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Chapter 11: Doomsday

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The moment Zhou Bai and Alice charged out the door, dazzling starlight scattered down on them, Zhou Bai and Alice both showed expressions of awe. 

When they looked at the surrounding scenery, their eyes lit up with joy. 

What appeared before them was a boundless starry sky and a green field beneath it. 

"This doesn't look like Doomsday at all." Zhou Bai's heart thumped, he recalled the rescue team he heard on the radio previously. He carried Alice and continued running outside. 

"Is this the sky?" Alice looked up at the sky in awe, seeming rather intoxicated by the sight. 

But after running for only 200 meters, Zhou Bai felt a dull pain in his brain. His primordial spirit power retracted into his cognitive sea like tides, making both him and Alice fall to the ground. 

"What's wrong?" Zhou Bai wanted to start his primordial spirit power again but felt stabbing pains in his brain. It was as if his primordial spirit power was exhausted and couldn't sprawl out no matter what. 

After falling on the floor, Alice wanted to get up but felt her body go weak. She fell to the ground again. 

Alice's face was pale, and she put a hand on her chest feebly, " chest hurts so much. Zhou Bai, what's going on? What happened?"

Zhou Bai's expression changed. He instinctively touched his own chest and found the same painful sensation. However, it seemed to be less severe than Alice's. 

"I told you. Doomsday has descended on Earth. The environment outside the base is no longer suitable for human inhabitation."

Hearing the man's voice, Zhou Bai looked up. He saw Professor Zhuang, who was clad in a black combat suit, walk over slowly. He sighed as he looked at the two of them, "Currently, Earth is basically Doomsday for humans. All the Spark in the world has been completely polluted. You can stay outside for half an hour at most before you die."

"Come back with me, only the protective measures of the base can prevent your bodies from being invaded by polluted Spark."

Zhou Bai held his chest in shock, looking at Alice, who was on the ground. She looked like she was getting weaker and weaker, her eyes losing focus. He asked, "Why did this happen?"

Professor Zhuang sighed, controlling his primordial spirit power to lift Zhou Bai and Alice. He took the two and slowly walked towards the entrance of the base. 

Zhou Bai was brought back without any ability to resist. He was still reflecting on the entire situation rapidly. 

'The chest pain in the's like what we're experiencing it because he went outside the base?'

'But Bando…'

Zhou Bai still had many things he didn't understand. He asked Professor Zhuang, "Bando...did he come outside too?"

Professor Zhuang glanced at Zhou Bai in surprise, "You're very sharp. After Bando stole the electronic card, he was afraid it really was dangerous outside, so he decided to go out alone first. If it was safe, he would return and bring Alice outside."

As he said this, Professor Zhuang couldn't help sighing, "I'm currently in a critical period of my research, and I couldn't discover Bando's actions in time. When I found him outside, he had already been outside for an hour. I tried everything, but I couldn't heal him."

Zhou Bai asked, "Can Alice still be saved?"

Professor Zhuang: "You only stayed outside for a short period of time. You'll be fine."

Zhou Bai: "Why did you let us out? With your power, you probably could have stopped us."

Professor Zhuang: "Since you already have primordial spirit power, then you have the right to look at the situation outside with your own eyes. Otherwise, with your primordial spirit power, you'll still think about going outside and going against me. That's troublesome too. I can't watch you every second of the day."

The white cat spoke in Zhou Bai's brain, "So he's a good person after all. You've wronged him. If he didn't save you, you might be dead by now."

Zhou Bai: "Who was the one who told me to run before?"

White cat: "I'm just a cat! As a human, you listen to a cat for directions? Isn't that embarrassing?"

Zhou Bai: "You have the nerve to say that? Where is this? Why am I here? What is with all of this?"

White cat said quietly, "I don't know...I've lost my memory. All I remember is that I was here when I woke up."

Zhou Bai said angrily, "Lost your memory? Didn't you say if I rescued you, you'd let me know everything that happened?"

White cat: "I was lying to you. Otherwise, you wouldn't come save me so quickly."

Zhou Bai: "You d*mn cat!!"

The conversation between man and cat happened in Zhou Bai's mind. The people around them couldn't hear it at all. 

Professor Zhuang used primordial spirit power to carry the two of them into the door of the underground base. Noticing Zhou Bai's agitation, he said, "Rest assured, you were only outside for a few minutes. You'll recover after a little rest. Especially someone like you, whose primordial spirit power has awakened, you have better immunity."

Zhou Bai suddenly remembered something. He inquired, "You discovered us in the cafeteria? You let us in intentionally?"

Professor Zhuang paused his steps, and he asked, "What cafeteria?"

Zhou Bai immediately told Professor Zhuang about his neck being seized in the cafeteria. 

A hint of unease flashed across Professor Zhuang's face, "It wasn't me, I've been in the underground laboratory all day…."

"Huh?" Zhou Bai was perplexed, "Then who is it?"

Professor Zhuang didn't speak, but his expression became grave. After walking Zhou Bai and Alice back to their rooms, he left in a hurry. 

As Professor Zhuang and Zhou Bai returned to the base, a black wind blew across the sky above the door of the base. It hovered for a while, then vanished. 

Zhou Bai returned to his room, remembering everything that happened today. It felt like his brain was boiling like a kettle, and it couldn't cool down at all. 

" annoying…."

He heard the sound of snoring. Zhou Bai turned to look and saw Elsa curled up in a ball on her bed, soundly asleep. 

"How great to be carefree."

"Oh, right."

Zhou Bai looked at his auxiliary system again, asking with anticipation, "D*mn cat, can I use this auxiliary system now?"

"Don't call me that. I have a name. Call me Christina, the cutest and most important cat...bah...girl in the world!"

Christina stayed in Zhou Bai's mind, and she looked very displeased. 

She doesn't remember much about her past. All she remembers is that the moment she woke up, she got into contact with Zhou Bai, and the only thing she remembered she has to do is to hand the auxiliary system and gem to Zhou Bai, the chosen one. 

Christina: "Let me out first! Your brain is full of filthy things, and I'm grossed out."

Zhou Bai's face flushed red. With a shift of his will, he saw a puff of white mist come out of his forehead, slowly taking on the shape of a white cat. 

Christina looked at her own body curiously, exclaiming, "Haha, I'm out!"

Zhou Bai controlled his will and saw the white cat turn into the white fog again and return into his forehead. Then he controlled his will again, and she came out again. 

After trying this a couple of times, watching Christina go in and out of his forehead, Zhou Bai understood the process. He can control the white cat's return and release it at will. 

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