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59.71% Chairman of The Magic Council / Chapter 83: Gender Equality

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Chapter 83: Gender Equality


Staring at the woman in front of her, Karen knew that she was too hasty with her decision to enter the quest without waiting for Loke to return, but she wanted to show that damnable spirit that she was alright even without that it. Loke dared to fight back against her, who was his owner, which made her furious and she would show that she would be okay without it.

However, Karen was also helpless since Loke dared to stay in the human world for a long time which caused her magic energy to reduce slowly.

At the same time, Karen was annoyed when everyone thought that she was useless without her spirit and decided to show that she was an S-Class magician even without that useless Celestial Spirit.

However, Karen regretted her decision since she met a strong opponent that was ready to kill her.

"Karen Lilica."

The girl looked at Karen and said, "If you give me all of your Celestial keys, then I might consider leaving your life intact." She had done research about Karen Lilica beforehand and knew that she could defeat her. The only thing that she wanted was the Celestial keys of Karen since Karen owned two Zodiac Gate keys and didn't want Karen's life.

"Don't dream, bitch!"

If Karen lost her Zodiac Gate keys, then she would lose her position as an S-Class magiacian.

"Is that so? Then you can only die."

The girl raised a silver key in the sky and shouted, "Open Gate of the Chisel! Caelum!"

Then a magic circle appeared and a sphere metallic lifeform summoned within.

Karen's expression became serious. Her magic energy wasn't much, especially when her magic energy was constantly reduced by Loke. Thinking back, that guy was a parasyte and she thought that she should shatter the contract between the two and give that guy a punishment.

However, Karen needed to think of a way to stay alive since she couldn't fight back beside using a whip.

Karen couldn't summon another Celestial Spirit since Loke stayed in this world, and once she summoned another Celestial Spirit then she might die at that moment since her magic energy was on her limit, but in front of the life or die moment, she knew a beggar couldn't be choosers and she needed to stay alive.

Karen decided to retreat since she knew that her chance to win was very small at this moment.

Looking at Karen who suddenly ran away, the girl smiled and felt happy since Karen showed resistance.

"Caelum, Cannon Form!"

Then Caelum started to transform.

Caelum appeared as a high-tech cannon. Its body expanded, gaining two black structures on its bottom that resemble legs and two metal parts on its sides that resembled arms. Its center protruded, forming a white cannon covered in black metal that had a green center.

"Energy Blast!"

Caelum launched powerful blasts of green energy toward Karen.

Karen was too late to escape and an explosion blew her away.


Karen was thrown tens meters and her body was wounded because of that attack. She gritted her teeth looking at this girl hatefully.

"Like I've said before, you should give up or else..."

The girl didn't show mercy and if she wanted, she could kill Karen right away, but at the same time, she was very envious of the woman in front of her since she knew her very well.

Karen Lilica was very famous since she was often on the Sorcery Magazine and she was known for her beauty and power.

Unlike she was, she could only live in hiding as a Dark Magician, but Karen's life was so bright that it made this girl feel so envious.

If possible the girl wanted to change in place with Karen, but she knew that it was impossible since she didn't think that she could run away from her organization and her earlier education, she had been taught to be loyal to her master so she wouldn't run away.

However, this girl didn't want to kill Karen and only wanted to get Karen's keys. She might not realize it, but she was Karen's fan and she wanted to see her in the magazine since she could try to imagine herself as a Karen and live freely like Karen, but it seemed that she had underestimated Karen's pride.

"Who are you?"

Karen thought about buying time while trying to recover her magic energy as much as possible, thinking of summoning a second Celestial Spirit to defeat this girl. She knew the consequences, but she didn't want to give up that easily.

"Well, you can call me Angel," the girl said.


"Yes!" Angel smiled and nodded. "So can you give me your keys now?"

Karen gritted her teeth and had made up her mind, but suddenly...


Suddenly someone appeared beside Karen and Angel, and without hesitation slammed the motorcycle right into Angel.


Angel was blown away by the motorcycle.

Luckily, there was no building in the surrounding area and there was only an open field.


Karen opened her mouth with a speechless expression since she didn't expect that Angel who almost killed her would be slammed by a motorcycle.

"You alright?"

Karen looked up and felt surprised. "Bourne!" She was very happy at that moment.

"C'mon, let's go back," Bourne said. His expression didn't even change after he had slammed his motorcycle into a beautiful girl. In his mind, whether it was male or female, as long as they were an enemy, it was the same and he was a practitioner of gender equality, after all.

Bourne was able to slam his motorcycle right into the face of the girl and wondered whether she was alright.


Karen, who was full of anger before, smiled and all of the anger on her heart vanished after she saw how this guy was able to slam his motorcycle right into the face of Angel.

Karen opened her arms and said, "Bourne, carry me. I'm hurt...." Her voice was very spoiled at this moment and she wanted to be pampered.


"If you're well then I'll leave you now," Bourne said.

"Wait! Wait! I'll stand up! I'll stand up! So don't leave me!" Karen stood up and pouted.

Bourne was about to go back, but then....

"Y, you bastard?! How dare you do this to me!"

Bourne turned and saw Karen's opponent. He whistled and had to admit that this girl was quite beautiful if there wasn't any brush on her face.

"Well, sorry, you're an enemy after all."

"I can't forgive you! I can't forgive you!"

Angel took out another key and this time, it was golden key.

Bourne and Karen were surprised since they didn't expect this girl to own one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys.

Zodiac Gate keys were very rare and it was even surprising that Karen was able to own two of them since there were only 12 of them in this world, but suddenly this girl showed that she also owned one of them.

"Open the Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!"

Then a magic circle appeared and a humanoid figure was summoned.

"We are!!!"

The man made a gesture similar to scorpion pinchers and he had a huge tail on his back.

"Scorpio! Kill them!"

"We are!!!"


Bourne was speechless.

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