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Chapter 26: Yo, I'm Back

"Why are you counting sheep?"

She yelped in shock as her eyes widened. Her blue eyes met glowing crimson red ones that belonged to a black-haired boy and that is none other than Harrison. He was standing at the foot of her bed. His hair swayed as his eyes glimmered under the moon's light. He was wearing casual clothes, not his usual ones or his uniform. Harrison's lips were pursed into a thin line as he stared at her with an expressionless face.

"Yo, I'm back," He casually said in a bored tone of voice and Alexandra gasped as she smiled in glee. She completely forgot that he'll come back sometime today because of the things she did earlier. "I completely forgot about you," Alexandra said while smiling at him. "Somehow, that hurts," He responded, maintaining his expression. Alexandra just chuckled at his response and leaned her head against the headboard of her bed. Harrison dragged a chair beside her and sat on it. He crossed his legs and with a bored look, he stared at her.

"What happened while I was gone?" He asked, his head tilted and his arms crossed. Alexandra sighed at this, "Bad," It feels like crap, she wanted to add. First of all, she was trying to have a sweet yet brave persona in front of her father. Escaping the palace won't do anything just like what she thought previously because she will be found in no time, she could be detected or found using magic. People will be at harm here. Aside from that, she doesn't know what the world is outside, she might be an adult but she's inside a kid's body. The only thing she can do is to somehow make her father and brothers like her for survival. Harrison stared at her, his eyes asking why. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/yo-i&apos;m-back_41417654199702064">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/yo-i&apos;m-back_41417654199702064</a> for visiting.

"I was trying to survive hell," Alexandra said, an annoyed expression on her face. "That's some words for a 7-year-old kid," Harrison responded while he chuckled at the words she used. Alexandra just forced a smiled at him and she started to tell him what happened for the past weeks. It was easy to venture her feelings out rather than to bottle it up, he knows her. He knows what her mood just by her actions, expressions, smile, the way she talks and such, his past experienced helped him to do so. It wasn't easy to hide anything from this kid or man.

After what it seems like an hour of talking, she finally finished telling him what happened. It wasn't that much since he visited 2 weeks ago and she told him what happened for a month when he was gone.

"Is he a stone?" Harrison asked her after she finished speaking. Alexandra almost choked on the water she was drinking after she heard what he said. Alexandra compared him with an ice cube and a withered flower before and he now asked if he was a stone. "What do you mean by that?" Alexandra asked as she placed down the glass of water on top of the bedside table. "Don't know, just felt like he was a stone or something," Harrison answered while he shrugged his shoulders.

"By the way, will you still live at the lake like before?" Alexandra asked changing their topic into another one. "No, I live in a house at the town but I will still visit the lake," He answered nonchalantly. Alexandra didn't ask how he got the money because she already knows the answer to that question. She nodded her head multiple times before she opened her mouth to speak again.

"I met my brother," She said.

"Which one? Was it the one who helped you?" He asked, his face showing slight interest.

"The youngest one. He was very kind and sweet," Alexandra said while fumbling at the comforter placed on top of her. Alexandra remembered their conversation earlier, they were talking about things that they are interested in, flowers, codes, wars, theories, ships, stars, gods and goddesses, books and many things. Their tastes were quite different from one another but they get along really well. "Is that so?" Harrison said while nodding his head multiple times.

"Well, I need to go. You need to sleep, it's bad for your health as a kid," Harrison said.

"But aren't you a kid?" Alexandra asked and she looked at the clock, it was already an hour past her bedtime and she needs to sleep because Diana might pop out of nowhere and witness them together.

"No," Alexandra turned her head around confused, her eyebrows knitted as she heard a manly voice. It rang inside her ears and it sounds really familiar. She saw a man, her eyes met his crimson eyes that glimmered and his hair swayed. Right, she forgot that Harrison was an adult who shrunk his self into a kid to conserve or lessen the mana he needs as he slowly recovered it. He was in his adult form instead of his child form.

"It's been too long since I'm in this form, feels new and refreshing," He stated and stretched his arms casually. Alexandra aimed a pillow at his face yet he was too quick and dodged it easily, he just chuckled at her reaction. "Good night," He said and threw the pillow back at her gently and he disappeared from her sight leaving her with a frown plastered on her face.


Today was another day and it was snowing. Alexandra was very excited and she ran around, the whole place was blanketed with white and she has to wear thick clothing for today because of the cold temperature. She built a snowman with Diana which is just a common or usual thing to do, she used a stick as its arms and nose, buttons for the eyes and its smile which Diana gave her. She was proud of what she finished, hopefully, it won't be destroyed later when she comes back.

After that, she had lunch and she spent an hour reading before Lysander arrived and told them that the emperor wishes to see Alexandra once again. Diana didn't go with them because she went to the town to buy a Winter Star Tree along with the other maids. They headed to the 3rd floor where the office of the emperor or her father was, it must be too cold or he must be busy to leave the office. After arriving in front of the room, Lysander knocked at the door 3 times before he spoke, "Your highness, Alexandra's here," After a few seconds, he held the gold knob of the door and turned it as he gently swung it open revealing the office she went to yesterday.

There was a stack of papers on top of the desk but it wasn't that thick or many like before, behind the desk, her father was sitting on a chair while he signs a paper with the use of a fountain pen. The curtain behind him was wide open and it revealed the full view of the outside, the sunlight passed through the window and lit half of the room bright. They entered the office and Alexandra was placed down by Lysander. "Papa!" She called out to him and he raised his head and looked at her.

"The usual, Lysander," Alexander said and placed down the fountain pen and paper he was holding. He got up from his seat, "Blessings for the Queenilia Empire," Lysander said as he bowed and he turned around. His light footsteps were heard inside the room and there was the sound of the door opening and closing. He stared down on her while Alexandra looked at him, her head tilted. He's too tall, my neck's hurting, she said to herself.

"How was the tutor?" He averted his gaze and asked her. He started to walk towards the couch near them and Alexandra followed him behind. He sat on the couch and Alexandra sat on the opposite couch facing him. "The same, he is really good at teaching and he is also kind!" Alexandra said cheerfully smiling at him. Her father just hummed and nodded his head. Alexandra started to blabber about some things especially about the snow and what she did. After minutes, Lysander arrived with a maid who brought their food and started to place it down gently. She had a confused look on her face as she stared at Alexandra. Right, they must be wondering who am I and why I'm here since only a few people know me. She just avoided meeting her gaze as she placed down the plates.

"Enjoy your meal. Blessings for the Queenilia Empire," The maid bid her goodbyes as she bowed before she turned around and quickly left the room. Alexandra took the fork and started to attack the food right in front of her while her father as usual just drinks a cup of tea. The sweet aroma of the tea filled the room and Alexandra was curious at what it tastes like. Is it sweet or bitter? She asked herself and continued to eat.

"Papa," She suddenly called out to him and grabbed his attention. "What?" He asked slightly raising an eyebrow at her. "Every time we go to this palace or your office, why would Lysander not teleport?" She asked. She was wondering why he would not do it since it's an easier way. Lysander who was a few feet away from them heard what she asked and coughed. "There are side-effects," He simply responded and took a sip from the cup of tea he was holding with his right hand. Side-effects? What kind of side-effects?

Lysander cleared his throat, "You will be dizzy, it felt like you are being thrown upwards while spinning in the air. The effects are stronger since you are a child and a girl," Lysander explained and Alexandra was quick to understand. So, that's why she repeatedly nodded her head and continued eating. Hearing his explanation, it seems like its way more worse than that, she thought to herself.


Alexandra visited the library while Lysander tagged behind her. She might find Christian there reading a book and she will be delighted to do so. When they arrived at in front of the door, Lysander opened it for her, "You can leave me here, I won't go away." Alexandra stated and Lysander didn't respond for a few seconds. He nodded, "Yes, young miss," He responded and Alexandra entered the library while the door was closed behind her. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the library made her calm and she walked towards the stairs leading towards the 2nd floor where she is headed.

Her footsteps were silenced by the carpet she was on while she walked the stairs up. Her hair gracefully swayed as she hummed a song that Diana usually hums when she is doing something. She walked straight ahead and reached the end of the path. She turned her head and saw him reading a book but this time, he placed it down and he smiled at her. "Oh, it's you, Alexandra," He said while smiling, this automatically made Alexandra smile and she walked towards his direction.

"May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you," Even though they were blood-related, she still need to show respect towards him because he was a prince while she was just a girl who lived in a palace, she wasn't declared a princess nor she had a status. "You don't need to do that every time you see me," He said and Alexandra raised her head. She tilted her head sideways as she smiled at him, "I see…" She said and walked towards her neat desk, the books were stacked neatly on top of the desk. There is still a stack of books on the flower but Alexandra didn't mind.

"May I ask you something, brother?" She asked, breaking the silence that surrounded them for a minute. Christian looked at her, his gaze meeting hers. A gentle smile was plastered on his lips and he opened his mouth to speak, "What is it?" Alexandra swallowed.

"What are my other older brothers like?" She asked, a serious expression on her face.

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Hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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