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Chapter 9: Back to the Guild

After leaving the dungeon, I started heading back to the guild to get some actual food for dinner. Asking some of the locals for their recommendations, I learned of a place called the "Hostess of Fertility". Heading in the direction I was pointed, I was slightly surprised to see it was pretty popular.

Heading into the establishment, I was immediately greeted by a girl that had light grey eyes and hair. A stray thought entered my mind as I started to wonder why there are so many beautiful women in this world. Shaking my head to put that thought aside, I decided to go ahead and get something to eat.

Waitress: Hello there ma'am, is this your first time eating here?

Me: Yes, I just arrived in the city yesterday. Someone recommended eating here, so I decided to try it.

Waitress: Yes we are very popular. My name is Syr Flova.

She gave a small smile and gestured to her nametag.

Me: My name is Aelita Stone.

I awkwardly raise my hand to copy her, only to realize I wasn't wearing a nametag at the last second. I scratched my face in an attempt to play it off. Her grin told me it didn't work.

Syr: Lovely name. Now if you would please follow me.

Following after her, she showed me to a table against the wall. I sat down, taking my sword off my waist and setting it up against the wall under the table. I shifted my legs so that it was near impossible to take the sword without me noticing. Settling into my seat, I asked Syr to bring me what she recommends that was under 14,000 Valis.

I waited a while for the food, people watching until Syr came out with a plate full of food. This must've been the first full-fledged meal I've had ever since coming to this world. I felt my stomach grumble when I saw the plate full of meat and some weird type of vegetables. There was also some alcohol that she brought, but a quick question to the System assured me it was weak enough not to affect me. The food was delicious and the drink left me with a warm buzz.

Leaving the Hostess of Fertility with a third of the money that I entered with, I made my way to the guild. As I entered, I made eye contact with an elf as she was leaving. She had beautiful jade green hair and matching eyes. Averting my gaze quickly, I felt my heart beating quickly and my face grow warm in a blush.

Questioning myself as to what that was, I was surprised when a notification came through the System alerting me of a new skill that I had unlocked.

{Skill unlocked}


To put in the simplest terms, you are a lesbian. You experience sexual and romantic attraction towards other women.

A small note popped up underneath the skill description.

<I'm really doing you a favor, so here you go.


Blanking for a good minute, I decided to question the System on it's weird invasive skill unlocking later. Ignoring the skill I apparently had and didn't know about, I decided to go to the line that Eina was handling. Walking up, I felt a similar warmth in my stomach when I saw her again. I immediately realized that this was the work of the skill, so I decided to have a long chat with the system later.

Me: Hi there Miss Tulle. I know you said that I should go to the trading line, but I also wanted to know if you managed to get the letter to Loki-Sama.

She smiled back at me before reaching down and holding up an envelope.

Eina: That's alright Miss Stone! I managed to get a reply just a few moments ago from the Loki familia's most prominent mage.

I felt a sneaking suspicion I knew who the "most prominent mage" was, but decided to confirm my thoughts.

Me: Was she an elf with Jade hair and eyes, by chance?

Eina: Yes actually! Did you manage to see her as she was leaving?

Remembering the new skill I unlocked, I smiled ironically.

Me: I sure did, Miss Tulle.

Eina nodded before handing the envelope over to the counter to me.

Eina: They said that they would like to see you around noon tomorrow.

I took the parcel before nodding and glancing down at it.

Me: So no dungeon then. That's alright, I was thinking of taking a break anyways. Anyways, here are the Magic Stones that I got today.

I dumped the stones on the counter. A bit of concern crossed my face at how startled she looked.

Me: Miss Tulle are you alright?

She cleared her throat and began counting the stones in front of her.

Eina: I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. May I ask what floor you went to?

I shrugged and told her.

Me: Floor 6. I was originally going to go further but decided against it because I didn't want to deal with the Killer Ants. They seem pretty annoying, especially with only one person fighting them.

She nodded at the statement, but seemed more interested in counting the stones and tallying up the amount owed.

Eina: Okay, give me a moment to get the value and money.

She turned around, taking the Stones with her.

Taking this opportunity, I decided to talk with the system about that random ass skill I just got.

Me: 'Hi yes. I have a quick question. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!'

In case the system was confused by my question (although I was sure it wasn't) I pointed as many mental fingers towards the notification as I could. Although the system didn't have a personality or sense of humor, I could've sworn it sounded like it wanted to laugh at me.

System: {God (Author) wanted to give you something that would be beneficial. And he gave it to you for free. This world is much more prone to having attractive women than it is to having attractive men. Not to mention that most of the men here who are handsome know they are, and are assholes because of it. The only exceptions are a few gods, but definitely not all of them.}

I contemplated this reasoning. I was never upset at this development, just confused. My previous bisexuality just seemed to lose a bit of itself, and I sighed.

Me: 'He could've at least have told me.'

System: {God believed if he told you, that you would outright deny the skill, so he had you run into some attractive women and realize it for yourself.}

Me: 'Can I perhaps... get rid of the skill though?'

System: {No you can't, but God gave me permission to give you a few skills at a discount that would make your love life easier.}

The system then brought up a few skills that would be good regardless of whether or not I had been "gifted" that skill or not.



When someone is targeted by this skill, unless they have mental resistance, they feel an attraction towards you, regardless of most other factors. This does not work on asexuals, but does have an effect, although lessened, on Gods.

Original cost-1,000,000

Discounted cost-800,000

[No Men-SSS]

Men don't see you as anything great. All they see is a woman walking down the street and will not make active attempts to hit on you.

Original cost-500,000

Discounted cost-400,000


Using magic you can put a magical locator on someone. When said person is in trouble, you will be alerted and shown their location. This only works on someone you possess a strong bond with.

Original cost-3,000,000

Discounted cost-2,400,000

the System: {Although this one isn't discounted, I would HIGHLY recommend this skill so that you don't stand out too much.}

[Skill Modifier-SSS]

This skill is invisible and undetectable to any God that checks your status board. It is used to hide or alter skill levels and descriptions.


Taking every skill grudgingly, I decided to mess with the skill called [Skill Hider] when I got back to the inn.

I was startled out of my internal conversation by the return of the lovely Eina.

Eina: Here you go Miss Stone. You've made about 30,000 Valis today.

Me: Thank you, Miss Tulle. Sorry again for stopping by the General Counter instead of the Trading Counter, I promise not to hold your line up too long in the future. By the way, can you tell me how to get to the meeting place from here? I have no idea where I'm going.

She laughed at my sheepish expression before directing me towards where I would meet my potential familia the next day.

After that was done, I headed back to the same inn I stayed at last night. It wasn't until I sat on the bed and fell back into the pillows that I felt the exhaustion hit me. I buried my face in a pillow and groaned. It felt like I just got hit by a truck, with how much bullshit happened to me today.

Daoist826187 Daoist826187

We've got the lesbian stuff now. The next chapter is the Joining of a familia maybe. I'm writing this note before finishing the next chapter.

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