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Bullets by Dawn Bullets by Dawn original

Bullets by Dawn

Author: she_osprey

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Chapter 1: Betrayal



The drive home was dangerous, to say the least.

Alex was trying to focus on driving, but the woman next to him was irresistible, and for the first time in so long, he was a terrible driver of a beautiful Ferrari covered in roses and "missed you" posters, but did he care about that?

Absolutely not.

Lia, on the other hand, was not scared at all.

Sure, her boyfriend had become a terrible driver today, but she couldn't really blame him because it was all her fault, and she knew it. It had been so long since they had shared the same space, let alone the same air.

The one time they did was during the long winter, and it was a torturous experience for both of them. From that time, Alex had sworn that no matter what happened to them, Russia was never going to be part of their emergency destination, no matter how beautiful it was.

Alex had been away from Lia for so long that having her so close to him was messing with his head and body. His arousal was evident from the tightening khaki, and he had to adjust it more than once.

The pouty lips and beautiful eyes looking at him got him carelessly stealing kisses from the woman he had loved with everything he had.

The woman looked like she was on vacation from heaven.

The outfit she had on would turn even a blind man on, but Alexander was thankful the blind didn't see because he didn't want to add more people to the list of humans he would ruin for simply looking at what was his, his beautiful goddess.

Lia was a beautiful woman, and as always, Alex thought beautiful was an understatement. For him, she was the light in his life, the person who made everything make sense. She was the woman who had helped him in the worst of the worst.

She was the woman he would give up everything for, and he wouldn't even regret it. She had been nothing but supportive of him, even when they were in the middle of the chaos she knew nothing about. This woman was his support system, and he would be damned if he let her go.

Having decided to leave during the cold winter, Lia had warned him against putting himself in any danger.

She had told him to be careful because when the winter ended, they would have a lot to deal with, more than just a bunch of older adults who wanted to murder him and kiss him at the same time for loving their granddaughter.

Lia made him feel wanted; she made him feel like he was worth something even when he felt like shit. Sure, his twin would always ram in in his head that he was an important person, but Alex couldn't believe his sister even with his accomplishments, not even when his achievements could be found on every google page that had anything to do with his name.

Alexander Garner was an icon who didn't feel like one until Lia came into his life.

This woman taught him what self-love and self-worth were. She had made sure he understood that he was the best thing that happened to her, and with that, it was easier for Alex to understand that she loved him for who he was and not for his accomplishments.

She, however, didn't pass a chance to remind him he was an awesome boss and that he made everything in her world make sense.

Alexander was loved with a love we could only ever see in movies or books, but that was okay because he deserved it. He deserved her tender kisses, her care, and attention, and he deserved all the love he was getting because he had always treated her right.

He was loved, and there was nothing that could change that perception from him. For an overgrown man, he was easily fixed by a beautiful smile that belonged to the love of his life.

Stuck in traffic, Lia took the chance to study the man she had loved from the time she set eyes on him. His hair was shorter than she remembered; maybe he really did take nick seriously when he had told him his locks looked like a bushman's residence.

He still had short locks, but they were brown, a perfect mix with his skin tone.

His beautiful black eyes were mesmerizing and so easy to get lost in, not to mention his side bangs and beards. He was a beautiful man with beautiful soft lips that kept calling onto Lia to have a taste, just a little taste, but he was driving, and she was sure they would crash if she acted on her emotions.

She would wait; if anything, patience was something they were both yet to learn.

Alexander had grown wider, and maybe he had been working out during his free time because he looked like a sex god; alright, he was a sex god; he just looked like everything Lia loved eating and being with, which was not even a lie.

Alexander was a sight.

His tight shirt made it even harder for her to resist, especially with how it hugged him so tightly. If he had wanted to show the world he was working out, he had succeeded without even trying, and if he was done to make Lia come undone more times than one, then he had more than succeeded in that too.

How was it possible for a man to be so beautiful?

Surely there would be an explanation because he looked like he was hand-crafted by the creator, and Lia was just happy she was his only choice, and she would stay there for as long as the universe allowed her to be.

She loved this man.

She loved the way his smile lit up her world within seconds, his beautiful deep laugh that always came out as a growl; she loved the way his whispers seemed to be shocking her insides because each time he whispered something in her ears, her ovaries would make the freedom dance.

He made her feel a lot of things that she only ever thought of.

He was hers, just like she was his.

The person who said absence makes the heart grow fonder must have known Alexander and AmeLia would someday part and reunite because right now, it was a battle of self-control and it took everything in both of them to fight the urge to devour each other on the road.

Given that it was evening, traffic was slowly growing, which made it harder for both of them. If anyone could have had a peak into their thoughts, then sex craved would be an understatement of what they were all experiencing at the moment.

Anyone could tell the night would be a long one, and it truly was.


The morning that followed was an uncertain one for the world beyond the beautiful couple that didn't seem to care about anything other than themselves.

Alex and Lia had been too caught up in their bubble that they had almost forgotten about the press conference, or even to reach out to their siblings. They had missed each other so much, but they needed to reclaim a connection with a world outside the mansion at 430 diamond street.

Seeing their siblings on the news was not something the James and Garners were accustomed to, not when the duo had been presumed dead for over two years. how had they even managed to play dead for that long? and where were they even hiding all that time?

Initially, they were supposed to come back in phases, well that's what the James siblings had had in plan for their sister. But as they say, the craziest things the world has ever seen were done in the name of love.

The world was literally in chaos after the resurrection of Amelia and Alexander.

Everyone wanted to know what had happened. Everyone wanted to know where they had ben, why they hadn't shown up for two years. Everyone had questions and for several months, this would be the topic.

The explosion that had happened those years ago once again hit the headlines with experts trying to figure out how they survived when there were bombs strapped on them. everyone was trying to make sense of the longest night they had ever had.

the pain that had been associated with the loss, the emotional torture, Lexi's breakdown, Ryan's loss just months later. it seemed as if they came from a cursed household, but that was just what the world saw.

The cameras at the Garner clubhouse had recorded everything that happened, up until the moment everything blew up and Alexandra Garner was left with nothing to give her any hopes of seeing her baby brother again.

They were all over the news and they knew this was bound. They knew there would be consequences to them coming back, but they still needed each other. The world could take a pause and leave them be even for the morning before they went out to answer the questions by the media.

Holding onto each other like life was never certain, the duo stayed in each other's arms, staring at each other as the morning rays peeked through the royal curtains. The room was littered with clothing and evidently, they were in their birth suits, but that didn't matter.

In that moment, they were just two hearts brought together by fate and bound by love. They were a people the universe had cared enough to bring together but without caring of the chaos that would follow them their whole lives.

The hours before twelve were busy for the duo, and no, they were not preparing for the press conference they couldn't give two shits about. They were busy loving each other, expressing themselves in ways only they knew how.

The battle between lips, bodies clashing against each other in passion, the sheets were long gone because they were alone in this huge room. It was an explorative time for their tongues, fingers, and organs if the orgasmic reactions were anything to go by.

However sweet their moments were, the battle against time was one they would never win.

At half-past eleven, they knew they couldn't hide away forever. It was their turn to face the world that had betrayed them more times than once. It was time they publicly acknowledged they were not dead because their teams were going crazy.

Lia and her gang had already met and she had made everything clear to them and the plan of action. Their plans would continue as planned and Damien would still take on the role of jay. Nick was not going anywhere just like the James siblings weren't going anywhere.

However, that didn't mean Damien hadn't tracked Lia's phone and known where they were.

It didn't mean carl hadn't already loaded his handgun and ensured the silencer was activated just in case Alexander didn't want to return their sister.

It didn't mean Nick wasn't rehearsing his boxing skills in the gym for when he met Alexander and kicked his ass for kissing his boss on national television.

Whoever said the James sisters were deadly hadn't really met the brothers.

The sisters on the other hand were busy on social media trending the return of the power couple hashtag. For anyone, it could have been a nice and beautiful one, if the warnings they were sending Alex through the tags weren't so lethal.

It was official, the James siblings and young Orlov were psychos, and there was no determining who was ho. Nick had already set up bots to allow the hashtags trend. They all wanted the message to be heard loud and clear.

No one was going to mess with their baby sister and live to see the day. They were working from the shadows but the world had already seen their message. While they were busy sending Alex threats, the world was trending the same hashtag, but with beautiful wishes of a long love life for the duo.

The message was clear.

There were people who cared for the duo.

she_osprey she_osprey

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

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