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9.58% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 21: Snack Time

Snack Time - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 21 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 21: Snack Time

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

"Did you overdraw your magic power?"

Giles had a confident smile on his face.

"You haven't even reached tier 3 yet, right? Tsk Tsk, to be able to instantly cast a level 2 spell, that's amazing."

"You can really be called a genius. It's a pity that you haven't advanced to a tier 3 mage yet. Otherwise, we might not be your match."

"Giles, why are you talking so much nonsense with him?"

Mosien interrupted Giles impatiently. He looked at Joelson with a ferocious expression.

"Kid, if you hand over the formula of the advanced spiritual potion now, I can still let you go."

Mosien turned his neck, making a crisp cracking sound.

"Otherwise, when I slowly crush every inch of your bones, you'll scream until you have no strength."

Giles twitched the corner of his mouth and added, "Also, hand over the technique of instant magic."

Joelson narrowed his eyes and looked at the two of them, then suddenly said.

"Do you think that you are sure to win?"

Lucien grinned and put the knight's greatsword on his shoulder. His meaning was very clear.

"Yes, we are sure to win. Do you have any other tricks? Hurry up and use them, or it will be too late."

Joelson nodded. His body was straight, and he snapped his fingers indifferently.

"Come out, Du Lu. It's time to eat snacks."

Giles and Lucien were stunned for a moment.

The next moment, they slowly raised their heads and looked at the sky, their eyes wide open.

There seemed to be a shadow in the sky that completely covered the two of them.

Their faces were full of fear as if they had seen something extremely terrifying!

A huge monster that was more than ten meters long appeared behind Joelson, flying in the sky.

Fiery, red scales and dark eyes with golden, vertical pupils stared at the two of them.

The dragon wings flapped gently, stirring up a strong wind that blew on their faces. The hot smell of sulfur filled their nostrils.


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Giles was so shocked that he began to stutter and scream incoherently.

"It's a dragon! It's a living dragon!"

Lucien was also scared silly at this time.

Their faces were pale, and a sense of fear rose in their hearts. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably as if they were standing in the snow.

The next second, they turned around and fled.


A dragon's roar echoed through the forest.

Joelson turned his head to the side helplessly and covered one of his ears.

"It's too loud."

Du Lu flapped his wings and flew to the sky above the two escaping men.

The dragon claw gently slapped down.


A short scream.

There was a faint red light under the dragon claw. When du Lu raised his claw again, there was only a disgusting pile of meat under it.

Lucien's heart was about to go crazy.

The endless fear made him summon up the last bit of courage. He raised the long sword high in his hand and roared.

The white light on the long sword shone brightly.

There was a surprised look in Joelson's eyes.

"Huh, he actually made a breakthrough in the battle! What a genius!"


A surge of raging flames drowned Lucien, and not a single bit of white light could be seen.

Du Lu shut his mouth.

"Clang clang."

A piece of broken iron fell to the ground, and there were still some extinguished flames burning on it.

Joelson walked up with a frown.


Du Lu growled in a low voice and leaned his head closer, wanting to act coquettishly with Joelson.

Master, how am I doing?!


Joelson knocked Du Lu's head and pointed at the two marks on the ground. "Look at what you've done. How am I supposed to search the corpses like this? This habit is too wasteful. It's not good. I must change it!"

Du Lu nodded its huge head, feeling wronged.

There was no need to think about Lucien's side. He had been completely burned to ashes. There was nothing left in the pile of ashes.

Joelson found a branch and dug a few times in Giles' meat sauce. He pulled out a sticky magic book.

It must be his magic notes or something.

Since he did not find anything good, Joelson also gave up.

"Sigh, forget it."

Joelson sighed, climbed onto Du Lu's back, and directed it in the direction of the Imperial City.

"Young Master, you're finally back!"

The effects of the transfiguration potion and the voice changing potion had long passed, and Joelson returned to his noble youth appearance.

Seeing that Joelson had returned, Leas was very happy and welcomed him with joy.

Joelson smiled at her, and after accompanying Leas to have dinner, he went into the basement.

"Back to the ranch."

It was a familiar scene.

Joelson poured all the gold coins in the big black cloth bag onto the ground and piled them into a small mound.

He finally had money.

Joelson immediately chose to upgrade the dragon's nest.

"Upgrading medium-sized fire-type dragon's nest."

The mysterious power was rewarded again from the sky. A rumbling sound was heard as it transformed Du Lu's home.

"Upgrade completed."

"Congratulations to the rancher for successfully upgrading the dragon's nest to medium-sized. Obtained 200 experience points and 2000 gold coins."

The medium-sized fire-type dragon's nest was now completely like a small active volcano.

The crater of the volcano was emitting white smoke and steam. A smell of sulfur permeated the surroundings.

Du Lu let out a few excited growls. He flapped his wings and flew up. He dived into the magma lake and rolled around happily.

Joelson nodded in satisfaction.

There were still more than six thousand gold coins left.

"Cultivate the second farmland."

The second farmland was much more expensive than the first one, costing five hundred gold coins.

"Congratulations to the host for successfully owning the second farmland. Obtained 100 experience points, 1000 gold coins."

Joelson wanted to laugh heartily.

Sure enough, although the investment was large, the return was also extremely generous.

Three thousand gold coins, three hundred experience points.

He could already directly level up to a tier 3 mage.

"Click to level up."

His spiritual power soared once again, and a magical feeling descended once again. Joelson could not help but sigh. The feeling of leveling up was really good.

Joelson's current experience was "171/500.".

It was time to give Du Lu some better rations.

Joelson took out the crop shop.

Dragon scale fruit, one level up was...

Dragon Linghua!

"Dragon linghua: a flower that contains magical power. It can help the dragon race grow faster, providing 50 growth points."

Dragon linghua was 10 times the effect of dragon scale fruit.

The ripening period also became longer, requiring three days.

The price was five times that of the dragon-scale fruit, and each seed cost 500 gold coins, which was still acceptable.

Every time he harvested the linghua flower, the experience he could get increased by five points.

Two fields, but the number of linghua flowers that could be planted was ten.

Joelson spent five thousand gold coins to plant the linghua flower.

His assets returned to more than one thousand gold coins.

"Now, Du Lu can produce five thousand gold coins a day. Excluding the cost of planting the linghua flower, I can produce ten thousand gold coins every two days."

Joelson beamed.

The days of not having money were finally over.

Du Lu was his cash cow.

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