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61.66% Calamity of Tomorrow / Chapter 37: Caution

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Chapter 37: Caution

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"It should be safe inside Tao academy, right?"

Zhou Bai frowned, but after experiencing the series of events that occurred after he came to this world, he was cautious. He carefully walked into the room.

Inside the room, he saw a white furball on the floor. It was Christina.

Zhou Bai immediately unleashed his primordial spirit power, searching through the entire room.

After finding there no one in hiding, he lifted Christina. He rubbed her head and asked, "Christina? What happened here? Why are you on the floor?"

The M-shaped gray pattern on Christina's forehead furrowed as she slowly came to.

She stared at Zhou Bai with wide eyes and asked in confusion, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Don't you remember falling asleep? The door was open when I came back."

Christina froze for a moment, trying to recall what had happened. "I remember I was practicing a basic breathing method and strengthening my primordial spirit power, and then…"

She stared ahead. "I drifted off to sleep?"

Zhou Bai walked to his desk. He held up a scrap of paper from the desk and said, "Seems like someone did come in."

He saw two large words on the paper written in red.

"Watch out."

"Watch out?" Zhou Bai was perplexed. "Watch out for whom? Watch out for what? I've only been here for a day. I don't think I offended anyone."

Christina's head popped up on Zhou Bai's shoulder. Reading the words on the paper, she scoffed, "Hmph, they even knocked me out when they came in. How annoying. I have to get stronger! Zhou Bai! Hurry up and find me a more advanced breathing method. I'm going to raise my primordial spirit power to ninety-nine! I'm going to open the Divine Map!"

Zhou Bai stroked his chin. He picked up the scrap of paper and tossed it into the trash bin on the side.

There was no way to track who left it. He could only wait and see.

"The most urgent task at hand is to increase my level of practice."

Within a couple of weeks, Zhou Bai already had experienced countless dangers. He felt a heavy burden on his shoulders every second.

And now that he looked at it, Tao academy wasn't as safe as he imagined.

"There's no use in worrying," Zhou Bai said to Christina. "I'll just continue practicing. As long as I'm strong enough, I can be active rather than passive when I encounter dangers."

At this thought, a hint of determination flashed in Zhou Bai's eyes. He lay down on the couch and said to Christina, "Tina, mop the floor for me."

Christina's ears twitched, and she said unhappily, "I don't have time. Don't interrupt my practice."

"Don't you want a breathing method?" Zhou Bai said. "Do some more chores for me tonight, so I can increase my Laziness, and I'll get you a breathing method tomorrow. How's that?"

Christina swayed her tail. Although she didn't want to do chores, her current method of breathing Spark and increasing primordial spirit power was not very effective. If she had a better breathing method, her efficiency might improve by five to ten times.

At this thought, Christina stood up with a helpless expression. "How annoying. I knew you would have to depend on me for everything."

So Zhou Bai lay on the couch and ordered Christina to do the chores. She cleaned everything there was to clean in the room.

Laziness +1

Laziness +1

Laziness +1

They kept going until midnight. When there was absolutely nothing left to do, Christina curled up into a ball and went off to practice her primordial spirit value.

Watching Christina, whose body rose and fell as she breathed, Zhou Bai thought to himself on the couch, This cat is really hardworking. I can't slack off either.

Zhou Bai continued lying on the couch. After midnight, a new day came. He quickly gained the 200 points from lying down on the new day.

Degree of Taoification: 0%

Primordial Spirit Value: 99

Divine Map: Deva Nine Disasters

Laziness: 660

After checking his Laziness, Zhou Bai looked at the next star point on the Taiyi Disc.

Fragmentary-Foundation: Improve the body's adaptability to Spark. Being in contact with Spark can increase the body's speed of recovery, slightly increases strength and explosive power.

Method of Practice: (Zhou Bai skipped over this)

Laziness (0/600)

"Awesome! It's enough." Zhou Bai smiled when he saw this and immediately injected 600 Laziness points into it.

Boom! A loud blast came from his body. All the flesh on Zhou Bai's body began quivering rapidly.

Zhou Bai felt his body continuously crushed, then reconstructed. Almost every second he was being rapidly forged, becoming stronger in a certain direction.

Every tissue of muscle, every nerve behaved as if time were sped up. They became stronger and more resilient at a visible rate.

A full 20 minutes later, the abnormalities on Zhou Bai's body slowly ceased. He fell to the floor on his knees, gasping for breath.

"I'm so tired." Zhou Bai stood up slowly. Although he instantaneously finished the practice of the second star point by injecting Laziness, this accelerated method of practice massively depleted his physical and mental strength. It only exhausted him afterward rather than filling him with energy.

After a short break, Zhou Bai felt his physical strength recover.

He tried moving his body. He jumped a bit and made a few punches.

"I feel like my strength didn't increase by that much, but this star point was mainly to increase the speed at which the body heals…which probably includes the recovery of strength and injuries."

Zhou Bai thought for a bit, and he swung his fist. His clothes hit the air and made a loud crack.

He continued making punches. In the loud cracking, Zhou Bai's punches got faster and faster. You could see only shadows of his fist. Only after several hundred punches did his arms get sore and his breath short.

Then, Zhou Bai walked while violently inhaling and exhaling.

Christina's fur was blown up by his exhales. His vital capacity had increased by a lot too.

After taking a few steps, Zhou Bai felt his strength recover by half. He couldn't help exclaiming, "It's gotten easier to recover my strength. I was so tired just a moment ago."

After experiencing the benefit of becoming stronger, Zhou Bai immediately looked to the next star point.

Fragmentary-Skin: Changes nature of skin and flesh, increases surface ability to withstand attacks.

Method of Practice: (Zhou Bai skipped over this)

Laziness (0/1,200)

Seeing it demanded 1,200 points of Laziness, Zhou Bai frowned. "It's requiring more and more Laziness. And from three hundred to six hundred to twelve hundred points, it's multiplying."

Zhou Bai looked at the interface of his auxiliary system. There were only 60 points of Laziness remaining. It wasn't enough to practice at all.

Just lying around and depending on Christina is still too ineffective, he thought. I have to find a way to get Laziness faster.

As he thought this, Zhou Bai felt his stomach churn, and he felt pangs of hunger.

I'm so hungry, I'm so hungry…Zhou Bai thought for a while. I think the Tao academy cafeteria is open 24/7 to meet practitioners' needs.

He glanced at Christina, who was practicing, and Elsa, who stared at him from the floor.

Zhou Bai said, "I'm going to take a walk. You guys sleep if you're tired."

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