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16.43% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 36: Challenging the Mage Tower

Challenging the Mage Tower - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 36 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 36: Challenging the Mage Tower

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The dragon flag was fluttering in the wind. In the sky above the Dragon God Arena, two huge figures, one red and one gray, were fighting each other.

This was the eighth battle between Du Lu and the steel dragon.

From the first time when he was mercilessly defeated, he was now able to fight the steel dragon head-on, but he was slightly weaker.

Du Lu's improvement could be said to be very great.

Of course, it was also related to how Joelson fed the dragon scale fruit and the dragonling flower like it was free.

Du Lu's strength was still stuck at tier 5, but his combat strength had soared to 1,800. Compared to the first time he fought, it had already risen by 1,000.

In the attributes panel that Joelson could see.

"Protective Dragon Shield (LV3): physical damage reduction of 30%, magic damage reduction of 30%. upgradable."

After Du Lu was injured, the food that Joelson fed him would not increase his growth points, but it could be converted into the EXP needed to upgrade the protective dragon shield.

After eight days of upgrading the protective dragon shield to level 3, the 30% physical damage reduction finally gave Du Lu the ability to fight against the steel dragon.

In the sky, the fire dragon, Du Lu, who was clearly a few times smaller than the steel dragon, appeared unusually fierce.

The protective dragon shield that shone with a red jade-like glow covered its entire body. It was majestic and beautiful.

The steel dragon's sharp metal claws could no longer easily tear Du Lu's body apart. The steel knife-like nails scratched Du Lu's body, causing sparks to fly.

Du Lu had already changed the way he fought against the steel dragon.

He no longer used magic alone. Instead, he chose to fight the steel dragon at close range.

The blazing flames attached to his tail and claws, leaving scorched black marks on the steel dragon's body.

The battle lasted for more than half an hour. The steel dragon suddenly roared loudly, and its huge steel tail shattered Du Lu's protective dragon shield.

"Admit defeat!"

Joelson spoke hurriedly.

The steel dragon glanced at Du Lu indifferently. There seemed to be a hint of appreciation in its huge lead-gray pupils?!

The steel dragon turned into a golden light and returned to the dragon flag.

Du Lu flapped its wings and landed in front of Joelson, silently licking the wounds on its body.

"Very impressive Du Lu!"

Joelson patted Du Lu's knee. He could only touch Du Lu's knee now.

"Next time, next time you will definitely defeat it!"


Du Lu raised its head and roared wildly. Its golden eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

After the battle in the arena, Du Lu seemed to have transformed into a dragon.

He was no longer the little dragon that only knew how to act cute and coquettish with Joelson. Instead, he had transformed into a warrior!

Joelson's eyes were filled with joy and praise.

Elemental dragons were already at a disadvantage against metal dragons.

A steel dragon with a combat strength of 2,300 could even challenge elemental dragons with a combat strength of 2,500 or 3,000.

Du Lu did well.

"It's time for me to learn how to fight."

Joelson said to himself in a low voice.

After feeding Du Lu to heal his wounds again, Joelson left the Dragon God Ranch.


He showed his student badge and entered the inner courtyard.

Joelson raised his head. The gray mage trial tower was right in front of him.

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The tower was very tall. It was impossible to count how many floors there were.

Inside the mage tower sat a senior student wearing a red mage robe.

"I want to apply to enter the Mage Trial Tower."

"Oh, you need at least the power of a Fu class. What's your name? Please show me your student badge."

The student in the red robe raised his head as he spoke. When he saw Joelson's appearance, he was suddenly stunned.

Joelson was also stunned.

He knew this person.

"It's you, Junior Joelson?! Do you still recognize me?"

"Of course."

Joelson smiled and nodded. "Hello, Senior Raymond."

It was Raymond who had shown him around when he entered the academy.

He did not expect to see him again in the mage tower. It was probably because he was working for credits or something.

Almost all positions in the Tulip Academy were held by students.

"The famous Tulip Academy's Super Genius, Joelson Edward, has finally decided to challenge the mage tower?"

Raymond winked at Joelson and teased him.

Joelson chuckled.

Raymond recorded Joelson's name into the Magic Tool and began to explain the rules of the mage tower to Joelson.

"The rules of the mage tower are actually very simple. Once you enter, enemies will appear. As long as you destroy all the enemies, you can enter the next level."

"Of course, if you haven't fought before, it's fine even if you are destroyed by the enemies 'death' in the mage tower will not cause any substantial damage to you. It will only consume your spiritual energy and force you out."


A red-figure suddenly appeared in front of the two of them. His face was pale and he looked like he had used up all his magic power.

Raymond pointed at this person and said to Joelson, "Yes, yes, just like this."

"The magic elements in the mage tower far exceed those in the outside world. Every floor that you pass will have a certain amount of time for you to recover your mind power and magic power. This is one of the reasons why many people are keen to challenge the mage tower. There are many benefits, and your strength will also improve very quickly."

"For every five floors you pass, there will be a credit reward. Well, there is also a small gift that Lord Harriet Terrence randomly appeared in the tower."

This was what Yisha had told him before.

Joelson could not help but ask, "How many floors does the mage tower have?"

"99 floors."

Raymond had an expression of admiration on his face. He sighed and said, "But no one has confirmed it, because even the great Dean Harriet Terrence did not pass the level."

"Even Dean Harriterrence did not clear the level?!"

Joelson was shocked. "Didn't they say that she was the one who built the mage tower?"

"Not really."

Raymond smiled and said, "The mage tower was an ancient magic conductor that Lady Harriet Terrence obtained when she was young. After establishing the Tulip Academy, he took out the mage tower as a tool for our students to practice."

Ancient magic conductor...

Joelson was shocked. A magic conductor that could be used by thousands of people, how terrifying was the power of an ancient mage?

"Every student who participates in the Mage Tower Trial will be ranked in the mage tower."

Raymond pointed at a huge magic screen on the wall.

On it were densely packed names, and behind each name was a challenge result.

At the top, Joelson saw it.

"Ulysses, 6th grade, 56th floor."

Raymond noticed Joelson's gaze and said in a low voice, "This is the student with the best results since the establishment of the Tulip Academy. It is said that she is Lady Harriets' disciple."

"Joelson, do you know why you are called the most talented student of the Tulip Academy in the last hundred years? Because in the last hundred years, this honor belonged to him, Ulysses."

"He is also a super-genius with superior spiritual power and magic perception."

Joelson's gaze lingered on the name for a long time. He could not help but ask, "So, what about him now?"

Raymond sighed and said with regret, "He passed away unexpectedly."

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