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Chapter 16: Chapter 16

The night view of Tokyo from a top floor bar is breathtaking. A certain Russian mob boss enjoyed the magnificent view while sipping on vintage wine. He was decked in a classy white suit and smiled when he heard his date approach.

Sudo Shuu was the club manager of Asami's Club Dracaena. He didn't expect for a person of such a status to come biting at his bait so soon. In fact, Mikhail had his reservations about collaborating with the manager. However, his informant has yet to fail him so Mikhail had no reason to refuse this man.

At first glance, Sudo Shuu was like any other gold-digging omega. However, the flash of insanity reflected in those eyes told Mikhail otherwise. This man was dangerous and the Russian could only feel grateful that he didn't have such a pest to deal with. He hated delusional omegas and was glad that this wasn't his problem to deal with. The faster he got the information, the quicker he got out of Asami's hair.

"Sudo Shuu, nice to finally meet you."

The club manager frowned. He'd heard about how the Russian mobster was willing to pay a high price for anyone willing to disclose Asami's firearms trade route. It wasn't very difficult to obtain that information and Sudo was livid when Sakazaki gave him the contact. Sudo felt as if the slimy informant had gotten both the bird and the cream and the club manager hated himself for selling his body so easily. Still, he got over it quickly. He had an irritating photographer to bury. The guilt can wait. The only reason why Mikhail had difficulties getting this information was because no one in Japan had the guts to reveal Asami's 'secret' supplier. Sudo didn't care about that, it was a means to an end for him. He'd get rid of Mikhail later if he has to. He would do anything to get Takaba Akihito out of the picture.

"Let's cut to the chase, Mikhail. I have what you want."

Shrugging at Sudo's clipped tone, Mikhail continued to admire the night scene and took another sip of his wine leisurely. "Let's hear about your side of the bargain then."

Sudo straightened his back. "Takaba Akihito. I want you to get rid of him. Permanently."

Mikhail raised a brow. According to Yuri, Takaba Akihito was the name of that cute photographer who appeared to be Asami's latest mistress.

"What has the poor boy done to you to render such wrath?"

Sudo scowled uglily at that. "That bitch stole Asami-sama from me, seducing him with his filthy pheromones. I want him dead! They haven't mated yet so you better hurry before they do."

Mikhail paused. Asami wasn't one to be serious about anyone for more than a night. It was interesting to see the Japanese crime lord take interest in anyone. The photographer intrigued him and Mikhail was eager to find out what kind of person Takaba Akihito was. However, when Sudo mentioned that they weren't mated yet, another thought ran through his head.

"What if they had?"

Sudo paused and smirked. Mikhail felt uneasy as the club manager pulled out a small box and opened it to reveal a syringe. "Then inject him with this. Once his second gender is destroyed, kill him. I don't want him anywhere near Asami-sama ever again."

Mikhail felt cold. Sure, he sold mates and drugs that could severely harm an omega's reproductivity for a living. However, he'd never destroyed anyone's second gender before. The fact that Sudo had such a drug terrified him. With this, what would happen to humanity?

"I'm curious now. Are they mates for real?"

Sudo hesitated to answer. When he did, Mikhail felt the blood in his veins turn to ice.

"They are fated mates. At least according to my sources. That bloody bitch went into heat when Asami-sama captured him. He hasn't left Asami-sama alone ever since their encounter."

Fated mates! Holy hell, the club manager in front of him was definitely more than a few screws loose. The Russian crime lord couldn't swallow the wine in his mouth without feeling like he'd swallowed sewer water after hearing the news. Mikhail wasn't a saint but he would never do anything to harm fated mates. They were like living symbols of 'true love' that even Mikhail worshipped. To separate them was one thing. To kill one was akin to killing both. It would be a great opportunity for Mikhail if he wanted to get rid of Asami permanently. However, to destroy a fated mate's second gender and kill him, what would happen to Asami if he found out? Tokyo... no, Japan would burn and Mikhail would probably not make it out alive.

He wanted very much to decline the crazy omega's trade but one look in those insane eyes told Mikhail that it wasn't wise.

"You have yourself a deal. However, you will not interfere with how I work. I will deal with Takaba Akihito after we reconfirm that your information source is accurate."

Sudo smirked and handed over an envelopment containing the documents about Asami's now legalised firearms trade business. Mikhail raised a brow. He didn't think Asami would try to legalize this business so quickly with so many rumours flying around him about his underground involvement. The fact that Asami did so could only mean one thing. He was doing it for Takaba Akihito.

Sudo watched the Russian crime lord expressionlessly. On the inside, he was anxious. Anxious for Takaba Akihito to be out of the picture.

"My men will verify the authenticity of this information as soon as possible. Could you also provide more information about this Takaba Akihito as well as that drug? It's not something I've come across even in my business."

Sudo looked proud. "You will have a file about Takaba Akihito by this week. As for this drug, I'm proud to claim that it is one of a kind. It's still a prototype but it works well. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to disclose my sources for it so you'll have to understand."

Mikhail didn't seem to mind. Instead, he smiled charmingly. "That's fine. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Yuri, please send him back."

As soon as Sudo was ushered out, Mikhail turned to his wine with a distinct frown. Sudo Shuu was a dangerous person and the drug was worrying. Perhaps he should have someone tail the club manager. After all, he didn't appreciate being on the losing side of the war.


It was eleven fifty. Akihito finally sent the edited photos to his editor and sighed. He decided to take a quick shower to calm his nerves before his talk with Asami.

Asami was waiting in the master bedroom. He'd gone through his kitten's purchase at the adult store and was pleasantly surprised at some of the choices. He did have a secret room but didn't have the chance to tell Akihito about his hobbies. He didn't think Akihito would share similar interests and it was something that made his inner alpha purr in contentment. He couldn't wait to teach his omega about the world of pleasure and pain.

Akihito's hair was damp when he entered the room. Asami couldn't take his eyes away from his omega. Although he was ready for action, he felt that it was inappropriate to impose his feelings on Akihito who was looking both serious and nervous.

Asami waited for Akihito to collect himself without speaking but those golden eyes never once left the omega. Akihito felt naked under that scrutinising gaze. He wanted to bolt for the door but knew what had to be done. They've both waited for too long. It wasn't fair for either of them if he backed out now.

"R-ryuichi..." Akihito started, feeling slightly weird at how Asami's name felt on his tongue. "About the question before, I have my answer."

Question? It was Asami's turn to feel puzzled. However, when Akihito removed his shirt and pushed his hair aside to reveal his unmarked neck, Asami understood at once.

"Akihito, is that a yes?"

The omega nodded shyly. Marking was the final step to bonding. Mates can only sign the bonding certificate after a witness has attested to seeing the bonding mark on the omega. Usually, it would be in some place obvious like the nape or the shoulder. There wasn't a specific place where a bonding mark should be. It depended on the alpha's instinct.

Asami's inner alpha was growling at the tempting sight. However, he reined his desires in with a tight control. "Akihito. How far are we taking this?"

The omega swallowed and a pretty blush coloured his cheeks. "I want to be complete mates with you."

Asami couldn't contain his excitement. "Marking and mating? Will you be alright? I have a knot."

Akihito's face was aflame by now. This was hardly bedroom talk but it made him extremely embarrassed all the same. Hence, he nodded instead of giving Asami a verbal answer. That action was simply too adorable and Asami growled before pouncing onto his omega. The toys that his lover wanted to use could wait for another time. Tonight, it would be simply the two of them.

-Warning: Smut ahead-

The towel around Akihito's waist was ripped and thrown aside. Asami undid the sash of his bathrobe and let the useless fabric fall onto the floor while he busied himself devouring Akihito's tongue.

They shared wet and sloppy kisses while the alpha manoeuvred them to the bed. Akihito was nervous. It was his first time and he wasn't sure what he should be doing. Thankfully, Asami kept him occupied. The alpha wasn't going to allow Akihito to shy away. It was painfully clear that this was his omega's first time with how the blond reacted to his touch. It made the alpha in him swell with happiness knowing that Akihito was his and only his. Asami was careful and slowed down so that he wouldn't scare his beautiful omega away.

Akihito's striking blue eyes were glazed over as he lost himself to the instincts, shaking his hips and clinging onto Asami's broad shoulder. The room was flooded with pheromones and a growl tore itself from Asami's throat when slick ran down Akihito's thighs. Asami felt himself harden instantly at the sight and groaned inaudibly. He wanted to take it slow but his mate was making it damn impossible.

"Akihito, hold your legs open like this," he commanded and Akihito flushed. Nevertheless, he did as told but felt completely vulnerable in front of the devastatingly handsome alpha that would soon be his.

Legs spread wide apart, Asami had a full view of Akihito's untouched place. Akihito didn't know what to anticipate and nearly screamed when Asami leaned in to probe at his hole with his tongue. Half horrified and half aroused, Akihito didn't know if he wanted the alpha to stop or go deeper. In the end, he opted for moaning.

That moan made all thoughts of a slow love-making session leave Asami. He shoved his tongue as deep as he could and lapped at the slick that continued to run down Akihito's thighs. Asami quickly added fingers into the mix and turned his attention to the rock hard member instead. Akihito's reaction was delectable as Asami sucked hard. It wasn't difficult to accommodate all of Akihito in his mouth but the alpha would never tell his mate that, knowing that his kitten had a wall of pride as tall as his.

Akihito didn't know if he was in heaven or hell. The mouth that surrounded his weeping member and the fingers twisting inside was completely foreign to him. Akihito wasn't a stranger to fingering or blowjobs but he never felt the fever that came with these actions. His body was burning up and he thrashed sporadically. The pleasure was withheld by something else that was even stronger. He wanted, no, craved something else.

"Asami, no... please... give it to me... please..."

Listening to his cute blond beg, Asami decided to screw the consequences in quite the literal manner. "Sorry Akihito, I can't hold back anymore."

The photographer didn't have time to understand what the alpha was saying before he felt something hot and throbbing spread him wide and invaded his insides. The strange intrusion robbed all his breath. Akihito choked and cried at the feeling of being so full. Asami was there holding him in his arms as he shifted them into a sitting position, kissing tears away and muttering calming words with his baritone voice.

As Akihito rediscovered air, Asami's control was running low. The moment Akihito was able to breathe normally again, Asami snapped his pelvis upwards causing the omega to bounce slightly in his lap and crying out loud as a jolt of pleasure ran its course through his veins.

Asami grinned at his omega's shocked expression. He knew he found what he was seeking and picked up the pace. Lifting Akihito in his arms as if the photographer weighed nothing, Asami brought Akihito up only to drop him in his lap literally. Akihito couldn't hold back his voice in and the sounds of their passionate coupling echoed in the master bedroom.

Deciding to take some initiative, Akihito pushed Asami down and rode his alpha. Asami wasn't expecting Akihito to recover so quickly but didn't protest when his omega decided to do the honours himself. It was so like Akihito to constantly challenge him. Asami loved it when Akihito was being demanding and allowed Akihito to do as he pleased.

"Haah... Asami.. can't anymore! Cumming!"

Asami didn't stop his mate from taking his pleasure first. The night was still young and it was a beautiful sight. Asami didn't think he would ever get enough of seeing Akihito come undone. Akihito slumped forward and Asami took that opportunity to shift their positions a little. His inner alpha was impatient and so was Asami.

Akihito was still out of it when he felt Asami picked up the pace, slamming straight into Akihito's prostate. Overly sensitive from his first orgasm, Akihito couldn't muster enough strength to protest. He moaned into the pillow with his hips up in the air supported by Asami's strong grip. Again and again, the alpha thrust home, making Akihito surrender under the overwhelming euphoria.

Akihito felt as if he as going to faint from feeling too good. However, that feeling soon disappeared when Asami rammed in with a particularly hard thrust before stilling completely. Akihito didn't understand what was going on but he felt teeth against his left shoulder. One moment he was moaning in pleasure, the next he was crying out in pain.

Asami sank his teeth deep into Akihito's left shoulder. His alpha was unforgiving and the mark was deeper than Asami wanted it to be. It only showed how possessive and aggressive his inner alpha was and Asami felt apologetic to his omega who'd gone limp from the pain. On the other hand, Asami's erection never withered. He felt the knot forming as he released his seed in Akihito.

After Asami released Akihito's shoulder, he cradled the blond in his arms and kissed away the tears. "You did well, Akihito. You did well..."

The omega sobbed as his lover spilt his seed inside of him. His omegan instincts rejoiced at carrying his mate's seed as well as the possessiveness of his alpha. Akihito simply melted into the crime lord's arms when Asami kissed away those tears and whispered words of adoration and apology.

Swept away by the moment, Akihito turned and kissed Asami on the lips sweetly before giving the alpha a blinding smile.

"I'm yours, Ryuichi."

Asami froze. The angelic expression on his mate made his heart ache. For the very first time in his life, Asami was thankful that he was alive. He kissed his mate back, pouring his emotions into it.

"Thank you... Thank you, Akihito. I love you."

Akihito chuckled as he came down from his high, feeling exhausted all of a sudden and yawned. Asami took notice of it and chuckled.

"Sleep, Akihito. I'll take care of everything else."

Unable to fight against the tiredness and the deep lull of his lover's voice, Akihito allowed his eyes to flutter shut and drifted off to lalaland.

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