly. However, she was still curious about what the content of the books is but she can't do anything about it. She can't help but let out a sigh.

They spent their whole morning walking around the library, reading books as they talked about so many things while Carlos and Gabriel followed behind them.


"Miss Alexandra, it's almost time for your lunch, we should go down to the dining room," Carlos said and Alexandra stopped in her tracks as well as Christian. She turned her heel around and she was now facing Carlos with a smile plastered on her face, "Sure, thank you for telling me," Alexandra said and she turned her head around slightly and looked at Christian in the corner of her eye, "Let's go," Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice and Christian nodded as he smiled back at her.

They walked towards the door of the library and Carlos opened the door for them. Alexandra stepped outside and stepped aside as she waited for Christian to get out along with his personal knight. Carlos closed the door behind him and they started walking towards the stairs to head down to the dining room.

Upon arriving, they entered and Diana smiled when they saw them. "May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, your majesty Prince Christian," Diana said as she bowed to show respect, trying to sound formal and polite as much as possible. Christian just smiled at her and Diana lifted her head after a few seconds, "I am happy and grateful that you have bestowed us with your presence but still I didn't expect that you are the one who is joining the young miss during her meal," Diana said in a polite and formal tone of voice.

"I should be the one thankful since you have welcomed me here even when you are busy," Christian replied back in a tone of voice almost the same as Diana's. "We are not that busy and we will welcome anyone here with open arms," Diana replied back and smiled at him. "I see," Christian replied and nodded multiple times as they fell into silence.

Alexandra decided to butt in and break the silence, "You must be hungry, brother. Shall we eat?" Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice and Christian nodded as a response. Alexandra smiled at him before she started walking towards her seat while Carlos walked beside her and Christian along with his personal knight followed behind them. She climbed up her seat and mouth-watering meals greeted her eyes and she became hungrier than before.

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