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Chapter 15: British Delegation

-- Early Autumn of 1454 --

--- Imperial Palace, Throne Room --

The Emperor is as usual sitting upright in his most ornate throne, surrounded by his favorite officials in the room.

The military bureaucrats can't stop talking about the British Envoy yesterday and the Imperial Foreign Ministry is packed with a hectic schedule ever since the British arrival.

Apparently, all the British envoy said yesterday was, they are going to send a diplomatic mission here.

'I wonder how would the exchange in Ostburg went, today must be the exchange in Ostburg. I hope Zachary is fine' the Emperor thought to himself

The Imperial Diplomatic Mission was headed by none other than the head of the Ostburg Family, Zachary. Ever since the beginning of the Empire's expansion in the continent, the Ostburg Family had grown from a minor noble house into the most powerful noble house in the Empire.

'The Ophiels had escaped and their head executed, but they instigated a major revolt in the empire'

'The Leońe's had revolted too'

'And the Ostburg's had became influential in the Empire's diplomatic affairs, i had given them various tasks and some influence so i can hope i can become their ally...'

The Emperor wanted to make the Ostburg's his ally, because the Emperor did not have any allies at this point after the execution of the head of Ophiel's,because of it many had joined the former-Empress' cause and is obviously being a huge threat to Imperial power.

'If the Ostburg's will gain more power and become loyal to me, i might just be able to stop that slut'

Thus, the Emperor had been planning this time giving the crown of the newly-organized Kingdom of Dorf, which was the Grand Ducal Confederacy and the occupied-Esterloch Theocracy combined into the Ostburgs,

-- Port City of Ostburg, Duchy of Ostburg --

in the docks of the city, many had gathered near the harbor to witness the arrival of a state visit. Many are excited to see what would the new visitors would bring with them. While the Ostburg Loyalists are also there to see the young duke off to the other country.

-- Ostburg Palace --

it is currently middle in the afternoon, the duke is drinking his favorite afternoon tea in his balcony.

from the balcony he could see the outskirts of the city, he was imagining what type of country the United Kingdom will be. Though, he was not really sure about the existence of the country. He still highly doubt the British envoy that arrived a few days ago and it is possible that the envoy was lying and it's a plan set up by the Summerwyn Kingdom.

'It can't be helped, i have to confirmed the country's existence or probably the enemy's trap'

After a few minutes, a huge ship can be seen on the seas outside the city, Zachary was amazed by the huge pearl ship he is seeing for the first time.

Atop the ferry, flies a seemingly new flag to him. He was curious about the ship's flag. The flag had some straight lines with the respective colors of blue,red,and white.

The Union Jack is flying above the pole of the ferry ship, dozens we're amazed by the sight of the ferry ship. The inhabitants of the city can't believe at the sight they we're seeing.

After seeing the ferry ship from the balcony, Zachary stood up and walked towards his room. He took his personal belongings and went downstairs to enter his coach.

upon leaving the Palace entrance, there is his coach with its wheels touching the ground waiting for him. The coachman opened the coach's doors and Zachary entered the coach. The coachman closed the door and proceeded to whip the horses. Running the coach until it leaves the peaceful gardens of the Palace.

The coach took 10 minutes until it reached the main harbor, there a line is wide open by the Palace's guards to secure the entrance of the visitors.

His coach stopped in front of the Harbor, the coach opened the door and he left the coach with his case.

There, a woman with a striking appearance among the delegation is present. It's as if though she is person of high importance. Another is a man who also wears the same suit the delegation worn yesterday.

He walked to the group and politely introduced himself,

"Greetings, i am the Duke of Ostburg, Zachary von Ostburg. It is my pleasure to meet you."

after his introduction, the woman walked forward and introduced herself;

"I am the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Anne. It is my pleasure to meet you the Duke of Ostburg" she replied,

Zachary was surprised that this was the Queen of the United Kingdom, though he had expected she was of importance. But he didn't expect she is the Queen of the United Kingdom.

along the diplomatic team, walked forward a man.

"I am the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William. It is an honor to meet you the Duke of Ostburg" he added,

"It is my pleasure to meet all of you, all of you are so humble and polite my dear ma'am and sir. Please forgive me if i am rude towards your actions earlier"

"Oh no dear, you haven't done any thing for us to be offended" the Queen replied,

"It is fine sir" William added,

The Three ended up exchanging their hands as a gesture of their meeting.

The Queen and the Prime Minister had then proceeded to carry a small flag with them with the Union Jack on it.

Zachary who was curious on it, asked the two about any description about their flag.

"This flag is sometimes called the Union Jack, the Union Jack represents the union of the Three Kingdoms of, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland respectively" the Queen replied,

"It has been the symbol of British Unity and Strength against all those who tried to take our humble country down, in which all failed" the Queen added,

Zachary was amazed at the Union Jack's sophisticated design and was motivated to make his own too.

But, back to more important matters he proceeded to talk with the delegation for the Diplomatic Mission.

"Back to important matters your Majesty, the British diplomatic mission's coach will arrive 20 minutes later. The coach will take you to the Imperial Capital escorted with your bodyguards and the Imperial Guards as well, you might be able to reach the Imperial Capital in 3 days. There, you are scheduled to regroup with the advanced British diplomat a few days ago who arrived earlier and the meeting with the Emperor will proceed in the Imperial Palace." he said,

"Very well, as for your instruction sir. This ferry ship will carry you to the British Isles, don't worry, by a day or two you will reach London, we will also give flyers for your team in the ferry ship so that you can get more information from the United Kingdom" William replied,

The Imperial Diplomatic Mission, headed by Zachary von Ostburg. Also comprises the Chief of the Imperial Foreign Ministry and a few Imperial Bodguards.

While, the British Diplomatic Team is headed by none other than Her Highness, the most gracious sovereign of the United Kingdom, Queen Anne. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William of the Conservative Party.

The chief of the Imperial Foreign Ministry had then arrived, and exchanged greetings with the British team. The two groups had then, separated and proceeded to their respective locations.

The coach and Imperial escort had arrived in the harbour, many people had crowded the harbor. And as such, the British team had a hard time to leave the place. While the Imperial team, had left earlier by riding the British ferry.

-- Outskirts of Ostburg --

Her Highness and the Prime Minister currently rides the coach that is headed to the Imperial Capital, as the coach takes its stride in the outskirts of the Palace. The Queen can't help taking a gaze at the City's impoverished background.

She had noticed that, poverty is rampant in this world. In which, is not new knowledge for her since Europe was also impoverished and a backward continent in the middle ages.

She wanted to help all those people, clothe and feed them. But she was unable to get out of her coach since, she can't sacrifice her security.

'It's difficult to stop my urge to help them, but i am holding this world's fate in my hands. I have to be careful' she thought to herself,

for the sake of her security, the coach had ignored the impoverished peasants outside and proceeded to their journey

Hours passed by and the Queen was awoken by a long nap after leaving Ostburg,

There, as she gaze in the window. She could see the beautiful plains in her sight,

"Wow, this view is so beautiful" She said,

"Exactly your majesty, this sight is so beautiful" William added,

Across the beautiful prairie, is the sun setting. The vast nothingness of the prairie grabbed their attention to the scenery's beauty.

William wanted to catch a picture to this beautiful scenery, but he avoided it because he didn't wanted to be rude in presence of her majesty.

Three days passed, and the coach had finally reached the outskirts of the Imperial Capital. The coach had passed the Imperial Capital's City Gates, and an welcome parade was held. The Imperial Guards who had escorted the coach increased their vigilance when they we're met with the crowds on the streets of the Imperial Capital.

The Queen and Prime Minister didn't opened the coach's window as they we're still traveling onto an unknown foreign land. The party didn't seen any major city landmarks along the way because of the welcome parade and massive crowds in the city.

The crowds we're waving the Imperial Insignia one by one, while the party was holding the Union Jack inside the coach. The coach had finally reached their distance in the Imperial Palace. After their security inspection in the Entrance was clear. The coach continued, and they reached the Imperial Palace by 20 minutes.

The grand coach stride their way until they reached the Grand Staircase. The coach stopped in front of the staircase, and there, numerous Palace servants had come to greet the British team. The coachman opened the coach's door and the Queen and the Prime Minister stepped their foot onto the ground.

'Wow, this palace really befits an Emperor' William thought,

The two was greeted by a palace servant near the Grand Staircase,

"Welcome to the Imperial Palace, Your majesty Queen Anne of the United Kingdom. Please follow us for the Throne Room"

The two then followed the servant's instrctions, they went upstairs overlooking the Imperial gardens in their back. Until they entered the doors of the Palace.

The Queen was then standing onto an elaborate red silk carpet with a medium-sized diamond chandelier in the Entrance room. She began to wonder how much does this materials had costed the Empire.

They then turned, and walked through the hallways of the Palace. Until they are a few meters away from the doors. The servant had then instructed them on what to do, and the servant finally opened the Throne Room's doors.

The Queen gracefully walked upright with the Prime Minister on her left side, she carefully walked and bowed to the Emperor; while the Prime Minister bowed and lowered his head.

"You can raise your head" the Emperor said,

"I am the Holy Emperor Dudendorf of the Holy Estermage Empire, as well as the Emperor-Protector of the Kingdom of Duden and Head of the Church of Reformist"

"I am the Queen Anne of the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland" the Queen replied,

"And may i know your name young man?" the Emperor asked,

"I am the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William of the Conservative Party, Your Majesty" William replied,

"Im certain that you came here for some serious business, am i correct?"

"Indeed you are correct" the Queen humbly replied,

"Hmmm interesting.."

"We are hereby demanding the Holy Estermage Empire to withdraw its forces from the Theocracy of Esterloch, Republic of Italica and the Kingdom of Summerwyn as soon as possible." the Queen said in front of the Imperial Court.

The Imperial Court was shocked by the immediate demands of the Queen, the British are resolved to protect their ally states at all cost.

Hwarangskz Hwarangskz

lol have school tomorrow so ill continue this to the next chapter tomorrow hehehe. Please leave comments so i can have ideas cos I'm lacking ideas lol

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