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4.56% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 10: Successfully enrolled

Successfully enrolled - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 10 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 10: Successfully enrolled

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Everyone was stunned.

The golden-bearded man's attitude towards Joelson and Sherwood was completely different. Compared to the eliminated examinees, it made these people's hearts ache.

"Congratulations, Joelson Edward."

He specifically called Joelson by his full name. This was a form of respect.

"I look forward to the day when you make the Tulip Academy feel honored!"

What high praise and honor!

Countless people thought of ways to get into the highest magic academy, no matter how much money they spent, to honor one person.

How terrifying was Joelson's talent!

To be able to make a short-bearded man say such words!

Hearing such praise, even a fool could tell how high Joelson's talent was.

Sherwood, who had medium talent, could at least reach the strength of a second-tier mage.

Then, what level could a super talent reach?

A fifth rank sorcerer?

An eighth rank sorcerer?

Or even... a saint?!

No one knew.

They only knew that Joelson's future was bright.

Compared to Joelson, Sherwood, who was originally quite outstanding, suddenly became unnoticed.

Like a firefly under a full moon, he was ignored.

Only the short-bearded man knew what Joelson's talent represented.

The pillar of the empire, the great mage, Dean Harriet Terrence, was talented in both spiritual power and magic perception.

Although in the field of magic, talent did not mean everything, and it had a lot to do with future opportunities and hard work.

But who could say that the sixteen-year-old boy in front of him could not become a second Harriet Terrence?

In the previous year's entrance exam, he had recruited a student with superior talent. At that time, this student had already caused a sensation in the academy and even in the entire capital.

And now, there was another genius with superior talent.

The short-bearded man almost could not help but exclaim in admiration. This was simply the God of Magic revealing his great miracle.

Moreover, he knew that the talent of Joelson was definitely not as simple as being super-grade.

In the mainland, the division of magic talent was always based on a rather vague concept.

As both were super-grade talents, there were strong and weak.

The brightness that Joelson made the crystal ball emit was the first time in his life that he had seen it!

"God of Magic, what did I see?!"

"The crystal ball was about to explode!"

It was unbelievable!

Gasps of surprise rang out from the crowd one after another.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Joelson, which contained surprise, shock, and jealousy...

"I am the butler of Duke Cyril's mansion..."

"I am the butler of Duke Alva's mansion..."

The butler and servants who were squatting in the small square to recruit elite talents for their master rushed to Joelson anxiously, as if they were worried that if they were one step slower than others, Joelrson would be recruited by others.

They had witnessed the birth of a top genius.

It was imaginable that when the news spread, the entire capital would remember a name, Joelson Edward.

Sherwood looked at Joelson in a daze.

His mouth was wide enough to fit two eggs.

This young man, who looked about his age, was much more powerful than him!

He had tried his best to barely light up the water ball, but he had almost made the crystal ball explode!

And from his expression, he seemed to be so relaxed.

Sherwood felt a sense of loss.

He suddenly realized that family background and birth could be overcome, but some things were indeed born.

"Please follow me."

The short-bearded man did not give these people any chance to extend an olive branch. He gave a gentle and polite smile to Joelson and led him out of the crowd.

He did not care about the following tests.

Joelson followed behind the short-bearded man. In fact, he was a little surprised himself.

Wasn't his talent medium?

How could he become a double super grade!

"Every time the rancher owns a dragon, he can obtain the corresponding magic ability of that dragon."

After asking the system, Joelson finally understood.

Just as he guessed, the increase in talent should be due to the contract between him and Du Lu.

It was equivalent to sharing Du Lu's talent.

The dragon race was recognized as a Master of Magic.

When a giant dragon reached adulthood, it would have at least the magic attainments of a ninth rank magic tutor.

Among them, the most outstanding one could even reach the saint rank.

Dragon magic was not that simple.

Joelson was finally qualified to enter the Magic Academy.

The academy was much more beautiful than he had imagined.

The spacious and tidy academy avenue was filled with tall champs trees on both sides. Red, purple, and blue tulips were everywhere.

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It gave people a comfortable and cosy feeling.

"The new students are all in the first grade, but you are an exception. You will be arranged to be in the best class in the second grade."

"After entering the academy, you must live in the academy. The academy has arranged a place for everyone. You can bring servants with you. You will have a chance to go out once a week."

"The students must abide by the academy's rules. If they violate the rules, the corresponding credits will be deducted. If the credits are deducted to a certain value, they will be expelled from the academy. These are all explained in detail in the admission manual that will be issued soon."

The short-bearded man introduced many rules and knowledge of the Magic Academy to Joelson.

Joelson had a wonderful feeling as if he had come to a university in his previous life.

"This is yours. It is a standard mage robe and a student badge. The robe is attached with a small dust removal spell. The colors of the mage robes are different for the different grades."

The short-bearded man handed a folded dark blue mage robe to Joelson. There was a beautiful silver badge in the robe.

"Use the badge to report tomorrow. There will be a special person to bring you to familiarize yourself with everything here."

"I have a question."

Joelson looked at the robe in his hand. He thought for a moment and said, "How much is the academy's annual tuition?"

The short-bearded man was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, "All the fees of the students will be paid for by the empire. You don't need to spend a copper coin. Of course, if you conduct personal magic research, you still need to spend your own money to buy the magic materials used."

Joelson nodded thoughtfully.

No wonder it was called The Imperial Magic Academy. This was another version of The National University in the other world.

It could also be considered as a means for Diyin to recruit civilian mages.

"Any other questions?"

Joelson looked at the short-bearded man and asked, "Last question, what is your name?"

The short-bearded man laughed happily. "Brewster Aubrey, you can directly call me Brewster."

"Then that's all for now."

The short-bearded man solemnly performed the standard etiquette of a magician to Joelson and said seriously, "Once again, on behalf of the Tulip Academy of Magic, I would like to extend a welcome to you, Mr Joelson Edward."

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