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Chapter 27: Coup d'état

-- Republic of Italica, Early Winter of 1454 --

"Hey did you heard the news? Sienna had fell to the Imperial Army! i hope the King and his family is safe, the Imperial Army is truly scary..."

"What?! that was so sudden!"

The people of Italica can't believe at the sudden news of the immediate capture of the Kingdom of Summerwyn's Capital, Sienna to the Imperial Army. They didn't expect that the city would fell to the Imperial Army in a span of short time.

-- White Palace --

"Mr President, this are the report from the British Oil Excavation Team"

"Oh.. it seems like the British had found a lot in the seas of Prospera. Aren't they going to pay us for it?"

"The British Government promised to develop the country's infrastructure, we could probably expect more after the war"

'sigh, i do hope that we can win this war and those metal ships from the United Kingdom must better be legitimate not just some stupid floating scrap metal...'

The President then continued to do his paper as usual to finish his work early on,

The Republic of Italica had suffered major casualties early in the war, the Imperial Wyverns of the Holy Empire had been used to spread devastation from the skies of Italica. Shops and residences we're destroyed and the White Palace was severely damaged.

But, the heroic wyvern forces of the Republic of Italica stood strong, and managed to inflict casualties on the Imperial Wyverns. the Italican wyverns we're nearly annihilated but the Imperial wyverns did not dare to bomb the city for a while again and decided to support it's campaign against the Grand Bishop.

After the destructive bombings, the Republic of Italica miracolously met the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom sent a flotilla consisting of one aircraft carrier with several destroyers and frigates.

The British Flotilla was then stationed on the harbor in the Central District, after the subsequent arrival of the Royal Navy. Foreign investment began to pour into the country, the British began investing a lot of money into the Republic, that includes the current oil exploration in the seas near it. The British also started facilitated the opening of numerous multinational company shops that had proven to be extremely popular to the Italican populace.

The dockyard of the country in the central district is also being improved by the British, the British also sent financial aid and resources to the country to relieve the country from it's bombed structures. Resulting into the beginning of the recovery of the country, after a year the Republic of Italica had nearly recovered from it's war torn state, and it has been able to fend off the Imperial Army thanks to the Italican Navy. The Italican Navy is one of the most powerful navies in the continent well before the British arrival. The British not just bit business establishments and improved the country's dockyard, it also erected anti-air defenses in case of an wyvern attack again.

The President was then suddenly being woken up by his assistant,

"Mr. President! Mr. President!"

The President was then awoken by his assistant's voice while he fell asleep from his desk,

"What? What is it?"

it is early morning, and the President didn't realize that he had fell asleep on his desk the night before,

"Mr. President, it is an emergency. The Royal Navy is departing!"

"Wait what?! on what reasons though?!"

"The Royal Navy told us that you had told them to leave though?"

"What?! No i did not! Immediately call the Royal Navy to return to the docks of the Central District before the Imperial Navy does so!"

"But Mr. President, we don't have any form of long range communications with the Royal Navy. Any sort of communication with the United Kingdom must be through phone contact only since they don't utilize magic telegram..."

"Damn! immediately send one of any fleet in the Italican Navy and send them where the Royal Navy is heading, where is the Royal Navy heading though?!"

"We did not asked but it's possible that its going to Lincliff..."

"Lincliff?! isn't that still way far up north?"

"Yes sir, but we do not know yet.."

The President is stressed but tries to calm himself down...

'Just who told the Royal Navy to leave?! like i had never told them once to leave and i personally had asked their help!'

"Ok, order the remaining wyvern force of the country. Tell them to fly discreetly towards Lincliff and go to the Royal Navy there. even if the Royal Navy did not go there, it's possible that there's a sizable force of British force there.

"Yes Mr. President"

The President's assistant immediately went out of the room and proceeded to carry the President's orders.

'This is being so stressful, just the first two years of presidency and I'm all with this problems'

He moves the window's curtains to the sides and proceeded to look to the outside view of the office just behind his working desk,

'Im tired'

'I just want a rest from all this shit'

'But this is what i get from being the President, I'm the President of this country and it's my responsibility to take care of the well-being of my people. I chose this path myself so I'm the one to blame. Whatever happens to my country falls to my actions...'

The President gazes through his office windows, he could only see the gardens inside the Palace. Apparently, the gardens in the White Palace is much smaller than the others since the availability of land in the country is much smaller.

As he gazes through, a sudden knock on the door shocks him.

"What who is that?!"

He walks near the door and takes a peek on the peephole, he opens it and his Assistant from earlier had once again came in.

"Oh, you're here again? Wasn't that too fast?"

"I happen to stumble one of the officers of the Wyvern Force just outside the Palace, but Mr. President someone is looking for you downstairs..."

"Really? who?!"

"The Admiral..."

"The Admiral? Why would he visit me on such a hectic schedule?"

"I do not know Mr. President.."

Not knowing the reason, the President along with his assistant went downstairs to meet the Admiral of the Italican Navy.

'Why is the Admiral here? Isn't he supposed to be patrolling the seas with the fleet to guard off the Republic against the Empire? Don't tell me he's slacking!'

The President calmly walked towards downstairs to talk with the Admiral,

"Isn't he just downstairs? Why isn't he here?"

"I do not know Mr. President!, let's just take a look outside!"

The Assistant opened the doors outside the entrance to look for the Admiral,

"Mr. President there the is the Admiral!"

The President immediately went to the Assistant's direction to head to the Entrance to meet the Admiral,

"What where?!"

The President was surprised to see no one outside,

"You got to be kidding me"

"But i swear Mr. President i just saw the Admiral there earlier.."

"Whatever, ill just go back to the office..."

As the President turns however, a few men with navy uniforms had their muskets positioned against him inside the Palace,

"Wait Howw did you get inside?!"

The President assumed that they probably sneaked in earlier,

"Oh, if it isn't the President..."

The President turned and saw his assistant with the Admiral in front of the entrance,

The Admiral with his men, his men had positioned their muskets against him.

"What?! What is the meaning of this you traitor..."

"Mr. President, it would been great if you were a bit nicer to me earlier though"

"You stupid brat!"


Everyone went into silence as the Admiral told them so,

"President, surrender all your powers to me now. Or die"

"Wait, don't tell me... you we're the one who let the Royal Navy leave?!"

"So what about it?!"

'This shit is pissing me off'

"So what if I'm not willing to give my power off?"

"Then die,"


As the President did not wanted to give his powers away to the Admiral, the Admiral then gave his orders to his men to proceed to fire against the President.

"3,2,1, FIRE!"

Sounds of bullets echoes in the room, the President was deeply wounded, the President fell through the ground with his body full of blood.

The Assistant would then move forward and proclaim,

"Let us worship the new Supreme Ruler of the Republic of Italica! the Grand Admiral of the Italican Navy had righteously usurped the corrupt President from his seat in the White Palace! Long Live the Republic!"

"Long Live the Republic!"

The Republic of Italica would be shaken and the citizens of the Republic would begin to leave in fear and hardship from now on against the tyrannical forces of the new government.

The Admiral would then began to seat in the President's former office,

"Wow, with your excellent wit and intelligence Your Excellency, we managed to usurp the foolish President!"

"Yeah, but i wouldn't managed that without your help"

"Oh, that one!"

"Yeah, if you hadn't let me stamped the fake withdrawal order to the President while he's sleeping, good thing his signatures are stamped. It's easy to fabricate the documents, with that we had managed to issue a fake order of withdrawal to the Royal Navy with a supposed signature of the President. With that, no one would be able to resist our glorious rule in this island"

"But, isn't the Italican Army pathetic though?"

"Wow don't call our grand army like that though, don't worry i already thought about the Army. We would just peace out with the Holy Empire and betray the Allies.... and we will ask the Imperial Army to garrison us here.."

"What?! are you out of your mind sir? Haven't you just saw how powerful the Royal Navy is?!"

"Are you an idiot? We haven't seen the Royal Navy performed a real battle yet. They might just be some stupid models just to intimidate us. No need to worry on the Royal Navy I'm sure they're just pathetic who values aesthetics"


'Stupid Assistant, he better thank himself that i spared him despite his uselessness'

"Hey, by the way immediately call the Imperial ambassador. Call the Empire via telegram, we would peace out as soon as possible"

"Yes sir"

-- Imperial Palace --

'Hmm Peace Out?!"

"Yes your Highness, apparently this is one of the plan of the Imperial General Staff. The Admiral of the Italican Navy was bribed by your most loyal noble, Zachary. And he is now requesting an Imperial Ambassador to sign a peace treaty as soon as possible"

"Hmmm Interesting... Very well send an ambassador there. Are you going to send in the Imperial Army now though?"

"Not yet your Highness, the Imperial Army would go there at a much later date though"

The Imperial Ambassador would then soon arrive in the docks of the Central District, there was the Admiral and his men waiting. There they signed the treaty in the White Palace,

"Wow, i can not believe your selling your country for just a sum of money?!"

"Yes i am indeed that desperate"

The two sides then signed the peace treaty, confirming the establishment of a Imperial protectorate in the Republic of Italica.

"There, expect the Imperial Army would arrive sooner. Until then, i expect you come to the Holy Emperor's coronation in Sienna soon"

"Wow isn't it too soon?"

"Well, it isn't just for propaganda. The Holy Emperor wanted to demoralize the enemy and raise morale in the Imperial Army before the Imperial Army deals with the problematic Royal Army in Lincliff"

"Ok very well, i might attend since i would like to visit the Palace though"

"Oh nice, the Reńe Palace is indeed wonderful. I went there once and the space is so spacious much spacious in this White Palace and the gardens are so magnificent. You could relax and forget the stress for a while. No wonder why the Kingdom of Summerwyn was one of the greatest powers in the continent before our glorious Holy Empire usurped that position."

"Ahh ok."

Hwarangskz Hwarangskz

Gonna release more tomorrow! Thank you for reading and the continued support in my novel! Thank you very much!

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