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4.94% Burning Passion / Chapter 18: Story of Nikki Lindsey

Story of Nikki Lindsey - Burning Passion - Chapter 18 by Elise_Elleneth full book limited free

Chapter 18: Story of Nikki Lindsey


That night, Nikki tried to contact all of her relatives and friends. Once again, she failed to1 find a blood donor or someone she could pay as returned.

She was sitting on the 8th-floor exit staircase: calling and asking anyone saved in her Contact lists. But no one could point out to someone with the same blood type as her mother.

Her mother's case is no ordinary. 

If only she could give hers, but hers is Rh A positive blood type. If they force another blood type to transfuse to her mother, it might lead to complications and a reason for her death. They must be careful at all times.

Nikki presses her back on the cemented wall. The phone she placed on the floor has vibrated.  Head resting on her knees, she wanted to cry once again.

She opened it in, hoping it was the answer to her prayers.

"How are you?"

Says the message, and it is from the Anonymous number. She hurls a frustrated sigh. She wanted to ignore it, but she responded this time.


She yells over a text. However, it replies to her instantly.

"You need me."

"I don't! So leave the fucking out of my life!"

No! Nikki freaks out. She plans to redo the text, but she presses the send button instead. Her exhaustion causes her mentality to sway.

Her reply is irrelevant. They just exchanged text messages and did not fight as lovers to send a phrase like that in her text. 

Darn. Could she even delete it so that the person would not read it anymore?

She was getting annoyed. The guy only sent her an emoji with hearty eyes. Now a response arrives.

What the f*ck! She cusses, and so, she presses a devil emoji on her keyboard as a response.

"I have just arrived in your life, so I can't grant your wish to leave you out that quick."

The text says that made her jaw dropped to her breast.

"What the heck? You're out of your mind! I have no time to waste it for you. So look someone else to fool around!"

She prayed that this person would stop upsetting her. She already has things to worry about, and this person is just bothering her. She'll be going to lose her head thinking how to save her mother, and dealing with a stalker is great exhaustion.

"But you need me."

"I don't need anyone, especially the like of you!"

"How could you say that?"

"You're out of your mind is the truth!"

"You shouldn't judge me quickly."

"Why not? If you have a backbone, show yourself and not stalking someone!"

"I did not stalk you around."

"Oh, yeah?"

"It's the truth."

"Whatever. Could you stop pestering me?! I have more important things to care about than wasting my time on you!"

She wants to limit the words on her texts, but she actually sent a long sentence. Now, the response takes a long time. Did she anticipate a reply from him? This is crazy, and so she needs to breathe some fresh air.

Unconsciously, her feet led her to the rooftop of this hospice. It was late when she realized.

Shee knows they prohibited her from coming to this floor, as it was the only reserve for the Class A patients like those wealthy staying on the 9th and 10th floor.

But the place is too beautiful… with soft lights decorating the entire place: around the plants and the palm trees, it gives her a romantic atmosphere. It fascinates her to stroll around and walk closer to the rooftop side to have a clear glimpse of the city from there. From afar, those lights dazzling her eyes. Also, it soothes her inner body and calming her senses of having this kind of scenery.


She made a turn that wavers her posture. In an instant, her chest-thumping hard, as her heart flutter hearing this voice.

"Theo? What are—" she wants to ask him what he's doing here but remembering his family holds large assets of this hospital, she has no right to question him anything…

"I mean, it is late at night. You were still here?"

"Hum, yeah. It was Jeremy's therapy today so, he has to rest for two days."

Jeremy? It intrigued her who is he. Could it be that his family? A father? A sibling? A son?

No. It must be impossible. It looks like; he's not married yet but had a girlfriend.


Theo brought back her senses from overthinking. Shit! Her mind was flying elsewhere.

"Um, did you say something?"

"I asked, why are you here? Um, it's not that I am impolite, but they arranged a policy of limited people to come here. Though, you probably aware of this already."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I came here unconsciously! I was out of my mind, really. I did not mean to come without permission. Anyway, I am about to leave. So I will go now—"

"Whoa! Don't be in a rush. I won't chase you to go away. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone."

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Theo showed his dimples. Limiting his face from smiling made him look like the boss of a Chinese Mafia. But his green eyes, we're too intimidating. Did she wonder if how many women went stripping their clothes off in front of him?

What are you thinking, Nikki Lindsey!? Are you out of your mind? She shook her head, then scolded herself.

Nikki presses a nervous smile. "Yeah. I just wanted to breathe for fresh air, but I realized my feet take me here."

"Hm... did something happen?"

"Um..." she glances at Theo, scrutinizing him if she could open up. Although she has known him for a while now, and he is a friend of the people she trusts, maybe not be so bad to talk to him about her issues. She doesn't want to share anything with a stranger...

"It was my mother," Nikki began. "Right after I get off from work, Mama has to send to the ICU. She had a severe seizure today, and she needed to do surgery."

"Oh, are there any complications if she will undergo surgery?" he asked curiously.

"No, and yes. No, she needed the surgery as soon as possible. Yes, it will be a huge risk without a blood transfusion, and so, Doctor Ben is patiently waiting for the blood. It will go waste their effort to save mama if she dies from running out of blood during the surgery."

She hurls a long sigh. Nikki glanced at Theo and caught him staring closely at her, listening to what she was sharing. She forces a sad smile.

"There, thanks for listening. It lifted a little weight on my chest, and this place truly calms me. So, I will return now, down to the 8th floor."

She told Theo but hears no response from him, so Nikki turns around to head to the door.



She turned around immediately. But Theo seems hesitant to open his mouth and say more than one word.

"Um... never mind. Well, I hope you'll find someone who could give you the blood you needed."

"Yeah… praying," she said with a sadness in her voice. She then resumes walking toward the door when Theo speaks once more.

"Good night, Nik…."

She glances at Theo, then nods. "Good night, Theo."

Once, the door swallowed her. She runs the stairs.

Elise_Elleneth Elise_Elleneth

Hello everyone! Did only one chap today. Been out for important matters and it exhausts me.

Stay home, and stay healthy! Thanks for reading! ❤❤❤

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