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Chapter 10: First Dish

Jayce decided to leave his unspent stat points for now, as he was unsure which stat would be most useful for his new Class.

His eyes moved down to his skills, seeing if anything would help him out of his current predicament.


Basic Cooking (lvl. 1) - Allows the creation of simple dishes with minor beneficial effects.

Ingredient Analysis (lvl. 1) - Ability to discern the properties and quality of ingredients.

Taste Enhancement (lvl. 1) - Enhances the flavor and nutritional value of prepared dishes.

VIP15 (max) - Your luck is increased. Small chance of converting temporary stat boosts to permanent

Jayce stood in the kitchen, his brows furrowed in concentration. "Ingredient Analysis. How does that work?" he mumbled, casting his gaze around the room.

Resting on the countertop was a whole chicken, its plucked and gutted form ready for cooking. Determined to activate his new skill, Jayce narrowed his eyes and reached out to touch the poultry, bracing himself for the unknown.

To his surprise, a small window materialized before his eyes, revealing the insights of his Ingredient Analysis skill.

[Chicken - High in protein, good nutritional value]

Jayce let out a breath of relief. "Ah, so it's activated by touch," he muttered, relieved that he wouldn't be bombarded with status windows every time he looked at something edible. The inconvenience of touch activation was a small price to pay for the valuable information it provided.

With his newfound understanding, Jayce continued his exploration of the kitchen. His eyes landed on a collection of vegetables nearby, beckoning him to uncover their secrets.

[Carrot - Good nutritional value]

[Onion - Good flavor and nutrition, can make you cry]

[Green Beans - Good nutritional value]

He gathered these ingredients, their properties now revealed to him. Piling them onto the counter, Jayce took a step back, contemplating his next move. While he was satisfied with his ability to analyze the ingredients, he faced a new challenge—he had little knowledge of cooking techniques or recipes to follow.

As if in response to his dilemma, a prompt materialized before his eyes, offering a potential solution.

[Possible dishes: Chicken Vegetable Soup +2 Vitality for 1 hour]

His eyes widened in pleasant surprise. "Ah, excellent," he exclaimed, a glimmer of excitement igniting within him.

In front of his eyes was a simple recipe with step by step procedures, causing him to let out a sigh of relief. If he had to wing it, he was afraid that he would destroy a perfectly good chicken, possibly causing a rebellion within the shelter.

He grabbed a knife and began to chop the vegetables as instructed. To his surprise, his knife skills were decent, causing him some confusion.

Jayce suddenly thought of a possibility, quickly accessing his inventory.

Chef Jacket:

Stats: +5 Charisma

Functionality: The Chef Jacket provides excellent protection against kitchen mishaps and minor physical hazards, reducing the chance of injury while preparing meals. Its high-quality fabric resists stains and heat, keeping the wearer comfortable even in intense cooking situations.

Chef Hat:

Stats: +5 Focus, +5 knife skills

Functionality: The Chef Hat amplifies the wearer's mental acuity, enhancing their ability to analyze ingredients and recipes. It grants a bonus to intelligence, improving memory and enabling quick thinking during culinary tasks. The hat's enchantments promote focus and concentration, allowing the chef to maintain precision and attention to detail while multitasking in the kitchen.

Comfy Chef Shoes:

Stats: +5 Stamina

Functionality: The Comfy Chef Shoes prioritize the chef's mobility and physical endurance. The shoes' cushioned soles provide shock absorption, reducing fatigue and strain on the chef's feet and legs during long hours of standing and movement. The bonus to stamina helps the chef maintain energy and endurance, enabling them to work efficiently without succumbing to exhaustion.

Chef's Knife:

Stats: +15 Attack, +10 Precision

Functionality: The Chef's Knife is a versatile and formidable tool in the hands of a skilled chef. Its exceptional sharpness and balance allow for precise cuts and efficient ingredient preparation. The knife's increased attack stat grants bonus damage against ingredients and certain cooking-related enemies encountered in the game. Its enchantments enhance precision, enabling the chef to execute intricate slicing techniques and achieve consistent results. The Chef's Knife is an indispensable companion for culinary mastery, ensuring the chef can create dishes with impeccable precision and presentation.

Like he thought, his beginner gear was not good for combat. However it looked like it would definitely help him out in the kitchen.

Shaking his head, he continued to chop the vegetables, making use of his newfound knife skills. After he was finished he put it in the pot and began to saute the ingredients.


The captivating aroma of the Chicken Vegetable Soup permeated the shelter, luring its inhabitants with its mouthwatering fragrance. The scent drifted through the air like a seductive melody, reaching the nostrils of those seeking solace and nourishment.

[Congratulations, you have prepared "Chicken Vegetable Soup"]

Jayce wiped the perspiration from his brow, feeling a surge of accomplishment wash over him. This meal, crafted with his own hands, was a testament to his culinary skills. It marked a significant milestone in his journey, a departure from the monotonous days of surviving on instant noodles. As his stomach growled in anticipation, he reveled in the joy of a genuine feast.

Curiosity piqued, Lianna's petite figure appeared at the kitchen doorway. Her adorable nose twitched, catching the alluring aroma of the Chicken Vegetable Soup.

"Go fetch Colin, the food is ready," Jayce instructed with a beaming smile.

In no time, a line of hungry souls formed outside the kitchen, each person clutching a bowl, eagerly awaiting their turn. With genuine care and compassion, Colin graciously ladled the nourishing soup into their empty vessels, embodying the spirit of a true guardian.

Once every individual had received their portion, Colin presented Jayce with a sizable bowl, gratitude reflecting in his eyes. "Thanks for your hard work."

Jayce accepted the bowl with gratitude before dipping his spoon into the soup, savoring its divine essence. "Whoa, this is actually delicious!" he exclaimed, his pride swelling with each flavorful spoonful.

Colin arched an eyebrow, bemused by Jayce's reaction. "Did you doubt its outcome?" he inquired, his expression one of mild confusion.

"N-No, of course not," Jayce stammered, attempting to conceal his initial uncertainty. "I knew it would turn out this way. Ha ha."

Before further discussion could ensue, a commotion erupted from the main room. Both Colin and Jayce hastened to investigate, their curiosity piqued. What they witnessed was a sea of satisfied faces, alive with joy and satiation.

"Oh my god, this is delicious!"

"It's revitalizing my strength!"

"Are we in the realm of the divine?"

Expressions of contentment and compliments filled the room, as the meal had cast its enchantment on the shelter's inhabitants.

"Thank you, Chef!" One person raised his bowl in salute, gratitude emanating from his features.

Jayce blushed, feeling a sense of embarrassment mingled with gratitude. This newfound class of his had proven itself worthy. For the first time, he realized that being a chef in the midst of an apocalypse held unexpected value.

A part of him that had long been suppressed had resurfaced, reigniting the flame of his aspiration to become a renowned chef. Perhaps, even in this harsh world, his culinary skills could bring moments of solace and happiness to those in need.

However, was there a use for someone like him? A Chef in an Apocalypse?

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