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48.27% Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO / Chapter 56: He's A Liar Too!

He's A Liar Too! - Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO - Chapter 56 by Jyojiko full book limited free

Chapter 56: He's A Liar Too!


"Oh, hey! Have you eaten? I made your favorite stir fry chicken and veggies." 

"Thanks, I will eat that tomorrow. For I'd eat the sushi Noah bought." 

He paused the Netflix show he was watching and kneeled on the sofa to face her, "What happened?" he bounced on the couch and patted the space next to him, "Come here and tell me all the juicy deets." 

She put down the box of sushi on the coffee table before dropping herself on the couch with a sigh. 

Luke quickly opened the box, picked up the chopsticks, and said, "Itadakimasu." 

"Please use a plate." she furrowed her eyebrows in disapproval. 

"Seriously, Jess? Sometimes you are so proper, it's borderline annoying." He complained but he got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to get some plates. 

He returned with plates and a pitcher of water. He arranged them on the coffee table and started eating. 

"I was looking for you at the campus. Sorry, I wasn't able to answer your calls, I was so zonked out," he said, his chopsticks were hovering over salmon and tuna sushi. 

She picked both and put them on his plate. "I was calling you because I needed to vent out my frustration, but then, I bumped with Noah while I was in the parking lot." 

"That was early on, this sushi is still fresh." he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and said, "Tell me, Little Jessie, you were together the whole day." 

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"Yes," she popped unagi sushi in her mouth. 


"Stop it! You are so annoying." She rolled her eyes on him, but she would say he did a good impression of that. She couldn't help but giggle. Somehow her disappointment was slowly dissipating. 

"Why are you eating so much sushi when you already ate with Noah?" he watched her picking a Hamachi. 

"We weren't able to eat...he got a call and we had to leave. So, we just ordered a takeaway. And I am hungry." 

"Why do I feel like, you are in a bad mood because your dinner date was interrupted." 

She sighed and popped another unagi in her mouth. 

"Oh.My.God. Don't tell me you are going through with that stupid revenge you were planning?" 

"No. I mean, I'm pissed off, yes...but now, I don't know what I feel." 

"What happened with you? Why do I feel that you suddenly became soft with Tiefenbacher?" 

"I'm not! I was just grateful that he somehow helped me today." 

"Jess could we not please do a question and answer portion? Could you just tell me the whole story at once?" he asked impatiently.

She exhaled a long sigh, then folded her legs under her thighs. "Professor Boa called me in his office because…" 

"Oh yeah, I was about to ask you about that." He put his hand in his mouth when Jess gave him an annoyed look. "Oopsie, sorry. Continue." 

"...he called to warn me about the rumors about me and Noah!" she said with a sneer, remembering the irritation she felt listening to professor Boa. 

"Why would he ask you about it? How about those bitches that are spreading the rumors?" 

"Exactly why I was so mad! I don't understand why I got called and reprimanded while no one called out those bitches that can't mind their own fuckery business!" she slammed her chopsticks on the coffee table. "I need sake!" she stood up from the couch to get some sake.

"Do we even have sake?" he called from the living room, but he didn't get an answer and just heard cabinet doors being slammed. 

"It's going to be a long night, again." he shoved a Masago in his mouth and relished on its flavor. 

"Here, let's cheers!" She pushed a glass of sake on his hand. 

"I didn't know we have sake in the house," he mumbled.

"Professor Boa probably saw through my fake smiles, he gave me a 'secret information." she put a quote on the air to emphasize the so-called secret. "This should not leave this room, it would be for your best interest if you would be mindful of your action towards Mr. Tiefenbacher…"

"What the actual f…" his eyes widened when he got the gist of what Jess was saying.

She poured herself another shot of sake. " know why you should not have a scandal with Mr. Tiefenbacher?" she shook her hand in front of Luke's face, urging him to have a reaction, the way professor Boa wanted every time he talked about something.

"Why?" he asked with an exaggerated tone to make him seemed eager to know the secret information.

"Because, Mr. Tiefenbacher's family owns ANAT Pharma and Co, and he will be the next CEO of their company. That's why!"  she took a slug of sake and grimaced when the strong alcohol hit her throat. 

She picked up Amaebi to soothe the bitterness of the alcohol in her mouth. 

"Noah Tiefencher owns ANAT Pharma and Co and he will be the next CEO?" his eyes were bulging from his eye socket. 

"Hmm, hmm," she said nodding, pouring their glasses more sake. 

"Holy Guacamole! Your lover boy is not just a hotshot but a freaking millionaire, or was he a billionaire?" 

"Drink up! Stop saying nonsense. I don't give a shit if he is a millionaire or a freaking billionaire." she stood up from the couch, and couldn't stand up straight for she is now clearly drunk. She unfastened the hook of her jeans and stripped. 

She threw it across the living room. 

"Uh, uh!" 

"Yes, it was uh, uh!" she giggled swinging another glass of sake. She wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. "But that was not just the mishap I did today. Today I almost spilled to Noah our secret night." she giggled as she crawled on the sofa. 

She put her finger on her mouth, then giggled. "I told him that his daughter and I shared the same birthdate!" she laughed, throwing her arms in the air. "I had to lie how I knew his daughter's birthday," she slumped at the end of the couch and kicked Luke. 

"I don't know if he believes me, but I think he didn't notice it anymore because he was busy answering his ex-wife's calls. You see, I don't feel guilty about lying to him at all! He said it was business, I can't speak Chinese but I can understand some of it." she pursed her lips, nodding, "...he was talking to his wife, it ain't no business call, Darling." she shook her hands in front of her face... "Liar!" she screamed to their neighbor and dropped face down on the sofa. Dead from the world. 

"A long night, indeed." he put down his sake glass and picked up the drunk Jess from the sofa.

Jyojiko Jyojiko

Jess and Luke were eating Nigiri sushi.

Amaebi - sweet shrimp

Hamachi - yellowtail

Unagi - eel

Masago - fish roe

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