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Chapter 15: An Angel Watching Over Us

"We want all your money!"

In front of Hori, there were a dozen or so figures all staring at the carriage the same way a hungry lion stares at prey.

All of the bandits were dressed similarly. They all wore a black top and black trousers, their clothing shielded by an all round black leather armor. The emblem of a snake in white color was embedded onto the chest area of the armor.

The only thing that seemed to make the appearance of the bandits different from each other was their choice of weapon, and their faces of course.

Hori spotted up to five different types of weapon within the small group of bandits that came to attack them. The fact that there were only about a dozen of them didn't help the situation.

"System? I want to use observation".

|Ding! Host has to specify target of observation|

"Anyone". Hori muttered. To him it didn't really matter which one the system decided to use observation on. He just wanted a general idea on the strength of the bandits he was about to fight. He also wanted to know whether he would have to increase the price after the fight.

|Name: James Colvil|

|Identity: Unknown Bandit|

|Race: Human|

|Rank: Second Level Apprentice Mage|

|Element: None|


|Strength: 24|

|Speed: 24|

|Agility: 36|

|Intelligence: 14|

|Skills: None|

|Title: None|

Hori furrowed his brows after seeing the stats of the first person. He looked at the other bandits and couldn't help it as his lips parted to form a smile.

"System, use observation on the big nosed fella".

|Name: Tim Levinson|

|Identity: Unknown bandit|

|Race: Human|

|Rank: Second Level Apprentice Mage|

|Element: None|


|Strength: 21|

|Speed: 20|

|Agility: 32|

|Intelligence: 18|

|Skills: Knife throwing |

|Title: None|

He used observation on some of the other bandits and realized that the bandits weren't particularly strong. They were probably just a bunch of low talent mages who robbed ordinary merchant caravans passing by to make a living. Unfortunately, lady luck decided to have a little laugh with them.

"You know your courage has me quite impressed". Hori said as he brought his rusted sword into view. "However, I don't know whether I should be impressed by your courage or laugh at your stupidity".

As soon as he said those words, the bandits looked at him as if he were an idiot. Since when did some kid have the nerve to talk like that.

Even some of his fellow 'free loaders' glared at him. To them, he was simply escalating the situation beyond repair.

"To think that you have the balls to attack your author!" Hori screamed. Anger was evident on his face. He'd take out all the frustration that he had been feeling for the last few days on these unlucky victims.

The stupid demigod trapping him here, the dumbass system that set him up, the crazy editors that dared to talk down on his book.

The bandits didn't seem to notice the emotional roller coaster happening on his face. They simply laughed at his statement. 'The author?' How ridiculous was that.

The big nosed fellow, identified as Tim Levinson stepped forward. He was holding a pair of daggers in his hands. He pointed one of the daggers at Hori as he spoke.

"You see kid, all the bullshit you've been spitting is making me angry". He tossed one of his daggers into the air. "And when I get angry… I kill!"

When the dagger fell back down, he kicked the butt of the dagger and sent it flying towards Hori's neck. If his life wasn't in danger, Hori would've smiled and enjoyed the authenticity of the move.

Hori raised his rusted sword and blocked the dagger from landing at its intended target. The dagger ricocheted off the blade of the sword and fell on the floor.

An evil grin surfaced on Hori's face as he walked towards the bandits.

"My turn now!"

Shadow wolf slash!

Hori ran towards the bandits. His sword was outlined with a black mist like substance as his hands moved downward, directing it towards the neck of the unlucky bandit.

The silhouette of a wolf enveloped his body, and his two black eyes, though they were colorless, seemed to be the only form of color as he moved among the small crowd of bandits and cut their bodies up into two parts as if he were cooking a dish.

The other freeloaders watched him with awe and amazement.

"Who knew we wouldn't have to work"

"He's like a monster, killing them with such ease!"

"God sent an angel to watch over us!"

Hori smiled when he heard the words of praise from the others.

That's how it's meant to be… praise me! Worship me!

He killed the last one of the bandits and wiped a bit kf sweat from his forehead.

|Ding! Does host wish to raid his victims?|

Hori was somewhat puzzled when he heard the system. Eventually, a smile of understanding washed over his face.


He had gotten a lot richer in the last few days.

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