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100% Cautious Dungeon / Chapter 5: Alessey’s grand goal

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Chapter 5: Alessey’s grand goal

The Rarus Kingdom had once been a great empire which stood at the same level as the Incrementum Empire, but that was 800 years ago. While the other two empires had been xenophobic and pure human, the Rarus Empire had cooperated with many different beings and factions, this pushed them a step ahead of the other empires. There had been many small skirmishes between the three behemoths and now when the Rarus Empire began to leave the others behind, something naturally had to be done.

An alliance was formed and a holy crusade against the "corrupted" Rarus empire began, although the Rarus empire had expected retaliation, they never thought that things would get so out of hand and therefore they had no real preparations. It did not take long before the Rarus Empire became the Rarus Kingdom, now barely surviving under the thumb of the Incrementum Empire, something had to be done if the Rarus Kingdom wanted to get back on their feet. Enter Alessey, a princess of the Rarus Kingdom and aspiring queen of the Rarus Empire.

The road would not be an easy one, since there were already many other powerful factions in the Rarus Kingdom, that Alessey must first make succumb to her rule, and that would just be the beginning.

Finishing her speech panting with glowing eyes, she looked down too Little White who was emanating the will of a dead fish.

-- -- -- -- --

After talking for a while Alessey and Little White came to an agreement, Alessey would help Little White grow as a dungeon and then when he became strong enough Little White would pay her back by taking down the Incrementum Empire, what Alessey did not know was that Little White had no intention of ever doing so.

Alessey went to a school for heavy infantry in the capital of Incrementum, and although she had a lot of status in the Rarus Kingdom, she was an average person in the capital. This caused her to be forced to abide by the school rules. The summer break would only continue for two weeks and during that time she was supposed to either stay in the dungeon, feeding it, or be out gathering other sources of food. They had discussed for long, so after sharing a poor meal, with a very mild permanent status boost. From the Dungeon Menu, Little White then summoned two futons and they slept separately. Alessey, being a princess, forced Little White to sleep in the dungeon cave, while she slept in the core room.

-- -- -- -- --

The next morning when Little White awoke, well it was more noon than morning, he found his dungeon containing 6841 mana, shocking him, before making him wonder just how long he had slept. Sadly, the dungeon menu did not have a clock. Expanding his senses Little White could see that Alessey was still asleep, and he immediately considered betraying him, luckily, he was too afraid to do someone drastic like that. Also, although it sounded like much, 6841 mana was not that much compared to Alessey's strength. Instead thinking of his future safety, Little white bought a Level up.

[Level Up]

Level: 1 -) 2

Core mana production: 13 -) 26 /hr

Features unlocked: none

Units unlocked: none

Rooms unlocked: none

Mana left: 5843

Next [Level up] cost: 1000

Seeing the results being so disappointing, Little White bought another [Level Up]

[Level Up]

Level: 2 -) 3

Core mana production: 26 -) 52 /hr

Features unlocked: none

Units unlocked: none

Rooms unlocked: none

Mana left: 4843

Next [Level up] cost: 1000

And then one more.

[Level Up]

Level: 3 -) 4

Core mana production: 52-) 104 /hr

Features unlocked: none

Units unlocked: none

Rooms unlocked: none

Mana left: 3843

Next [Level up] cost: 1000

And then one more.

[Level Up]

Level: 4 -) 5

Core mana production: 104 -) 208 /hr

Features unlocked: [Clock]

Units unlocked: Skeletal fighter

Rooms unlocked: Cave room

Mana left: 2843

Next [Level up] cost: 10000

Little White was prepared to keep going considering his new goldmine called Alessey, but he finally unlocked what he was looking for and he bought a Skeletal fighter. The price for the next [Level Up] had also increased, making him unable to do so. He had been prompted to do this because of the powerlessness that came from not being able to fight back at all, against the rabbit.

[Skeletal Fighter]

Race: Skeleton

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Undead

Level: 5

Undead mana: [0002/2000]

Skills: Focused punch

Rank: H+

[Undead punch]

Skill requirements: 2 seconds of preparation, can only be used once a day

Skill results: 5x damage, a third is dealt as undead (similar to unholy) damage.

Skill description: Slow punch infused with undead mana.

Looking at his new minion, Little White nodded approvingly. It was a lot stronger than the commoners and even had a skill. It had cost him 50 mana to summon, which was not a lot. The Skeleton was at a low level, but it could level up by fulling its undead mana. It needed more mana than the commoners, but it also absorbed faster, especially in undead rooms. Thinking this Little White built two tiny graveyards between the entrance and the core room.

[Tiny Unholy Cave]

Size: Tiny

Location: 2,1,1 (Room two, connected to room one, through entrance one)

Strength effect to unholy: +2%

Undead mana collection: +500%

Discount: -0.5

Discount total: -0.5

Mana production: 2/hour

Mana production total: 108 / hour

Mana left: 1836

[Tiny Unholy Cave]

Size: Tiny

Location: 3,2,1 (Room three, connected to room two, through entrance one)

Strength effect to unholy: +2%

Unholy mana collection: +500%

Discount: -0.5

Discount total: -1

Mana production: 2/hour

Mana production total: 110 / hour

Mana left: 837

Although undead and unholy mana are not the same, undead mana is a branch under unholy mana, therefore unholy mana can be converted to undead by skeletons, but the conversion is a bit ineffective. Undead mana cannot be converted to unholy mana. Also, comparing his new information to the old, Little White saw that all information about a room would not be released until it had been built.

[Rooms unlocked]

Seeing new rooms having been unlocked, Little White became exited like a kid on Christmas and hurried to the [Rooms] tab. Multiple rooms seemed half-opened, but only three had fully opened.

[Small Unholy Cave]

Size: Small

Effect: +2%

Discount: -0.5

Mana production: 4/hour

Cost: 1500

[Tiny Strong Unholy Cave]

Size: Tiny

Effect: +5%

Discount: -1

Mana production: 5/hour

Cost: 2000

[Tiny Graveyard]

Size: Tiny

Effect: +10% (only undead)

Discount: -5 (only undead)

Mana production: 5/hour

Cost: 4000

Although all of these choices looked interesting, Little White had already determined his path and therefore knew he was going to build a Tiny Graveyard, when he could. Little White had decided to walk the path of an undead and not an unholy dungeon.

Little White decided to enter his two new caves. When he entered with his avatar, he fell a chill down his back, yet somehow it also felt a bit familiar, as if it was close to where he belonged, but not quite. Except for the aura the unholy cave was not that different from his normal cave. It was smaller and had dark ominous patterns flashing on the walls. There was also a faint mist in the room obscuring the vision of possible invaders. Suddenly Little White heart sounds of confusion from the next room. Through his dungeon body, Little White could sense that Alessey was tumbling around lost in the unholy cave next to the core. Little White felt that this was his chance for revenge.

Little White summoned three Skeletal Fighters into the room she was lost in, and then he had them move around producing clanking noises.

"Little White is that you? I know it is you! Stop, I order you to stop now… please… AHH" One of the Skeletons had grabbed Alessey's arm from behind making her scream and she suddenly unleashed a vertical sword strike, obliterating every skeleton in the room and even sending Little White in the next room flying. Little White's avatar passed out on impact, but he was still conscious through the dungeon. He could only watch as Alessey slowly figured out what had happened, and she even stepped on his avatar. After calming down she awakened the avatar, which had actually been cautious for a while, and Little White has prepared just what to say.

"AAHHH my beautiful dungeon and children, YOU killed three of my children. You have to compensate me for or I'm pressing charges. I'm hurt look at my hand, I can't work for the next twenty years! I'm traumatised you have to compensate me for this!"

"Ah, sure, okay, I'm sorry" Alessey was to shocked to think and just replied affirmatively, she would come to regret that.

Guxel_ Guxel_

Small change:

[Skeleton Commoner] -) [Skeletal Commoner]

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