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9.37% Burning Passion / Chapter 35: Story of Nikki Lindsey

Story of Nikki Lindsey - Burning Passion - Chapter 35 by Elise_Elleneth full book limited free

Chapter 35: Story of Nikki Lindsey


Even though this is my second time coming here, my heart is quite nervous. I fill my chest with air then release them furiously.

As I pushed the door to open, I gradually made my way to the aisle and halted in the living room. Wandering my gaze to the entire place, I noticed there was an addition in the furniture. Also, there is more greenish in the room. As usual, this top floor made me breathless.

Tonight, the sky is full of that glowing ball scattered in heaven. Beneath or above, shining lights gleaming afar.

I lean on the floor-ceiling window while my eyes wander throughout the city before my sights. I wonder if Miss Erika does the interior design and also changes them every time. Is she just an assistant? Or she has a special place in his boss's life?

She was still treating me with formality, holding me to ask something.

I am worried in some way. If she is one of the boss' women, is she unable to protest if his boss kept me as the mother of his child? Or was I overthinking to distract myself?

I have a worried sigh. I then placed my purse on the long couch and took out my phone.

The last time, we mostly had typical but forceful intercourse that drains me. He did tie me up, but his touch is gentle. 

And tonight, I wasn't sure what play he prepared, or he will give me a role as something like? I was contemplating this when my phone received a message. It was his instructions.

I went upstairs and took a shower. Wearing a silk peach lingerie placed on the bed, I stepped out of the bedroom and made slow steps back to the living room. 

He instructed me to stand in front of this floor-ceiling window. I gazed out at the entire city before I fastened the blindfold.

Slightly, my body quivering in apprehension. My heart was beating loudly, so I calmed myself.

I waited for another couple of minutes until a warm palm rested on my waistline. I jolt but quickly reminds myself that it was him. He did not move in the next minute after pulling me close, and I rested on his broad chest.

As our body was close like this, somehow, I could feel his loneliness. It left me wondering why he feels this way?

If he is a successful businessman, he must have countless women to play with, who will do wild things which are more skillful than me. Perhaps, he wants to try a new thrill. Pondering about this, I remembered Theo's phrase one time that I didn't want to put another means.

Skills and Endurance.

Damn. Why do I think about him and his words? I should pay attention to the man I was with now and not somebody else.

Honestly, all I have is endurance. I don't know about these skills. I did just follow and try to imitate his intense desire. I froze most of the time, but he has his way of making me arouse and excited.

Sighing, I hold my breath as his warm body slowly enthralls mine. He must feel I was calmer now as my body stopped having tensions.

I bite my lower lip. His palms now began pressing my muscles. Using his thumbs, he made a circular motion that left a relaxing sensation in my nerves. His fingers are moving up to my sides. Repeatedly caressing my back with his thumbs, his other fingers could touch my bosom, and carefully, he did rub them. And I heave a sigh.

All of his fingers rub my two mounds over my lingerie. He left one, but his hand wandered down to my flat belly. With his other hand, he held my chin and lifted it. His fevered mouth covering mine and kisses me hungrily. 

I reached for his shoulder to hold onto something as my knees weakened; I couldn't stand on my feet.

He clutches his arm around my waist to support my body. My neck stiffens, and I have to tiptoe my feet to match his height. I guess he was as tall as Theo and-- Shit! 

I did think about him again. But he will pop up in my head out of nowhere. It feels frustrating on the inside, but...

I sighed between his feverish kisses. It made me thirsty.

Then I felt that I floated from the floor, and my back felt soft leather. He brought me to one of the settees.

I wanted to protest when he left my mouth, but his kisses moved down my neck, my collarbone, and I was anxious that he might leave a mark on that part once again. But I sensed his tongue tracing the healed bruise, and I cried.

Promptly, I draw my arm toward my mouth to cover them. As light kisses left on my shoulder blade, I just realized that one of my nipples was now taunted by his teeth. All the nerves on my body stirred, driving me to grind underneath him.

I heard him groan when one of my knees accidentally hit his hardness.

This time, he was way more aggressive in teasing my bare breasts and lap them out until they satisfied him. Pulling up the lingerie above my head, I was in a daze. The more he traveled down my body, the more my breaths got rougher, and I needed to take a long sigh.

I was more fixated on my breathing. I did not notice where his mouth now landed. I jerked and cried when his tongue hit that spot of my secret bliss. The last time, I almost kicked him. But now that I was drowning from pleasure, he successfully invaded this part of my body.

He pushes my legs upright forward for him to have a better posture down on me. I struggled to draw my legs closed, as he would even tighten his grip and never let me move them. Thrusting, using his tongue, it sends trouble in my breathing. I jerked, arching my body; I wanted to stretch my legs after that intense approach caused by my secret bliss.

Upon chasing my breath as my cheeks burn. It embarrassed me at the same bliss from my pre-climax. I noticed he left the round settee. I waited a few seconds before he joined me again. His hand wandered both my legs, planting soft kisses to my knees, down to my thighs; he then spread them apart once again, and I felt his burning hardness make his way to my soul.

"Umm…" I pressed my mouth as he made a gradual thrust. His moves are steady and have an assurance of delight every time he pulls it out, then fills me again.

He then pulled my body uptight to sit on his lap. He carried me; I wonder where he will take me. I have then felt a frozen wall on my back.

'Did he pinning me against his floor-ceiling glass window?'

It is what I could sense, but then I care less when his thrust is rushing inside.

I recall the beautiful view down below and the night sky full of stars along with our naked body slamming this floor-ceiling window; anxiety at the same anticipation excites me.

I can't believe this… if he plans to test the durability of his high floor-ceiling window. He should ask me to bring a sledgehammer so that my poor body would be spared. Now he is pushing me hard while he makes his way constantly.

I tightly held him by the neck while I also clutched my legs around his waist. I am afraid that this glass window would break, and we would fall below. Has he realized he was living on the 60th floor?

How shameful to be in the headline: two naked bodies fell from the building. The window shattered while doing such an activity.

Having this thought in my mind, I giggled. Too late for me to cover my mouth as he stops pounding me inside.

What am I going to do now? Do I have to explain why I giggle? Jeez… what do I think when we are in intense exercise? This head of mine causes me trouble now.

Later on, I felt his hands holding tightly on both of my legs while my back stayed on the window. He lowered his hip then let go of my right leg, but he fixed my position. He held my waist, and I was sitting on top of his hardness.

I jolted when I felt his palm touching my neck. Is he punishing me?

But I sigh in relief when his hand moves behind and clutches my nape. I feel his mouth eating mine until I can't breathe. So aggressive, yet loving. His tongue was roaming inside of mine, and I was tickled, tempted to dance with him.

I whimper when his kisses rush down my neck and leave tiny bites on both of my shoulder blades. I chased my breaths when he began thrusting again. And with every pressure, he will grind his hips that left a shattering sensation throughout my body before he pulls it out to move it back forcibly.

He is not pushing me to the window this time, but I press my back into it.

"Uhnn…" I sigh. His teeth are playing with one of my chests, taunting both fiercely.

He drew my body away from the window and carried me back to the round settee of his living room. I could feel the side of the sofa in my bottom. He places my legs on his shoulder and pushes my hip deeper. I held on to the settee to control my body from rocking every thrust he did.

He is breathing heavily, so I guess he's at the height of his pleasure. His pace is getting fiercer and steady, which means he focuses on climaxing for the first round. And later on, I did feel his release now streaming from my insides.

And he has no plan to take a moment of rest. He fastened my right leg around his hip but remained my left ankle into his shoulder. He's moving in this position. All I make is cry and whimper with every long and hard thrust he gives me.

I lay on my side to hold the rim of the settee to get more support. Still, I want to suppress my cry. So I bury my face to prevent my body from rocking too much.

His light kisses landed on my head, my back, shoulder, neck, while his palm rubbed my bare back leaving a burning sensation in my body. I gasped, gritted my teeth when his hand grabbed my breast, and I felt a sharp pain while biting one after another.

He left it sore and then shoved his face on my left leg, breathing on it. He probably builds up another climax.

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"Uhnn…" I arched my body and cried. His teeth are buried in my leg, but then his tongue is tracing them.

He's crazy. But I was crazy to enjoy the pleasure of it. He was leading me to discover more of my body, and my sensuality buried deep.

I always have this fear, but he could ignite my hidden wantonness sealed inside my body with him.

But what I am ashamed of the most, I could think of Theo holding me. I began having contempt for myself for wishing that it was him. 

Elise_Elleneth Elise_Elleneth

Hello! Sorry for the long wait! I try hard to put them up understandable and hoping was in the right construction. Pardon for my poor English.. But it excites me to learn a lot on my journey to write more. (blush)

Hope you like it! Good night and good morning! ❤❤❤

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