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Chapter 3: chapter two

Back in reality still sitting on the ground, in the open field with dragons circling them from above.


      Max finished telling Shadow, about how they met. Shadow was giving him a weird look.

   "So, is this school the same as the one from your past?" Shadow asked him as she got up from the ground.

  "No, this school is a different one. This one was built after the old one was destroyed by Alex." Max told her as he too got up and shock off the grass that was stuck to him and the memories of the past.

    "How was it destroyed?" Shadow asked him.

  "Alex let loose ancient and dark magic." Max told her as he started to walk the rest of the way across the field.

    "Are coming Shadow, we don't want to linger here anymore then we have to, one of the dragons have taken interest in us. And I am sure Alex is waiting for us in her office." Max asked her as he realized she was not following him.

  "Yeah, I'm coming." Shadow answered as she ran to catch up to him.

    The red dragon that was circling stopped and flew away.

    "Where are we going anyways?" Shadow asked him as she got in step with him.

    "Well, we were under building one. Which holds the guilds and intake of new members.It is also a meeting place for other teams.The building we are heading to now is building two which holds the offices and training rooms. Building three is to the east of us. It holds the living quarters for everyone." Max told her as they got closer to building two.

     "So, all of the building are basically built in a circle?" Shadow asked him.

    "Basically, yes." Max responded.

     "So, let me get this straight, we are going to Alexandria's office then what?" she asked him as she took a quick look around but did not see the other buildings he spoke of.

     "Then, we go and see what you are made of." Max responded as he opens the steal door of the second building and motioned for her to go ahead of him.

   After the where both entered the building the doors closed behind them without Max touching them. Shadow was looking at him with a spooked look on his face.

    "It does that." Max told her as he leads the way to Alex's office.

    " No normal building closes the doors on its own." Shadow thought as she followed behind Max.

After a while of walking in silence, someone walked out of the shadows and blocked there way.

    "Hey, Max long time no see."

    "Hi, Ash what do you want?" Max asked him casually, while he searched the area for the reason for the smell of ozone.

 "Do you know where Alexandria is?" Ash asked him bluntly.

    "Yes, now can you lower the zero-gravity trap you set. Please?"  Max asked him.

     "Come on no fun, Max. Oh hey, who is the new kid? Also, why is Alex's cloak on her?" Ash asked him as he zeroed in on the late teens female who was standing behind Max.

     "Ash this is Shadow, she is a new member of our team. The reason for the cloak is because, Alexandria told her to wear it intel she can make it known that Shadow is one of hers." Max explained as he stepped in front of Shadow in attempt to shield her from Ash; I might not have a chance against him but still.

    "Is that so?" Ash muttered as he looked her in the eyes and allowed some of his power to show itself; Does Thaila now know, whose blood runs in this kid's veins, I hope she knows what she is doing.

  "Yes Ash, it is. Now can you tell me why you are looking for the commander? I thought she wanted nothing to do with the nine-chaos team any longer?" Max asked him as he looked around to see if the others where here to.

    "The others aren't here. Your right about her not wanting anything to do with us, when she left it crushed a lot of people, it certainly caused Michael a lot of pain. Now he is more a pain in the neck then when Alex was around. The others are walking on eggshells are each other. It is seriously annoying, I got fed up with it, so here I am and before you ask I do have a good reason." Ash told him as he motioned for him to show the way to Alex.

   "Fine. We were heading there any ways." Max told him in annoyance at being outsmarted by the blue haired male.

   The walked in silence down a few corridors and stopped outside a wooden door with a black star and a dagger that is carved into the door.

    "Commander Alexandria, can we come in?" Max called from outside the closed door, he motioned for Ash to stay guite and enter after them.

    "Come in and stop calling me commander!" Alex snapped as she looked up then went back to the piles of paperwork, that are scattered all over the place.

    Max opened the door and enter a disaster zone an office, there was stacks of papers and files all over the place. He motioned for Shadow to come. They both stepped to the left of the door, so that Ash could come. He stepped into the office and closed the door behind him and a pencil went flying for his head. He dodged it went into the wall and stayed there.

  "My bad, looks like I missed. That was my only one too." Alexandria said with an indifference look on her face as she glared at Ash. The paperwork she was doing forgotten.

  "Well hello to you too," Ash said while pulling the pencil out from the wall. "would you like this back?"  He asked her while holding the pencil out in front of him and in grabbing reach from where Alex was.

   "Commander! What the heck, that was going a little too far don't you think?" Max asked her while trying to hind is surprise at the attack she just delivered to Ash. He didn't even see her grab the pencil from the cup of pens that she had on the mess that she calls her desk.

  "Max, Shadow wait in the wall will you. Me and Ash need to have a chat." Alex shot back at his question; what the hecks is he doing here. She thought has she grab the pencil from Ash.

  "What! Why should we?" Shadow snapped, she was carouse about the blue haired male standing to the right of her was.

      Alex was about to put the kid in her place when Max grabbed her by the arm half dragging her out of the office and into the hall away.

 "Shadow, hush and come with me." He told her while dragging her into the hallway.

  They both left the office one being dragged the other walking out, he released her arm and motioned for her to stay out there with him.

  "What the heck Max!" Shadow snapped at him as she leaned against the wall across from him.

    "You would not have won that fight." Max told her calmingly; what is she thinking Alex was five seconds from killing her for disobeying her order. He thought as he watched her movement.

 "You don't know that. And why can't we be in there?" Shadow snapped as she pointed toward the door of the office.

  "Actually, I do know that, and she probably wants to talk to him about why he is here." Max told her matter of factly; damn I can't hear anything, oh well. He thought as he leaned against the opposite wall from her.

   "Why, would she throw a pencil at his head?" She asked as she took a deep breath to calm herself down there was no need to take her anger out on him.

  "Those two have a rocky history with each other. And trust me if she really wanted him dead, it would not have been with a pencil." Max told her with a shake of his head.

 Back in the office Alex was still staring daggers at the well-built blue haired male.

     "What are you doing here Ash?" Alex asked as she gave up the staring contest.

  "So, you're going by your middle name now, huh? Thalia it's been a while. Not nice throwing that pencil at my head. You didn't have to send them out in the hall." Ash smirked as he sat down in one of the two chairs that were in front of her desk. All the while staring her dead in the eyes.

    "Yes, I did. Don't call me by that name! Thalia is dead. Why are you here? Who else is here? Who else knows where I am?" Alexandria snapped at him angrily; it's been ten years why the hell is he here. She thought as she glared at the caluteing blue haired male in front of her.

       "Your first question, I will answer it later. The second question, no I snuck out and came here. T. we have always know where you were, we just kept our distance and waited intel, one Michael decide to grow up and come get you. Or two we had a good reason to come get you. Which now we do, T. we need your help, you're the only one who has the knowledge and power to execute this mission." Ash told her as he studied her every move and reclined in the leather chair.

   "Ash, I can't just get up and leave like I used too. Even if I could, I have people here that I have to look after, I also have responsibilities here." Alex muttered as she flipped through another file that was on her desk.

   "Hey, T. I heard you have a tag team match today. If you don't mind can I be your partner?" Ash asked her; if this is the only way to get her to remember the old days so be it.

     Alexandria looked up from the file and stared him in the eyes trying to figure out what he was scheming; huh, he has never asked to team up or fight with me. What are you scheming Ash?? "Fine, I guess." She answered him with a shrug of her shoulders, she called the two that were out in the hall to come in.

   Max and Shadow walked in and looked from Ash who was still reclining in the chair to     Alex who was still half hearty flipping through a file on her desk.

  "Max, Ash will be taking your spot in the match, that cool with you? If so, I want you to take Shadow to the training room and see what she is capable of." Alex told him as she looked up from the file that held info on Shadow.

  "Yes, that's cool with me. I have a question if, she passes can she join our team?" Max asked her with a hopeful look on his face.

  "Yes, Max she can. Here is the paperwork for her to join us. However, she has to pass the test first Max, and no helping her." She told him with a look in his direction that said I will know if you help her.

    Max looked at his feet while trying to hide a smile; so that's what she has been up to. Max thought as he backed toward the door, before she could change her mind.

    "I understand, can we leave now?" Max asked her as he held the papers and was reaching for the door.

  "Yes, you guys can go."  She told them while shaking her head; so little faith oh well. "Ash stay will ya." Alex whispered as she crossed her hands and zoned out a little.

  "What is she planning now?" Max thought as he and Shadow left the office and headed for the training room that was in a different part of the building.

        Alex and Ash were the only two left, in the office after Max and Shadow left.

  Alex was still behind the desk that was still had files and paperwork stacked ceiling high.

    "Ash?" Alex asked without looking at him.

    "What is it T.?" Ash asked her with tilt of his head.

    "What if, I could come back to you all?" She asked him.

     "You know you are always welcome to come back whenever after all it is your house." Ash stated with a shrug of his shoulders; What is he thinking, will she finally come home. I know Michael would love that. It would put the others at ease has well. I better proceed with caution. Ash was thinking as he looked at the scorch marks that were on the wall behind Alex's desk.

    "Ash, I don't know what to do anymore. I thought that if I stayed here and took care of the people that crossed my path, I wouldn't have to face my past or the people who know about it. I am sorry that I hurt you guys, trust me. I tried to leave. But you guys made me believe that I was safe with you guys. I knew if the people, who I was running from caught up. You guys would get hurt or die because of me. So, I finally decide to leave before anyone, except Michael caught on to what I was doing." Alec told him quietly.

  "What are you trying to say T.?" Ash asked her cautiously.

   "I am trying to say after I finish this paperwork, the match. I want to return home. I want you to help me do it. However, Ash you must make sure if I ever turn away from this path you would, put me straight. Whatever way you see fit to do it. Do you understand?" she asked him as she looked him straight in the eyes.

   "Yeah, I understand." He told her with a huge grin on his face; looks like we got our girl back Michael.

  "Good now can you hand me that bottle of whisky that is to the left of you?" she asked him as she pointed to where it was.

  "Heck no! How many times, have we told you drinking is not good for you. Now get back to work!" Ash snapped at her as he shattered the bottle of whisky; At least she is still the same as she used to be. However, I am worried about what she said earlier, it makes me feel uneasy and my magic goes chaotic. I guess I will just have to keep an eye on her. He thought as he pulled his magic back.

  Just then, loud bells sound throughout the building, Ash noticed that Alex went stiff at the sound of them.

  "Thaila?" Ash asked as he honed in on her movement and emotions.

     "Hmmm...?" She answered while not looking at him and trying to focus on the paperwork in front of her that was scattered all over her desk.

  "What do those bells mean?" He asked her while paying very close attention to her movement.

     "Nothing." She answered while still not looking at him.

  "Why don't you look me in the eyes and answer that?" Ash asked her with a frustrated look on his face.

    "Grrr…. fine it means the match is about to start. "Alex told him in annoyance. "Looks like we should head to the arena, Mmm.... I guess, I will just have to use magic to finish this paperwork, oh well. Carsunlio." Alex muttered with a tap on the papers and a gesture towards the cup of pens that are on her desk. That sent the papers and pens into the air.


  "Really, T. doesn't anyone try and police your work." Ash asked as he ducked out of the way of a flying pen.


"Yes, Ash we do. But she is one stubborn person and if she doesn't use her magic, then paperwork never gets done." Asil told him as he appeared in the room and sat down in the chair next to him.

  "Asil! What did I say about showing up in my office without knocking? And do tell are you doing here?" Alex snapped at him.


   "Hello, Asil." Ash commented with a smirk.


After all of the papers were filled out, Alex made a hand gesture that had all of the papers flying into her hand and the pens returning to the cup on the desk.


 "There all of the annoying paperwork is done. Now then Asil can please tell all of the others, after the match I will be leaving for a while." She told as she handed him the paperwork.


  "What! You can't leave." Asil yelled with shock as he took the papers.

  "Asil you are dismissed this is an order from your commander." She told him with a pointed look that left no room for argument.


  Asil got up from the chair and left the office to do as he was told.


"Dang T., I think that was the first time I have ever heard you pull rank before." Ash said as he got up from the chair and walked around the office.


 "Shut it Ash, I only pulled rank because he would not have obeyed otherwise." She told him with an annoyed look in his direction.

   Alex pulled open the first drawer on her desk to retrieve the injection pen that she keeps there. She injected herself twice with the solution. then placed the injector back in the desk drawer.


   "Alex, you still have to do that? "Ash asked her with a worried look on his face.


"Yeah, let's get this over with, so we can go home." She muttered as she got up from the chair and walked toward the door to leave the office and headed down the hallway toward the double doors which lead to another hallway, Alex turned left and opened a door with one of the keys on her belt. She walked into the room and clasped down on the only coach in the room, there was a chairs and blank walls inside the room. Ash came in after her and closed the door behind him and took one of the four chairs.


"Where are we Alex?" Ash asked with a bewildered look on his face as he looked around the room.


 "You do know that curiosity killed the cat, right? But to answer your question we are in a waiting room. The door your left leads to the arena." She told him as she leaned back and looked up to the ceiling.


  "How do we know when to go out?" He asked her.

    "See that light above the door?" She asked him.

    "Yes, what about it" he asked her as he looked at the light above the door.

  "When it turns green. We go out to the arena." She answered him with a bored look on her face.

    "Is there a way to see what is going on out there?" Ash asked her as he leaned back in his chair he was starting to get bored himself.


 Alex made a gesture with her hand toward the wall and an image of the arena appeared on it.


  "Thanks." Ash stated; I guess I should stop asking questions. He thought as he looked at the arena and what he was about to face.

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