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Chapter 32: Late

Shew arrived at the airport with another five minutes to spare for Timo's flight.

Near the departures, she spotted the quartet sans Timo. Not seeing him with the group increased the unease in her stomach.

On the other hand, the guys had also spotted Shew sprinting towards them. They then collectively changed their happy expressions to solemn ones. Looking at their faces Shew's heart went cold.

"Where is he?" She asked them breathlessly already fearing the worst. The unease was coiling around in the pit of her stomach making her uncomfortable.

Ray sighed sadly, "You were late Shew." His tone was filled with sadness. It was as if he was announcing someone's death.

But Ray was secretly pleased with himself for his acting skills. He was on a roll today. If Ye-Jin were to witness his god-like skills then she would definitely reward him with a kiss and much more.

Thinking about Ye-Jin he started to miss the woman. He was in his best form but she had to go out of the country for business. His expression became more saddened by the minute and Shew felt crushed with defeat.

She crouched down to the ground miserably and missed the strange glint passing through Ray's eyes. He was filled with longing for his Ye-Jin and not mourning Timo's departure. But sadly, Shew was lost in her own little bubble of misery.

"B-But there is still time for the flight." She whispered to no one in particular. She didn't want to let go of the little hope burning bright in her heart.

Timo wouldn't give up on her that easily, or would he? Doubt filled her mind and it made her feel bitter about herself.

"It was preponed." Kai declared mercilessly. He continued on with their little act.

He could see her breaking down but damn they had all suffered a lot the previous night because of her reckless actions. Call them cruel and heartless but she was lucky they were only pranking her a little for all the trouble she had caused.

Shew stood up abruptly, "I don't believe you guys." She declared stubbornly. She then made a run for the entrance to look for Timo in person.

But someone held her by the waist to halt her mad dash.

And that someone was- Vic.

Luckily for him, Shew had forgotten that she could easily dismantle his arm in the blink of an eye. And Vic was feeling grateful for her momentary lack of wits. He could keep his arm.

Shew struggled in his hold fruitlessly, "Let me go, Vic!" She frantically tried to free herself, "I need to stop him!" She screamed and it attracted the attention of the nearby crowd.

"Shhh!" Vic tried in vain to silence her, "You won't find him there."

He looked around to see people taking out their mobile phones to either record the events or to call for help. Either way was not good for them.

At this rate, their covers would be blown and this little situation would be blown out of proportions int a mindless scandal. Then they would all appear on top of covers with headlines- 'The stars harassing a young woman out in broad daylight.'

They could all gladly stay away from such unfortunate incidents.

Shew was blind about her surroundings. Her mind was filled to the brim with thoughts of Timo. She could care less about any scandal.

Her patience was already thin so, at Vic's words, she burst out into tears. The guys grew extremely worried about seeing her cry so brokenly. She fell limply in Vic's arms sobbing silently. Her mind was reeling with another loss. And this time it was her fault.

"Don't cry Shew," Mui tried to talk to her, console her anything which would make the waterworks stop, "Shhh, don't cry."

The guys felt that they went too far with their prank. The sight of the helpless woman pinched their hearts. No matter how upset they were it wasn't worth seeing her cry like this. She was someone important to their big brother and thus a part of their little family now.

"He didn't mean it that way." Ray finally came out with it.

They started to finally understand what Lisa had gone through the previous night. The drunk man had caused some drama and then passed out but the conscious woman was more troublesome.

Shew messily wiped her tears with the sleeves of her t-shirt, "T-Then?" She looked up at Ray expectantly.

Kai smiled faintly, "He went back for you."

He too couldn't wait to go back home and retell the events to his dearest wife. The longing and pain that Shew was feeling made him miss Min-Soe. She was currently pregnant and was on bed rest.

And Kai was sure that she was more than eager to hear about Timo and Shew. Their big brother's life had become a source of entertainment for her.

"Don't tell me-" Shew glared at them now that she was started thinking again, "-you guys just pulled my leg."

Mui winked playfully at her, "We just couldn't resist after your sacrificial stunt." He explained feeling a little apologetic.

"I am sorry for that-" She added in mock fury, "-but you guys are lucky that I am in hurry." And she turned around to go look for Timo.

"Hey, where are you going?" Vic called after her, "None of us knows where big brother went!" He was worried they would waste time again looking for each other all around the city.

"I know where he will be." Shew waved away his concern before disappearing.



In another part of town, Timo was knocking hard on a door. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Are you planning on breaking down my door?" Lisa's angry retort was heard before she opened the door to stare murderously at Timo, "Before you ask Shew practically ran to the airport some time ago."

After a momentary pause, "You're here so she missed you." She stated the obvious. Not giving the guy any chance to speak.

"Thanks," Timo turned around to run to his car, "I know where she will be." He threw the words behind himself.

"Hey, Timo!" Lisa shouted after him, "If she does anything stupid like yesterday then hit her hard on the head for me." Her tone was laced with amusement and genuine happiness for her longtime friend.

"Sure thing." Timo nodded smiling and waving right his hand.

Lisa watched until he disappeared around the corner with a happy smile on her lips. She shook her head feeling helpless and amused at the same time at this overly dramatic couple.

Sanchi94 Sanchi94

I had to work on this chapter twice. But it was honestly fun.

I belong to that group of people who cannot cry and it's one of the reasons why my Shew cries so much (I wonder if her eyeballs would fall off at this rate).

Want to know a secret? This story was actually about Kai but since I gave such sweet story for Kai with minimum drama and it turned into a series, I replaced Kai with Timo.

Now that I think about it, I do feel like revisiting Kai's story and add more sweet chapters for him. I'll see what I can do.

Leave a review or comment about how you feel.

Happy reading guys.

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