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0.86% Can I Have Simple Daily Life? Maybe Next Time (fanfic konosuba) / Chapter 1: reborn again like a hobby (edited)

Chapter 1: reborn again like a hobby (edited)

Morning, the sun rays gently rained down on earth, illuminating the land and marking the beginning of spring.

With the flowers beginning to flourish, everything signified the beginning of a great day for most people.

The gentle and comfortable atmosphere, slowly warming the Satou family residence.

"Brother! Wake up. It's already afternoon. Are you skipping again? This is already the fourth time you didn't go to school on Saturday, right? The teacher will complain to me, you know?"

"Hai hai, I understand Gin. You can go first, I'll catch up later. Hehe."

"Fine, since this is what you want brother Kazuma, I'll be leaving then. if mom and dad find out you'll get in trouble, don't say I didn't warn you. See you later." Gin warned Kazuma as he walked down the stairs.

The moment Gin walked out the door he started to slowly make his way to school.

"Hoo, morning Gin, lively as always. is your brother being lazy again?" The neighbor's grandmother greeted him casually while watering plants in her yard.

"Ahaha, brother Kazuma is still busy in the bathroom, maybe he's just getting ready and will join me at school later? Although he'll be late… by the way, Grandma doesn't forget to take your medicine right after lunch, okay? I'll see you soon, bye." Gin warmly smiled as he ran off to school.

A short, black-haired young teen, 14 years old, with a modest, but gentle face. Who had a quite athletic and muscular toned body for someone his age, which was occasionally seen through his clothes as he ran down the streets, that is Satou Gin. Who after dying, came to this world, but it's not the usual fantasy world one reincarnates, but a rather ordinary world like his last one.

But all he had to say about this was:

"It's okay for me." Gin though, because in this life he has a complete family. In his last one, he was an orphan, who could only depend on himself.

When he first entered this world, he thought he gained a cheat or a system. But after all that is impossible to actually happen, he's just grateful for the gift of a peaceful life, like other children.

"Haa, I hope so." Gin whispered, remembering a certain incident where he first meets his older brother. Satou Kazuma, the main character from Konosuba. The first time after meeting him he denied the connection. Instead of getting a peaceful life he became Kazuma's younger brother.

{I hope he doesn't bother me too much.} He just decided to not think too much about it and enjoy his life.

- - -

After school, Gin casually walked home after practicing at the kendo club, when he saw his sibling Kazuma wearing a green sport suit walking with a package from the local game shop.

"Hoo, so brother Kazuma really didn't go to school today. Does he not think about his future? Currently, he truly walks the path to be a Neet" He could only shake his head and just as Gin wanted to call out to him, Kazuma started running towards a woman, pushing her aside.

"Why did he do that?" Gin could only awkwardly scratch the back of his head, seeing the behavior of his older brother.

{Wait, isn't this.}

He quickly recognized the start scene from Konosuba and started running towards his brother, who fell down beside the road.

The woman who was pushed by his (idiot) Brother, meanwhile furious complained to Kazuma, without noticing the quickly approaching motorbike.

Gin not wanting his brother to die in vain. He saved the girl. He lifted the girl back and pushed her away from the road so she can be safe. Gin also tried to avoid towards the side of the road, dodging the incoming motorbike. Gin sighed in relief as he saw that he was safe, and lowered his guard.

But the motorbike also wanted to avoid hitting Gin's body. At the same time, in the opposite direction, there is a truck that is heading fast, and because of the shock from earlier, the man riding the motorbike immediately tried dodging it also in panic. But because the motorbike was not able to avoid the truck, it was hit by the truck hard and was sent flying towards the oblivious Gin.

Hearing the noises behind him, Gin turned around and saw his death coming, he cursed, "Damn! even though I have lived quietly."

Brakkkk ~ the motorbike hit Gin to death.

"Hopefully, the girl and brother survive." Was all he could think before everything turned black.

- - -

When Gin started regaining consciousness. he found himself at a dark place, sitting in a chair. After a brief look at his surroundings, he was greeted by a girl's soft voice.

[Hi young man] (???)

{So finally, it turns like this. But I already expected this, seeing as I'm Kazuma's younger brother, I should just comply.} Gin could only accept his destiny for now.

[Hello young man?]

Gin looks at the beautiful face of the goddess Eris, substitute to the duty of goddess Aqua who was probably brought along Kazuma.

"Ah, hai sweet girl. Is there anything I can help you with?" Gin answered.

[You are Satou Gin, you shouldn't have died at that moment, yet you saved the girl who was almost killed. For this God gave you a second chance at life and one thing you may choose as yours in your new life. So what do you want?] Eris asked while smiling.

(editor note' This should be his third chance in life, right?) (a/n : yes)

"Can you return me to my original world in my old body?" Gin didn't want to give up his newfound peaceful life.

[Sorry, I can't do that. You only have two choices. The first choice is, you are going to get reincarnated to another place, like in Japan. In place for buying a chance to be reincarnated back to your previous world, is that all your memories will be erased. The second choice which is a revival in a fantasy world But if you chose this choice you will have an important task from us, which is to defeat the Demon King or the Maou. You will retain the memories of your past life and can choose one ability or tool as a bonus.] Eris said casually.

"May I ask something before choosing?" Gin still remained cautious after listening to her offer.

[Of course, you can ask me anything, but bear in mind that I'm not allowed to answer all questions you may have.] Eris casually replied.

"Is this world terrible?" Gin isn't afraid and all but he really didn't want to deal with all the changed plot because of him being there.

[It's not terrible. The world is beautiful, but because of the demon king who still remained undefeated, there is a lack of interest to come to that world, the other gods and goddesses are also complaining that it's hard to send new spirits and they want to go there as a vacation, but can't.]

{Do gods only see that world as a place for entertainment?} Gin couldn't help but feel, cold sweat covering his back.

"Hmm, before that are my family and brother alright?"

[Your brother Satou Kazuma has had his own opportunity to bring my senior sister to another world. As for your family, they're quite happy and sad at the same time.]

Eris said remembering the strange but funny behavior of his older brother who took her senior goddess Aqua with him.

"What do you mean?" Gin couldn't help but be confused, I mean they died. Who would be happy about that?

[They couldn't help it, they saw you brother Kazuma die from shock seeing a slow tractor approaching and even in the hospital the doctor couldn't help but laugh at that.]

"Urgh, that Baka-brother…." Gin almost chocked from listening, but alas he also couldn't help but smile wryly.

[Sad because together with your brother, saving the life of the woman who was about to be run over, all the people close to you felt lost and prayed for your happiness in the next world]

What Eris didn't tell him was that she, herself was impressed to see a real Hero in Gin and instead donned a peaceful and happy smile.

"Thank you for telling me. Well, my choice is number two, I want to be revived in another world, a second choice."

[All right, so that you gain at least some help, I'll give you one ability or tool from these choices, so which one do you want?] Eris spread a list for Gin to choose from.

{Ok, hopefully, it's here. Hmm, I want an easy cheat like imagination magic or S cells from Saiyans.

So it's not in here. Hee~

Wait! this is good enough.} Gin smiled as he made his choice.

"Miss I choose this {learning ability}." Gin said

[Is that okay? The other's are better than that one?] Eris was visibly confused by his choice.

"It's okay. After all, I could able to learn and enjoy more thinks in the new world, if I have this ability for sure." Gin smiled happily at Eris, however, his real thoughts about his ability were slightly different.

{The goddess doesn't know that this ability might be really broken. To easily get stronger or maybe even obtain immortality, becoming as strong as a god.}

[Good if it's your choice. Now prepare yourself to be sent to another world, I wish you good luck.] With that Eris began chanting a magic spell, a magic circle slowly lifted Gin's body.

"Miss before I leave. I wish to know your name!" Gin shouted down to her. (So that in the future when he accidentally calls her by her name, she won't question it and maybe I can help her something.)

[Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Eris, I'll pray for your fortune and may you have good luck in your new world.]

Eris winked and smiled one last time at him.

Seeing such a heartwarming smile, Gin couldn't help but want to tease Erin a bit.

"Thank you, for your dazzling smile, oh beautiful Eris. I'll see you again soon."

As he felt he would leave soon he started waving at her.

"If we meet again, I shall remember your kindness and help you in the other world." Was the last whisper escaping his lips as he disappears.

[Baka! Gin you're a bad boy.]

Eris blushed a cute crimson red, with slight tears in her eyes as she couldn't help but pout a bit, but once she realized what he said before he disappeared. Eris muttered to herself.

[Wait meeting me in the other world? Does he know about me?... Ah, no that's impossible]

After mulling about that thought for a while she simply denied it and resumed her job.

Daunloco Daunloco

hello daunloco here

this chapter i get edit so give me your comment so i will improve to better of you want help.

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