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17.35% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 38: The Crowd Watches the Duel

The Crowd Watches the Duel - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 38 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 38: The Crowd Watches the Duel

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

There is a level-3 spell called flame ripple that suits the situation.

Use the heat of the flame to shake the air, strangle and burn the enemy.

Joelson can also achieve instant cast.


Raymond's advice rang out in Joelson's mind.

Try to save your mind power and mana.

In the end, Joelson chose the ring of fire spell.

The detached ring of fire.

A completely condensed ring of fire elements landed lightly in the center of the five magic wolves.

It suddenly exploded!

The five magic wolves whimpered and rolled out.

The two magic wolves closest to him directly turned into specks of light and slowly disappeared.

The remaining three were also a little dim.

They were all ancient magic beasts created from magic elements. Their strength was not something that the current magic beasts could compare to.

Immediately after, Joelson used a level-1 fireball spell to eliminate them one by one.

The wind magic wolf was the last to be eliminated.

Before it died, it spat out a wind blade at Joelson.

The light green wind blade struck the magic shield on the surface of Joelson's body, causing a faint ripple, and then disappeared.

Joelson had some enlightenment.

In fact, maintaining the magic shield was the biggest consumption. If that was the case, finishing the battle in the shortest time possible and not allowing the opponent to attack him was the best way to conserve magic power and mental strength.

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The magic wolves were all eliminated.

Joelson had one minute to replenish his mana.

Of course, he could also choose to enter the lower level directly.

Joelson walked straight into the light door leading to the lower level.

A few level-1 spells and a level-2 spell had almost negligible consumption on him.

The next level was the same world.

However, the number of magic wolves increased again.

The electric element spat out balls of electricity that could paralyze the enemy.

Then, on the seventh level.

On the eighth level...

There were more and more magic wolves with different attributes, although their strength was only at level one.

But on the ninth and tenth levels, there were even magic wolves with light and dark attributes that had long been lost.

Joelson was shocked.

In ancient times, it was very common to see magic beasts with these rare attributes.

The light and dark attributes were only second to the time and space attributes. When they were at the same level, the power they unleashed was several times more than the other ordinary attributes.

Unfortunately, even the magic inheritance was cut off now.

"Congratulations to the trial-taker. You have successfully passed the level-1 trial. The rewards are being distributed."

A voice suddenly sounded.

Joelson was stunned for a moment.

The dense fire elements in the air gathered towards him. After more than ten seconds, he felt that the magic elements in his body were even denser.

Joelson immediately understood.

No wonder Raymond said that participating in the mage tower trial could improve his strength by leaps and bounds. That should be what he was talking about.

However, things suddenly changed.

"Reward distribution failed."

The element dispersed, returning from its active state to its lazy state.

Reward distribution failed?

Wasn't this the real reward?!

Joelson's brows furrowed tightly.

At this time, the monster on the eleventh floor had appeared.

It was still a magic wolf, wind attribute.

However, its strength had become tier-2.

Its level had increased.

So, the tenth floor represented a level.

In ancient times, a tier-1 mage had to have the ability to kill ten magic beasts of the same level and different attributes in order to qualify?

If that was the case, then the ancient times were really terrifying.

Joelson shook his head and revealed a bitter smile.

He could not understand.

These ancient secrets were still too far away from him. What he needed to do now was to try his best to break through to the higher levels.

Joelson's expression became serious, and flames rose in his hands.

Outside the mage tower.

Hundreds of students wearing different colored mage robes gathered in front of the magic light screen.

The space at the bottom of the mage tower was too small to accommodate so many people.

Some kind-hearted senior cast a spell to enlarge the magic light screen and projected it outside the tower so that everyone could see the real-time changes in the rankings.

"Francis has already reached the nineteenth floor. It seems that he has a chance to break through to the twentieth floor."

"It hasn't been two weeks since he advanced to tier-3. Could it be that he has already mastered level-3 magic? Isn't this too terrifying?!"

"Hey, look at Joelson!"

At this moment, the name "Joelson Edward" slowly moved up by one.

"The 13th floor!"

"DAMN! When I came here, he was only on the fourth floor. How long has it been? He's already the 13th Floor!"

"It's too terrifying."

"It seems that Joelson advanced to tier-3 earlier than Francis. It's not a big deal to have such speed."

"Joelson should be able to catch up to Francis very soon. What a terrifying talent."

"It's said that Joelson can cast level-3 magic instantaneously. He's only 16 years old. Ah, compared to him, I'm like a piece of trash."

"The 14th level!"

"My God of Magic!"

While everyone was discussing, Joelson's ranking climbed up again.

The 14th floor!

The gap between him and Francis was huge.

To observe their rankings, everyone had to look at two screens at the same time.

But now, their names were on the same screen.

Francis had stopped, the rise was very slow, and Joelson was catching up.

Step by step, quickly.

The people of the Magic Potion Association were all staring at Joelson's name on the screen.

Every time Joelson's score changed, they would be excited.

"The vice president is awesome!"!

"Awesome! He is indeed the first genius in a hundred years!"

"Well done."

Shannon stared at the light screen and pursed her lips. Her light purple eyes could not hide the joy and expectation.

"If you can't even beat Francis, I will not forgive you!"

As she spoke, Shannon waved her small fist at the mage tower.

Joelson's tutor, Elsa, Morton, and Juliana stood together and watched as well.

This class was originally Elsa's potions class, but when she heard that Joels was challenging the mage tower, Elsa simply brought her entire class over.

"Amazing! As expected of my good brother!"

The fat on Morton's face kept shaking, and he was very excited.

The people around looked at him with disdain. Since when did Joelson become your good brother?

Juliana clenched her fists tightly, shouting in her heart.

Go, Joelson!

At this moment, Joelson was fighting four tier- 2 magic wolves on the fourteenth floor at the same time.

"If I only use tier-2 spells, I might be able to get the best training. This should be the true intention of the mage tower's builders."

However, it would consume too much mana and mental energy.

"I'll do the same as level-1 to level-10. I'll use a spell a level higher to end the battle quickly."

Looking at the four magic wolves, Joelson's gaze was calm. He pushed out a red flame ripple with his right hand.

A scorching aura spread out.

"Level-3 spell, flame ripple!"

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