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Chapter 1: New Assignment

The sound of gunshots echoes through the walls of the dark alley as a woman was seen holding onto a rifle that seemed too heavy for her stature. That woman sighed in exhaustion as the body before her stilled and fell in the heap.

"I told them not to run. But, no one ever listens to me." She shook her head in dismay as she grabbed the lighter strapped on her waist. She threw it on the bodies before her, setting it ablaze. Just as she was about to leave, her phone buzzed and her boss's name flashed through the screen.

"What is it now?" She grumbled as she answered the call.

"Good job, V. You're done for today. Make sure to arrive early tomorrow. There'll be a new client. This one is very important and quite loaded." The man chuckled greedily.

"Don't fail it. You can return, for now."

And with that, he ended the call immediately. She returned the phone to her pocket, already got used to his abrupt and brief calls, and cleaned her bloodied hand before dumping the rag in the fire.

She watched the fire burn brightly as she felt the warmth envelop her.

She knew she should probably get going before anybody sees her but she can't help but watch the flesh of the bodies burn under the fire and feel bad once again for the lives of the people that she killed.

She would probably burn in hell the same way as to how these bodies are burning.

She snorted at her thoughts.

"Well, at least they're lucky enough to leave this hell early."

She chuckled humorlessly as she began looking for possible traces of evidence she could destroy.

Then, she noticed a stray hand that wasn't in the pile and kicked it to the fire. It burnt into a pile of ashes as soon as it hit the flame which surprised the heck out of her. In fact, the action was so fast that she had to rub her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things.

"That was weird." She mused to herself.


She heard a small sound to her left and her body went on high alert.

*Clack* *Clack* *Clack*

It seems to be coming closer.

Fuck, she has to get out of here!

She internally screamed in panic and dashed out.

She was barely able to open her car door before a loud booming sound echoed throughout the block momentarily shocking her. She immediately started the car when the sound became clearer and nearer. Then, she stepped on the gas, hell-bent to get the airport immediately.

But despite being in a considerably far distance from that alley, she still could hear it. She tried to get the loud sound out of her head by shaking it vigorously but it seemed as though it was engraved into her mind.

Because the booming sound she heard was a man's angry and terrifying laugh of disbelief.

Victoria gasped for air as she steadied herself on her bed. She looked around her brightly-lit room trying to process what was happening.

'What was that?'

She rubbed her sweaty hands on her face as she breathed deeply.

'Was it a dream?'

Then, she noticed that her hands were trembling and her head had a piercing pain around it.

"No, no. I-i think it was yesterday. Yeah. Yesterday."

She steadied herself as she tried to breathe slowly. Thankfully, it eased a bit of her trembling.

"That laugh. I can't believe it's still stuck in my mind."

She huffed out as she slowly relaxed her stiff body. When she realized that she was no longer trembling, she got out of the bed and went to the windows to try and calm her mind.

"That was the closest I've gotten to being caught. I guess it became a trauma, huh."

Victoria stretched her arm out and made her fingertips glide across the cool surface of the glass. Then, she closed her eyes for a few seconds and allowed her forehead to come into contact with the glass. The coldness of the window somehow soothed a bit of her headache.

"I should've been warier. I shouldn't have stayed longer. But then again, sooner or later, I'll surely be found out. One of these days will be my end."

Then, she opened her eyes and the contrast between the view of the bright lights of skyscrapers and the night sky made her headache worse.

"Ugh, but I have to do this for the money. And for her."

She pried herself away from the window as she walked back towards her bed. Then, she recalled the note she received from her employers a few hours ago.

She went to the nightstand to pick it up while groaning in annoyance.

Last night was pretty rough. She still got some muscle cramps from all the kicking she did.

But no matter how much she complained, she knew that she still won't be able to escape these debts. After being with them for fifteen years, she found these employers of hers becoming more and more regular and always requesting her on a near-daily basis. Now, she has to drag her butt to go out every night to god knows where and do her assignment.

She grabbed the aspirin close to her phone and dropped it in the water. While waiting for it to dissolve, she checked the note in her hand.

In two claps, the light went out.

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She grabbed the flashlight just beside her lamp and she placed it under the note. They always write it with invisible ink so, after doing this for years, she knew what to do immediately. Because if they didn't use such ink, wouldn't it be strange if someone found a note in the trash saying that a person will be killed in a planned place and time?

After a few minutes, the letters seemed to appear slowly and she read aloud in her mind.


A new customer had arrived and is in dire need of your help. The customer had requested for his identity not to be known by you or anyone else so do not bother questioning us on that matter. A car has been prepared for you and all the information you need to know about the target is in the folder in one of the car's compartment. And, if it were to concern you, the bills in the hotel you're staying in will be answered by the customer. Stay hidden and be clean on it Vicky. After all, if you don't, it will only double your debt.'

She mentally cursed at that last statement.

It's always the same thing. The debt will be doubled, you will go to jail, we might come and kill you in your sleep, yadda, yadda, yadda... It simply meant that she must do it perfectly. And by perfect, it meant no evidence of her handiwork except a dead person.

She grabbed her outfit by the closet and wore it. It consisted of a black leather suit that clings to her like a second skin. It surrounds her wrists and collarbone and stops just above her ankle. She grabbed her usual black gloves and boots and tied her long jet black hair into a ponytail while putting on a pair of dark sunglasses to cover her very noticeable and freaky light amber eyes; the borderline of yellow and orange. She knew that her gun was there, all prepared and loaded, in the car so she just grabbed a coat that covered her whole body before going down to the hotel's basement parking lot.

When she arrived, she immediately looked for the most inconspicuous place she could find. A place where there wouldn't be any cameras pointing at it and not many cars were beside it. And when she found that perfect place hidden by a big column, she looked through the corners of her eyes and finally found the familiar-looking beaten up car.

She tried opening the car but the doors were locked making her curse out.

The fuck's wrong with them? Why couldn't have they just left it open?

Did they enjoy making things hard for her so much?

She looked around, and when she saw that no one was there, she bashed the window of the car before reaching out to open the lock.

And when she finally got inside the car, she saw that there was another thing missing.

Those bastards didn't even leave her a damn key.

So, she had no choice. She hotwired it.

She huffed and wiped her forehead filled with sweat as the car sprung to life. Then, she opened the compartment and found a familiar brown folder with a note on it.

"11:30-12:30." She read it aloud.

I guess this is the deadline.

Then, she snickered at her own joke.

Get it? Dead-line.

Because y'know, he's going to die...

She chuckled flatly as she grumbled.

"Ah, who am I kidding? There's no joke in this world that can lighten up this gruesome act."

With a frown, she grabbed the documents and examined each of them one by one.

Then, a picture caught her eye.

Hmm, he had pretty amber eyes which were two shades impossibly lighter than hers. It greatly contrasted his slightly tanned skin. He also had jet black hair that was between the border of long and short and in the picture, he had on a very great smirk that showed off his pearly whites and a dimple by his cheek.

One look at this guy and she already knew that he's arrogant, cocky and most likely, a player.

Ugh, just look at that face. And that smirk.

She soon found out that his name was Arius Victor, one of the heirs of the Victor's Corporation. That well-known company that started off as a hospital, then soon expanded to a wine business. Then it seemed to hit the jackpot market as it immediately flourished and soon had many branches worldwide.

Apparently, her target was going to be in a party that the Victors will hold and the client 'predicted' that he will most likely be in a secluded room with a woman. Her assignment was to find out the room he will stay in and shoot him at the right time where the woman wouldn't be able to witness it.

And from the demanding note written in the documents, it must be heavily precise despite the long distance and that he also mustn't notice her presence.

Reading the documents, Victoria couldn't help but sigh in annoyance.

Another complicated assignment.

Why can't they just assign her something easy?

Like shooting a criminal that's unconscious by a dark alley?

But she figured not to complain anymore and just drove off in silence.

Then, she realized something that made her mentally curse at herself.

Dang it. She forgot to drink her aspirin.

So_mi So_mi

This is my entry for the phenomenal contest thingy and this story's plot was actually written when I was 13 years old so I hope you guys can enjoy the 13 year old me :)

Also, please do check out my other books hehe ?

Thanks for reading <3

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