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Breaking free: Filling up the blank page of uncertainties Original

Breaking free: Filling up the blank page of uncertainties

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Author: NaithRiver

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Secrets are keeping you away.
They are shadows, sneaking
Stays there dark and blank.
Always following you,
But never bothers to reveal itself.
Cast by the light,
Showing someone just like you,
Only dimmer, faceless, confused.

I'm Addison Williams.
A woman who once dreamed about becoming a music producer, but life did not permit me to do so.
As an heir of one of the wealthiest families in Australia, I am destined to run a company, but do you think I can still rewrite my fate? Will I be able to break free from the chains that bound me? When the time comes, will I prefer to choose familiarity, or would I learn to see the beauty of uncertainties?

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So far it's good but update is too slow. Hope more chapters will be uploaded soon. I think the style in writing is unique but wish the chapters are a bit longer

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Okay so... I have started to read this and I love how its been structured with lyrics and lyrical sentence style. The slow pace of it just fits perfectly as that us how a romance begin right? XD I love slow burn anyways fufufu

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Are the songs used here existing songs? I wanna hear them but can't find it anywhere. Dear author, submit the songs for release if it's your original composition so we'll be able to hear it

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I decided to read it again while waiting for updates but noticed there are some changes. Story is still the same but I like the new wordings better. More descriptive and detailed. 👍

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I think update is too slow, nevertheless I like the story and how it is not too cliche. Will there be more love rivals soon? Or is it only Noah? Or Dylan too?

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I love the writing technique. It's both poetic and straightforward. Hoping for more chapters to be released soon. The chapters are short though.

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Author NaithRiver