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Chapter 19: Chapter 19

Fei Long was supposed to meet Akihito today but the blond called to cancel it at the last moment. Apparently, Fei Long wasn't as important as an impromptu job and that made the omega mob boss sulk.

"One more," the cranky crime lord demanded. Yoh looked at the number of empty glasses on the table and hesitated.

"I think you've had enough, Fei Long-sama..."

The long-haired man had been sitting alone in the cafe for the past hour. There were at least twelve empty cups stacked at the side. Yoh was worried. It was said that too much caffeine could result in high blood pressure and Fei Long looked close to hitting stage two hypertension.

The triad leader glared at his right-hand man. His mood was getting from bad to worse. The Chinese mafia called Asami earlier to complain about Akihito cancelling on him. The alpha merely chuckled and told Fei Long that Akihito was a queen and that it couldn't be helped. It was three in the afternoon and there was nothing to do.

Fei Long regretted that thought when the cafe's door swung open. Their newest customer was an eyesore and Fei Long hated that damned Russian with everything he had. Mikhail wasn't someone who took very well to being rejected. The triad leader had his fair share of inconveniences caused by the flirty Russian.

"Yoh, I changed my mind. We're leaving."

Yoh didn't question Fei Long. Instead, he made the necessary preparations as quickly as he could. However, Mikhail was faster. He sat down right in front of Fei Long before even the triad leader could leave.

"Don't be so hasty... I'm here for official business. I heard that you're now friends with Asami's mate."

Fei Long glared at the Russian. The most annoying guy had his eyes on Akihito and as a fellow omega, he couldn't allow any harm to befall his new friend even if said friend ditched him for pocket money.

"What's the catch?"

Mikhail grinned. "No real catch. We just happen to be playing on the same team for once. Asami too."

Fei Long didn't buy it. Mikhail wasn't someone who would do something without gains. Still, he wasn't someone who would lie.

"Explain. How's Asami involved? If you're thinking about harming Akihito, Asami won't be the only one you should worry about."

"Of course not. I'm a romantic. Harming fated mates isn't my past time. I came here for two things but I think Asami's lover takes precedence. Like I said, I'm not stupid enough to mess with that blond. However, that doesn't mean others will be smart enough to stay away."

"What's going on?"

For once, Mikhail turned serious. The smile was nowhere to be seen and only a cold calculating look was present. This was Mikhail when he was serious. Not many lived to tell the tale when they saw it.

"Sudo Shuu. Yes, that annoying pest around Asami's territory. He had some interesting terms and gave me some useful information. Initially, I wanted to use that whore to snatch Asami's firearms dealer from beneath his nose. I could easily offer you a better contract than Asami but I'm not stupid to think that you will drop him for my proposal. Hence I demand that I'm compensated accordingly for the information I'm about to share."

Fei Long raised a brow elegantly. He knew what the Russian was hinting at. If it was something that could help save Akihito, Fei Long wouldn't mind making a loss. His long-term partnership with Asami for firearms trading using his port wasn't something Mikhail could have easily. The Russian mob boss was sniffing around Asami's turf for information and dealers without much success. After all, Tokyo's firearms trade route was controlled by Fei Long's branch family.

"If your information is true and valuable, I can arrange some contacts in Hong Kong for you. You're not allowed to do anything in Japan."

"That works as well," Mikhail smiled. He had Yuri bring up a briefcase and unlocked it.

Fei Long stared at the small syringe inside. There was a clear liquid in the syringe and Fei Long didn't think it was water or anything common.

"What's that?"

Mikhail's smile vanished. "Something that can erase a person's second gender. I've tested it out last night on some poor low-life. The man was still alive but his second gender was completely destroyed. We don't know the effects it will have on mates or fated mates but for omegas, it will mean that they will be unable to bear children or go into heats."

Fei Long was enraged and Mikhail was quick to add that Sudo was behind it. Fei Long clenched his fists tightly and Yoh was tense. "Who is the manufacturer?"

Mikhail grimaced. "We're on it. No results as of yet. Sudo wants me to deal with Akihito using it. I'm against doing it but if I didn't accept, that crazy omega would have done it himself. He's delusional and thinks that Asami's mate should have been him."

The triad leader didn't say anything more. He whipped out his phone and called a familiar number.

"What is it? I'm busy. If it is about Akihito, you should tell him that instead."

"It's not about Akihito... well, in a way it is but I want you to remain calm."

Asami put down his pen as he listened to Fei Long's recount about his conversation with Mikhail.

"Where are you? Is he still there?"

Fei Long looked over to Mikhail who was enjoying his tea. "Yes. Do you want to speak to him?"

"No, not there. I can clear my schedule in an hour. If it's not too much trouble, I would like to invite both of you to my office to discuss further."

Fei Long related Asami's message to the grinning Russian crime lord. "I'm quite free today so it's not a problem."

"We'll see you there in about an hour."

Asami didn't even say goodbye before the line went dead. Fei Long rolled his eyes. Asami was probably destroying something after the call. Alphas were such troublesome creatures.


"Let me get this straight. Sudo is scheming to get rid of Akihito using a drug that can erase a person's second gender if he has my mating mark. How long has this drug been in the market? Who is funding Sudo if he isn't your spy?"

Mikhail shrugged. "I've been in contact with Sudo for a while now but he isn't my spy. I don't know the details about the problems in your turf but I would never enlist such a troublesome material whore into my service."

Fei Long was texting again. Asami scowled. It was probably with Akihito. However, the alpha didn't mind because if Akihito was replying, it meant that he was still safe.

"It's a dangerous drug. I'll put my men onto this case. You can be sure that nobody involved with this drug will survive. So, what do you want in return? This can't be free."

Mikhail grinned and looked at Fei Long. "I already have what I want. It's not for you to know though."

Fei Long took a break from texting and looked up. "That plot of land in Shinjuku..."

Asami sighed. It wasn't difficult to sell Fei Long that plot of land after how much he'd done for him. Without Fei Long, Akihito would probably not be with him.

"I'll sell it to you. No funny business, you know the rules."

Fei Long smirked. "Don't worry, the only drugs I bring in are my own. Nobody else will have them unless your kitten is interested in catnip too."

Asami didn't know what it was for Fei Long but there was a certain blend of drugs that smelled foul to him. The triad leader was often seen smoking it back in Hong Kong. The Chinese man claimed that it was something heavenly for omegas without alphas but Asami never believed him. It wasn't addictive in nature but Fei Long couldn't seem to do without it.

"Keep my kitten away from your grass. Kirishima will prepare the contract by the end of the week. If there is nothing more, please take your leave. Unlike both of you, I'm not on a vacation."

Mikhail pouted but left without a fuss. Fei Long rolled his eyes and just to spite Asami, informed him that he had a dinner date with Akihito.

Once the door closed, Asami fished his phone out quickly.

[I want clam miso soup and chicken karage for dinner. Your ass is going to pay if I don't see it when I get back.]

An hour later, Akihito replied and Asami scowled deeper.

[They are already prepared in the fridge. Just heat it up when you get back, I'm heading out for dinner with Fei Long tonight. Don't wait up!]


"What will you do?"

Sudo scowled. Sakazaki leered at the former model's ass. The informant was the one who supplied that second gender erasing drug. Sudo had the syringe with him and frowned. For such a terrifying drug, it had a ridiculously wonderful name.

"Who the hell named it 'New Life'? Also, how sure are you? It might just be part of Mikhail's plans."

Sakazaki rolled his eyes. The only redeeming thing about this omega was his body. "Surely those men tailing you for a while now are evidence. You don't expect the Russian romantic to agree with your scheme. Besides, the latest information is in. Akihito has a mating mark on his left shoulder. It isn't very clear but we've confirmed it. Do you still think Mikhail will help you get rid of Akihito?"

Sudo clenched his teeth. The truth always hurt. Asami had chosen that photographer over him but Sudo wouldn't let this be over. If he couldn't have Asami, neither will Akihito.

"Find me a few men. I'll take care of it myself."

Sakazaki grinned. Everything was going according to his plan.

"Don't forget to let me know the effects of the drug after you use it."

Sudo only waved and left. He wasn't interested in Sakazaki or Mikhail. Right now, all he wanted to do was kill Takaba Akihito. First, he'll target the blond's weakness. Kou and Takato... they were the names of his only friends. While Takato looked difficult to fool, Kou would be a lot easier.

He chuckled. Who would turn down the invitation to Club Dracaena? Even famous people had to wait in line to enter.

With a plan in mind, Sudo felt better. Takaba Akihito's days were numbered. Nobody else will be able to touch Asami after this, he would make sure of it.

Several blocks away, a man in a parked black car reported. "Sudo just left Sakazaki's. Do we follow him?"

Suoh smirked. "No, get Sakazaki in for questioning. I will clear the warehouse seven for use. Do not fail."

"Yes, sir!"

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