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16.89% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 37: The First Confrontation

The First Confrontation - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 37 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 37: The First Confrontation

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

He died unexpectedly...

Joelson also felt regretful.

If such a genius-like figure could live until today, he might have become the second Headmistress Harriet Terrence.

The magic screen recorded the challenge results of all the students of Tulip Academy.

It was very long, but Joelson still found a few familiar names.

"Elsa, sixth grade, level 39."

"Dorothea, fifth grade, level 31."

Even the final result of Elsa's graduation challenge was only level 39. One could imagine how terrifying Ulysses'talent was.


"Francis, third grade, level 17:"

Francis had also broken through.

He remembered that when Elsa had told him last week, he had only just passed level 13.

Joelson also saw his name.

"Joelson Edward, second grade, level zero."

He was at the bottom of the screen and had just entered.

"The ranking is updated in real time. Every time Junior Joelson breaks through a level, the screen's ranking will rise accordingly." Raymond explained with a smile.

"So, are you ready to face the challenge now, Junior Joelson?"

Joelson nodded. "Yes."

"Good luck! Junior Joelson, I'm looking forward to seeing you shock all the teachers and students in the academy. I'm waiting to witness this scene with my own eyes!"

Raymond made a cheering gesture to Joelson, looking very funny.

Joelson found it funny and didn't know what to say.

Raymond led Joelson to a small door that was shining with a strange light.

"Go in and you will reach the first floor of the mage tower."

Joelson nodded and took a step subconsciously.

Raymond suddenly grabbed Joelson's hand and said seriously, "Junior Joelson, one last piece of advice. If you want to climb higher and further in the mage tower, you must save your spiritual power!"

Joelson thanked him seriously, "Thank you."

The slender figure disappeared into the light door.

"I really don't know how many floors he can climb?" Raymond said in a low voice, his eyes full of expectation.

"This time, the minister will definitely break through to the twentieth floor!"

"It's definitely more than that. I think it's even possible to climb to the twenty-fifth floor!"

"Isn't it said that Joelson Edward has already advanced to the third level? Why isn't he challenging the mage tower? Humph, in the end, he's still afraid of the minister. He's afraid that when he's not the minister, the minister will steal the limelight."

"That's right, that's right."

Voices came from the door.

Raymond frowned and went up to welcome them.

A pedestrian appeared in the mage tower.

The leader was Francis. The mage robe he was wearing had been changed to red. He was as cold and arrogant as ever.

"Go in yourself."

Raymond's attitude towards these people was not so good. He did not even bother to lift his eyelids.

Francis didn't say anything. He habitually glanced at the ranking on the magic light screen.

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows and looked a little surprised.

A brand new and very familiar name appeared on the light screen.

"Joelson Edward, second year."

"The third floor!"

The others also noticed it and cried out in surprise.

"What, Joelson also came to challenge the mage tower?!"

"The third floor, such a result, haha, how could he have the nerve to come here."

Raymond raised his head, his eyes brightened, and said to himself, "Eh, he just entered the third floor? What a fast speed."

Raymond's voice was not loud, but it was just enough for everyone to hear.

The few of them were suddenly like ducks with their necks strangled, holding their breath, unable to speak.

They had just entered the third floor.

Francis' eyes flashed with a sharp gaze. He turned around and asked, "Did Joelson Edward just enter?"

"Yes, just a minute ago."


Francis strode towards the magic light door. His eyes were frighteningly bright.

Joelson Edward.

Now, we are all at the third-tier strength. Let's see who is the number one genius of the Tulip Academy!

Francis' followers had strange expressions on their faces.

"Can you feel it?"

"The minister seems to be getting excited."

"Because of Joelson Edward."

"This is going to be a good show to watch."

Francis and Joelson were both very famous super geniuses in the Tulip Academy.

At the same time, they stepped into the Mage Tower Trial.

This was their first battle in person.

The news quickly spread throughout the entire academy.

Everyone who received the news became excited.

Looking forward to it...

Not only were the students in the lower grades, but many of the students in the upper grades also rushed over.

Even the instructors of the academy who was familiar with the names of the two people also came over to join in the fun.

Magic Potion Association.

A person suddenly rushed in and pushed the door open with a loud bang.

"Rudolph, what's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?"

Dorothea complained.

"The vice-president..."


The members who were addicted to making magic potions raised their heads. They were interested in the news about Joelson.

Rudolph panted and said, "The vice-president and Francis..."

"Are they fighting?!"

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A figure nimbly ran in front of Rudolph, grabbed his shoulder, and asked anxiously.

With short purple hair, delicate facial features, and a hint of nervousness, it was Shannon.

"No, no, it's not."

Rudolph shook his head and said quickly, "They entered the Mage Tower Trial together."

Shannon let out a long sigh.

"It's fine, it's fine."

Dorothea's eyes lit up.

"This is... a different kind of duel? !"

"Let's go and take a look!"

"Alright! Go and cheer for the Vice President!"

The group of people did not care about anything else. They threw the half-concocted magic potion onto the table and rushed in the direction of the mage tower.

Joelson did not know that because of him and Francis, there was already such a big commotion outside.

He was currently in the mage tower.

A world surrounded by a vast expanse of whiteness.

It seemed to have no boundaries, but the magic elements were exceptionally abundant, almost ten times more than the outside world.

Five magic wolves of different colors were staring at him fiercely.

All of them had the strength of a tier-1 magic beast.

They represented the five magic attributes of water, fire, earth, wind, and wood respectively.

Not only were they fast and agile, but they could also spit out water bullets, fireballs, wind blades, and other magic element attacks from their mouths.

This was already the fifth floor.

There was only one magic wolf on the first floor.

After that, the number of magic wolves on each floor began to increase.

Most importantly, the level-1 spells used by these magic wolves were all instantaneous!

It must be known that if human mages wanted to be proficient in the instantaneous casting of level-1 spells, they had to be at least level-4 to level-5 mages.

Joelson finally understood why Teacher Elsa said that the mage trial tower was the best place to train a mage's actual combat ability.

If it was a tier-1 mage, he would be able to fight against five level-1 magic wolves that could cast spells instantaneously.

Without sufficient combat awareness and skills, it would indeed be difficult.

He would be instantly killed!

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