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84% Chairman of The Magic Council / Chapter 147: Gentle or Rough

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Chapter 147: Gentle or Rough

Erza Knightwalker.

She is the Royal Army Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division and she is the Edolas counterpart of Erza Scarlet.

During her patrol, Erza received a report that there was an intruder which appeared suddenly on the floating island where the huge Lacrima was being kept. She knew that this huge Lacrima was part of her king's plan and she knew that she couldn't let anything happen to this huge Lacrima since everything was related to the magic in her world.

Erza knew the importance of magic in this world and was also reluctant to lose it so that was why she was going to support her king!

Erza along with her team came directly to the floating island to capture the intruders on the floating island. However, she didn't expect to meet a demon.

One by one her subordinates fell down and died (in her imagination) along with the mount which they had brought to come the floating island.

When Erza met the demon for the first time, she realized the power of this demon and when that happened, she couldn't breathe and knew that she needed to take down this demon or else, her kingdom would be...


However, this demon was so strong that she couldn't do anything against him.

When Erza passed out suddenly her face was splashed with a huge amount of water which caused her to wake up.

"Cough! Cough!"

Erza choked hard, but at the same time, she also flinched since four of her ribs were broken.

"Have you woken up?"

Erza frowned, and didn't open her mouth. She stared at the demon that had destroyed her team easily.

"Don't worry, your subordinates are alright." Bourne smiled gently at Erza and said, "You can see them over there."

Erza then turned her head and somehow sighed in relief when she could see that they were alright. She looked at Bourne and asked, "Who are you? What are you planning?" However...


Erza's face was slapped and she could feel a tingling pain in her cheek. There was a red mark on her cheek and blood was dripping from her mouth. Before she said anything, her hair was pulled and she was forced to look at this demon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You're not in place to ask a question, alright?" Bourne said.

Erza gritted her teeth and stared at this demon with hatred.

"I like strong women, but I don't have time to flirt with you so you need to answer my question."

The distance between Erza and Bourne was very close and she could feel his breath which somehow caused her to blush.

"What is it? Are you getting embarrassed?"

Erza blushed instantly when she saw his smirk.

"I guess both Erza, whether it is on Earthland or Edolas, are masochists, huh?" Bourne stared rudely at Erza's body.

Erza wasn't sure why, but she tried to hide her body when she was being stared blatantly at by him. However, her hands and feet couldn't move since her entire body was tied by a metal chain which was made Gajeel.

Even if Bourne couldn't use his magic freely, he could still use his magic even if there was a limited amount of Magic Power on his body so he could take out a lot of things within his body that he had kept and one of them was a metal since he owned an iron ore mine.

Gajeel might not be able to use his magic that much, but he could still freely manipulate steel and create a chain to lock the body of Erza and her subordinates.

"Well, I don't care whether you're a masochist or not since you need to answer my question, alright?"


Erza only stared at Bourne with hatred, but didn't say anything.

"If you don't answer me then your subordinate is going to pay something in exchange," Bourne said.

Erza kept staring at Bourne and showed unyielding will that she wouldn't open her mouth no matter what!

Bourne ignored Erza's gaze and asked, "So what's your name?"


Erza didn't say anything and kept staring at Bourne.

Bourne shook his head and said, "Erik, bring one of them here."

"Yes, boss."

Erik then brought one of subordinates which was brought by Erza in Edolas in front of Bourne.

Erza looked at Bourne and wondered what this guy was about to do, however...

Bourne didn't say anything and took out an axe out of nowhere then beheaded the head of this soldier without saying anything.


Erza could feel a warm liquid splashing into her face and she was instantly in shock.

Bourne then looked at Erza again and asked, "So let me repeat my question, what's your name?"


Erza was still in shock.

"I guess we need more." Bourne turned his head and asked, "Gajeel, bring me another one."

"Yes, Boss."

Gajeel grabbed the head of the soldier and brought it to the front of Bourne.

All the soldiers had woken up, but all of their mouths were closed by something, seeing the scene in front of them, all of them could only see this young man as a demon!

"Erza! Erza Knightwalker!"

Erza quickly said since she knew that this guy would kill all of her subordinates without hesitation.

"Good girl."

Bourne caressed Erza's head with a smile.


Erza gritted her teeth and could do nothing. She wanted to sweep his hand away, but her position didn't allow her to do so. Her eyes were full of hatred and said, "You demon!"

Bourne smiled and said, "What a funny thing to say? You guys are the ones who made the first move after all. How can you call me a demon? When are all of you all demons?"

"We're not demon!!"

Erza gritted her teeth in hate.

"Is that so? Then why did you have to turn all the Magicians in our world into a big Lacrima?" Bourne caressed Erza's head gently and said, "Inside that big Lacrima, there is my fiancee. In truth, I want to propose to her the day after, but when I have woken up, all I can see is that I have been teleported to a strange world and I can't find my fiancee anywhere, even though we have been sleeping together last night."


Everyone was in silence, listening to this demon's story.

"In confusion, I walked to the town and to my surprise, I have heard that your world is planning to absorb the magic in our world, right?"

"There's no connection between our plans with your fiancee!" Erza refuted without hesitation.

Bourne smiled at Erza and said, "Sometimes, that naive part of you are similar to Erza in my world, but let's not talk about that since you're asking me what is the connection between your plan with my fiancee, right?" His voice was gentle, but his expression was very scary and cold at that moment.

"Of course, there is. If you're only absorbing some part within the world, then I don't care much, but you even have absorbed all the magicians within our world, including my fiancee."

Erza widened her eyes at this moment.

"So you understand, right?" Bourne pointed his finger at the big Lacrima and said, "My fiancee is there and she is about to become a magic power for all the people in this kingdom so tell me Erza Knightwalker, what should I do with your kingdom? Should I destroy it so all of you can understand my pain at this moment?"


Gajeel and Erika somehow wanted to cry at that moment.


Erza wasn't sure what to say for a moment. She also felt a strange feeling at that moment. She was known as a "Fairy Hunter" and she had never shown mercy toward her enemies, killing all the people that possessed a threat to her kingdom, but somehow, she couldn't hate this guy and even felt sympathetic toward him.

There was something which somehow drew her toward him which made her confused of her feeling.

"Erza Knightwalker, I have a good proposal for you."

Erza's chin was lifted and she was forced to stare at his eyes.

"Tell your king to stop his stupid plan and live without magic in this world." Bourne smiled and said, "Humans are a very adaptable creature after all and I am sure that you'll get used to it to live without magic."

"...What if we don't accept this proposal?" Erza tried to brave herself and asked this question. She didn't understand, but in front of him, she felt that she wanted to submit herself somehow.

"Then it is easy." Bourne smiled while caressing Erza's head. He carried her in his arms and said with ease, "I can destroy everything here. Your kingdom, your soldiers, your people and all of your loved ones until nothing is left behind."


Erza shuddered and thought that this guy was really a demon. Then when her head was blank, she was forced to look at him again.

"So which choice are you going to choose now?"

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