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Chapter 2: Unknown Place 2

With a color of black and brown, the giant cricket blended in with the surrounding hour time. The only thing making it visible was the moonlight and the contrast its colors came in with the lavish tall grass.

This scene left everyone with bated breath, as they heard the words leave the boy's mouth. The giant cricket also heard as it turned its head in his direction quickly. Time seemed to slow down for a second as the students stood still.

After a short pause with no noise, the giant cricket speedily left the spot with a great hop toward the sky. Strong winds blew out as if a high powered fan was facing them. Soon, a shadow descended over them before it too vanished, following the cricket at its back.

Watching the cricket stick to the tall grass, before using each blade of grass as a method to travel farther away, everyone let out a sigh of relief. "I think its safe to say; it's not safe here. Plus the destroyed school lacks food and water to take shelter. If any of you plan on turning back, out of fear, be my guess. I already decided I will find a human settlement before resting." Key Stroke made his thoughts known.

Of course, he didn't mention that in times like these, humans could eat the surrounding grass. And given the size, it should be able to produce a liquid to use as water substance if squeezed. If that type of information were known to the current group, they probably would rather wait for help to come.

While it might be wiser to use the damaged school as a shelter after checking its stability and taking the grass as food until they could understand their predicament more, it was also a dangerous mindset for the students. He didn't want them to develop a subconscious belief that there are free handouts.

Just seeing the grass and a bug, let him realize that humans couldn't possibly be in a good position. Or worse, only them, the students had shrunk to this size and would have to struggle. If everybody lost the courage to grab opportunities, only the strong-willed students would be left shouldering that burden.

Some might even decide to abandon the useless students. Therefore, it was best to take a risk, while keeping the state of their minds at the best possible state for adaptability. With the pressure of finding a true safe spot or die, nobody would be willing to lack off.

Then with this pressure being their first experience in this place, it would come natural, to be placed under this feeling. In time, everyone would gain a sign of courage to improve compared to if they were given a chance to relax their minds here and now.

Nobody voiced a complaint to the thought of marching on aimlessly. After all, nobody was thinking, rationally.

It would be even more strange if someone were thinking straight like Key Stroke. This action already showed the difference between them.

Not even Donn Kell voiced a disagreement. He did, however, glared viciously at Key Stroke. If he also understood the situation, he didn't let it be known. At this time, the delirious student had already come to his senses as well.

With a goal set, Key Stroke took the lead to head west in direction. This choice wasn't a random decision either. From what he knew of crickets in general, they would find human homes to live in; while trying to avoid them like the plague.

He didn't believe a cricket that size would be needing to live in human homes smaller than it, so the most ideal possible he could go with, was that it would take, avoidance route. The actions of the cricket leaving them unharmed despite their small size, also inforced this decision.

In truth, he was only 60% sure humans could be located to the west. After traveling a long distance, someone spoke up. "Hu...hur..hurry! W..we have t..to hurry! I don't want to run into another bug again! Especially a spider!" A frightened student exclaimed.

Hearing a spider be mentioned, caused most of the students to shudder. They were natural born predators. There was no chance a spider would treat them as kind as the cricket did. "Y..you idiot! Are you stupid?! Have you never watched a movie to see people get jinxed when saying that?! Let's leave this idiot!" The girl shouted.

Key Stroke froze for a moment, before turning back to look at the agitated girl. The last thing he wanted people to mention, was leaving people. It was different from the way he said it, earlier. His words gave the person a chance to decide, of their own will while forcing them to make the choice of sticking together.

Her words, on the other hand, was very hazardous and dangerous. It isolated the person and made them develop a mindset to please or despise the group because they might get push to the side. In this unknown place, it was the same as deciding to kill that person or making a slave.

He could only ease the tension. "It's too early to talk about dividing up. Instead, we should probably try cutting the grass stems to make tents and hide from possible bugs lurking around. Bugs are usually out more during the night, and we all lack night vision. In the morning, it will be better to continue the search." Key Stroke told them.

He had truly wanted to find a settlement first but the risk of continuing the search at night was too high. No matter how much the pressure could improve their mentality, proceeding was just seeking death.

After much effort, they managed to tear the grass stem. It took four people altogether. Two to hold the grass still and two to pull using all their might just to make a small tear, and 20 minutes to completely tear it entirely.

Not wanting to waste to much time and reduce the sleeping time significantly, they used the already upright grass to help make hammocks. One to sleep in, and another over the top to try and camouflage them as regular grass.

"Hey, Key Stroke! This grass is kinda wet feeling. Do you think water will come out?" the 17-year-old boy Steele Wake asked. The small group of students had long since forgotten that Key Stroke was among the youngest in the group.

Hearing the question, Key Stroke debated on whether he should make known of its food source. Steeling himself for the questions and accusations that might follow, he decided to tell them. If they wanted to be at their best, food and water was needed to help motivate and comfort them.

"Yeah! It not healthy but we can eat the grass for energy and drink the moisture inside to keep hydrated." He acknowledged. "Wait a minute! You mean to tell me you knew this all along?! Then why did we need to leave in the first place?! I can't believe we been, listening to the 'genius' here!" The before delirious boy raged.

A few of the others also gave questioning looks toward Key Stroke. His wild decision was going to get them all killed. Black Bourne, however, had a different opinion. "Shut up! I didn't see you offering advice or helping the situation."

The before delirious boy looked frustrated but didn't reply. It could be said; he had been making things worse at that time. At this time, Donn Kell walked forward with his hands in his pockets. "Are you done? Since you both are useless, you will take, first watch. Stroke, don't feel too glad about yourself. Because you are needed, I will kill you later." Saying so, Donn Kell climbed into the hammock.

He didn't have any plans to eat the grass.

Seeing the situation come to a fast end, Key Stroke also spoke up. "For now, we'll grab some grass to eat but don't eat too much. It won't sit well with the stomach otherwise." He warned. "Is it safe?" Someone asked. "Yeah. I saw the cricket take a small bite on the second grass stem it jumped on." Key Stroke spoke again.

This knowledge surprised the majority of the people. At that time, the frightfulness of the cricket had made them miss any minor details it was doing. And yet, Key Stroke was still able to notice such a small action. Did he not feel pressure?

Black Bourne shook his head at the astonishing ability his best friend had. It was worth becoming friends all those years ago. He couldn't even imagine being enemies.

WriterCVL WriterCVL

I know, the main theme will come soon enough. In the meantime, Powerstones! Powerstones! Lol. For those who don't know, this is a story in the current writing prompt contest this week. And don't forget to check out my novel Reaching God Body Talent.

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