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Chapter 10: Easily accomplished

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The moment Ye Xiwen listened to his words, he was suddenly taken aback. This meant they wanted to kill him in order to seize the treasure!

And just as he expected, the voice barely fell and a whistling sound burst out right away. The purple-clothed youth stomped his foot and in a flash, hurtled towards Ye Xiwen. Simultaneously both his hands turned into a pair of eagle claws. It was actually a primary level power technique, Eagle Claw Power. This youth could even grasp or pierce through the quartzite quite easily relying on the strength of Late Houtian fifth stage coupled with 'Eagle Claw Power'. His might was really enormous. Since he very much relied on Eagle Claw Power, he was actually well-known among the Zhang family's inner disciples.

The youth's body appeared like a huge eagle while his hands had already changed into eagle claws with which he as if firmly grabbed the air, causing an air explosion accompanied with shockwaves. At this moment, his face revealed a sardonic smile as he could almost visualize the scene where Ye Xiwen was seriously injured by his claws.

Just like a huge eagle arriving to kill its prey in an instant, his Zhen Qi condensed and took the shape of an eagle.

However, Ye Xiwen also reacted at once. Immediately, a burst of a crackling and rattling sounds of thunderstorm reverberated, followed by a hand which stretched out and directly ripped off the layer of protective Zhen Qi from the body of that youth. Afterwards, Ye Xiwen grabbed his neck.

Indeed there was a massive difference between the strength of both sides. Just in an instant, Ye Xiwen broke the defense of the opposite party very intelligently.

The purple-clothed youth was single-handedly held by the nape of his neck by Ye Xiwen. The big hand of Ye Xiwen firmly held his neck just like an iron hoop, rendering him completely immobile. Because of this, he was unable to even breathe properly. If he continued being in this state, then would be certainly strangled to death by Ye Xiwen.

For Ye Xiwen, this was the first time dealing with a human being. However, with the power of five tigers coordinated with the eighth echo of Rushing Thunder Hand, that youth was completely outdone by him. This was due to the huge disparity between their strengths.

At this moment, an unbelievable reaction accompanied with astonishment appeared on the faces of other two youths, one was the young master of the Zhang family and other was the black-clothed youth. For them, this was simply similar to miracle.

"Stop, release him at once!" The black-clothed youth shouted loudly.

"Fine, I am returning him to you!" Under the long robe of Ye Xiwen, his muscles tensed up and the next moment, the purple-clothed youth was directly thrown out.

"Bang!" Suddenly, the purple-clothed youth was sent flying towards the black-clothed youth. Upon seeing this, the black-clothed youth promptly raised his hands to grab him in midair. However, the sounds of 'Kara' 'Kara' immediately resounded everywhere as soon as both his hands crashed into something that was thrown with immense force. The bones in his hands suddenly got shattered to pieces.

Now the strength of Ye Xiwen's whole body had already surpassed the strength of five tigers and had basically reached 2500 Jin. That black-clothed youth was only at Houtian fifth stage and possessed the strength of three tigers, so how could he withstand this blow. All of a sudden, his arm was terribly smashed off and bent in a weird manner.

"Kara!" An ear piercing sound of broken bones suddenly burst out as the back of the purple-clothed youth powerfully smashed against the arms of the black-clothed youth. Because of this powerful hit, the backbone of the purple-clothed youth immediately got fractured. The broken bones perforated his internal organs and as a result, he immediately started spouting blood from his mouth. He immediately collapsed and it was hard to tell whether he was just unconscious or dead.

The description seemed quite long, but the fact was that this whole scene took place in a matter of few breaths.

The young master of Zhang family immediately turned furious. Just in an instant, both of his subordinates were defeated, one of them actually lost his consciousness while the other got his hands completely smashed to pieces; he was wailing incessantly. For the young master, this whole incident was literary like getting a firm slap on his face.

"You really acted recklessly!" The young master shouted indignantly, immediately his whole body's Zhen Qi started proliferating. Compared to him, the other two youths were not the least bit stronger. He was already at Houtian sixth stage and his strength was utterly astonishing. Furthermore, he had all the qualifications to become a core disciple. "I must break your hands and feet and discard your cultivation. Not only this, I will even peel your skin off!"

The young master's fist suddenly rumbled with a fierce boxing strength. This explosion caused the air to seethe with excitement. His Zhen Qi ran through the vast sky while his fist strength turned into his own strength. Just like a dragon made up of qi, he advanced towards Ye Xiwen to blast him away.

"Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!" Ye Xiwen also set about and shouted loudly. In a split second, Rushing Thunder Hand was shot accompanied with a rumbling sound of thunder and routed the ferocious attack of the young master's Qi dragon in one fell swoop.

"Bang!" With a metal clanging sound, both hands of the young master were suddenly snapped off, making him immediately spout out a mouthful of blood. Because of this solid hit, his body flew upside down. His eyes were brimming with an inconceivable look. "How is it possible, the eighth echo, you have actually practiced to the eighth echo!"

The young master just couldn't accept that Ye Xiwen had already practiced Rushing Thunder Hand to this level. Producing the eighth echo, it was something not even several core disciples could achieve. Besides, Rushing Thunder Hand was not a profound secret book; even the Zhang family also had it in their collection. However, he had never seen a single disciple of this age who had been able to bring forth the eighth echo so conveniently.

Even more dreadful was the fact that Ye Xiwen unexpectedly had the strength of five tigers. It was not some kind of scattered inborn strength, rather was a type of twisted strength. This was the root cause why the moment he got struck, his hands were snapped off.

"You should know by now that it's futile!" Ye Xiwen sneered as he said, then stepped forward to pursue him. At this instant, Rushing Thunder Hand was used at its best and that young master was slapped mercilessly, which sent him flying in the air.

"Bang!" The chest of the young master suddenly exploded, and even his sternum was shattered into pieces with flesh and blood splattering everywhere. Ye Xiwen had already blown out his heart, making him depart from this world almost immediately.

Just in a blink of an eye, the table was completely turned. A moment ago, the three people had encircled Ye Xiwen to kill him but now the current situation was like this: one of them died on the spot, the second was in an unconscious state while the third one was severely injured.

"It's impossible, you...you actually killed the young master!" The black-clothed youth wailed in grief.

Ye Xiwen's face was still expressionless, as he slowly moved towards him.

"This was our mistake, please let us off; we were subjected to the direct command of the young master. We will surely not speak out a single word!" Eventually the facial expression of the black-clothed youth revealed a fearful expression. However behind that fearful expression, deep within his heart, a trace of hatred had already taken birth. Ye Xiwen interestingly noticed it quite easily.

"Do you even believe your own words? True, we don't have enmity, but you still ganged up on me to snatch away the red ginseng; not to mention you even tried to kill me rather letting me off." That black-clothed youth's persuasion was totally dismissed by Ye Xiwen. How could Ye Xiwen be convinced so easily? The trace of hatred which was revealed on the black-clothed youth's face made Ye Xiwen fully understand that there was surely a possibility of retaliation later on.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen was determined to kill them, the youth became frantic: "You won't die an easy death! Just you wait... our Zhang family's experts are in the proximity. If we don't return, they would do anything and everything to dig out the truth, and then they will surely avenge us!"

"You reap what you sow; these are the consequences of your own actions!"

Ye Xiwen completely ignored everything, simply struck his palm which sent his Zhen Qi galloping ahead violently.


The youth billowed pitifully and died a moment later.

After having killed the black-clothed youth, Ye Xiwen also killed the purple-clothed youth who was in stupor. Thus in this way, he handled the matter efficiently for the first time in his life by successfully silencing all the witnesses. However now, he didn't have enough time to plan his next course of action as according to the very last words uttered by the black-clothed youth there were several Zhang family's experts roaming about in the vicinity, so he must depart as quickly as possible.

Shortly after he left, a group of five men rushed to the scene. When their eyes fell on the three dead bodies lying on the ground, the whole group started raging with fury.

"The young master's corpse is still warm, that explains the murderer has not yet gone far. Pursue him; we must pursue him to the ends of the earth if we have to. Rip off his skin and muscles and eliminate the hate blazing in my heart!" The leader of that group exclaimed aloud while gnashing his teeth in anger. On his face was a long scar which was most likely the leftover from an old blade wound.

"Yes!" Other four men responded.


  • DickWrinkles


    Huh for someone who was an average college student he sure had no problems killing people for the first time

  • cherryclan


    "The young master's corpse is still warm"??????? I thought his body was mangled?

  • Ekswye


    Its same anyways =_=

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