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100% Class S Wish System / Chapter 8: Maba

Class S Wish System Chapter 8 - Maba

Chapter 8: Maba

Lin Tian shook his head but didn't mind the girl attitude, she couldn't be blamed. He then followed her closely.


What Lin Tian didn't know that someone was already breaking and wrecking his whole place, the one wrecking the place was Lui Roufang.

"Who got the guts to injure my grandson?! He must be tired of living!" Lui Roufang released an oppressive aura, the people around him was suffocating by the oppressive aura being released.

"G-Grand Elder, please calm down" A man in his pass his thirty said while struggling to speak out.

"Calm down? Do you think its that easy to quench my thirst for murder?!" Lui Roufang yelled, "Who was it?"

The man hurriedly kneeled in front and said, "W..we..we don't know Grand Elder, but someone told us that Yu Shishi might know."

"That dual wielder?" Lui Roufang said while struggling to calm down.

"Yes, the lackeys who was with your grandson, said that she was the only one left at the scene after they have made a run for it." The man said as he was covered in sweat.

"Hmph! Bring her here."

"Grand Elder, she hasn't arrived yet." The man was shaking.

"What?! Where is she now?" Lui Roufang yelled.

"According to the recent siting, she was near the gates of Zhu Town."

"Then what are you waiting for! Search for her! I'd like to know who has the guts to dare injure my grandson!" Lui Roufang said.

"Yes!" The man saluted then vanished.

After the man was gone Lui Roufang looked out the window and said, "No matter who you are, I'll you make the price of provoking me."


"Achooo!" Lin Tian rubbed his nose and said, "Who talking behind my back? Is it that pretty sister?" Lin Tian chuckled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"We're here." Meng Qing said.

Lin Tian looked ahead, he saw that the house was not shabby and was in good condition. Looking at the house he could see that out of the houses he has seen on the way, this was the smallest. Lin Tian didn't blame them.

This was was the west side of the Zhu Town this was the only place the poor and the citizen could live, but looking farther down the road Lin Tian saw that the further you walk the more the houses was shabby and some was near collapsing.

Either way this house was not bad. Lin Tian and Meng Qing walked inside the house and entered the only bedroom of the house, there they saw a woman laying down, she was in her mid thirty, and her beauty would be on par with Yu Shishi if it weren't for aging but nonetheless she looked mature and pretty at this age.

Ling Tian was surprised, 'No wonder that lass was a beauty, so was her mother.' Lin Tian looked at the girl who was worried.

Meng Qing worriedly said, "So...uhm.. can you save my mother?"

"Don't worry, I, Lin Tian never goes back on his words." Lin Tian reassured.

Meng Qing heaved a sigh of relief but was still worried, "What should i do?"

Lin Tian shrugged and said, "Nothing, just sit back and relax. Leave us here alone."

"But... Okay.." Meng Qing looked back and left the room.

After Meng Qing left, Lin Tian exhaled, "I should start, but i have no knowledge in the medical field though." Lin Tian said.

"If i used the wish though it will be a completely different story, but wasting a wish like this is not advisable and i have to wait till tommorow to get another one." Lin Tian pondered.

"Should i just wish that i'd become a Godly doctor? That's not a bad idea, if I get into a big fight I can minimize the damage and completely heal afterwards." Lin Tian thought of an idea, "F*ck it! I've decided, I'll become a Godly doctor."

"System I wish that i have the knowledge and skills of a Godly doctor in the world and to make my own."

The System replied, "Are you sure?"

"Definitely, I'm sure of it." Lin Tian confirmed.


At this moment a light beam pierced right through Lin Tian forehead. Lin Tian didn't noticed the difference at first but 1 second later his head was full of knowledge of the way of the medicine and that it was his own.

Lin Tian all different kind of treatment method and can concoct different types of medicine, don't forget this was a knowledge and skill of the Godly Doctor he acquired a rare skill of the ancients Godly doctors, it was called 'Heavenly eye'. It's functions and uses was that it can easily determine and diagnose what kind of symptom and disease it was like the back of his hand.

Lin Tian clenched his fist and said, "This is awesome! I felt like i have million years worth of medical knowledge."

Lin Tian was excited but calmed his mood, he needs to diagnose Shu Meng Qing's mother first.

He activated his 'Heavenly eye' and scanned her, after awhile he finally understood the situation. 'Seems like someone really has a grudge with this pair of mother and daughter, it was a curse but unfortunately for its caster of the curse its as easy as breathing air to dispel.' Lin Tian thought.

Lin Tian inhaled and exhaled and open his eyes at the same time his hands moved rapidly, he pressed different acupuncture points-the arms, head, and the torso. Lin Tian movements was smooth and fluid it looked like he was the expert Pianist playing the piano clamly.

Lin Tian wiped his non-existent sweat and said, "That should do it! Now, time for the finally."

Lin Tian made hand signs and yelled out, "Dispel."

The woman in front of him levitated and a sigil appeared on top, you could see black mist leaving the body and dispeared like air. That was not the end a silhouette appeared in front Lin Tian, which made him surprised.

Lin Tian yelled out, "Who are you?"

"Is it you that dare to dispel the curse? This is quite amusing, who are you?" The silhouette was surprised, he didn't expect it was a kid who dispeled his curse.

"Why should i tell you? You haven't even introduced yourself and you're expecting me to introduce myself to you first? How rude." Lin Tian warily said.

"You! Fine, I'm the one who put that curse, my name is Maba." The silhouette said, "Now who are you? I don't think you're a simple man, who are you?"

Lin Tian smiled, "Remember my name, My name is Lin Tian, you better wash your neck clean old man, you cursed the wrong person." Lin Tian went aggresive.

"Oh, How arrogant! Boy do you know who I am? Even with your Core Formation rank can't beat my main body. Keep dreaming." Maba harrumped.

Lin Tian was surprised, "You're quite capable for a mere soul, you can even determine my own strenght from far away! I commend you old man, but still I'm not worried. I'll find you soon."

"HAHAHAHAHA... mere dog keeps barking but can't bite!" Maba sneered, "I wait your presence! Come find me if you want to die."

"Hehe.. Of course see you around old man. Be gone(Thot)!" Lin Tian yelled.

"You!" Before Maba could speak it was already to late, the curse was dispeled.

After that was done Lin Tian heaved a sigh of relief, "It's over."

He was not regretting his decision and just added it on his own bucket list. This was his future mother-in-law so he decided to get revenge for her.

Lin Tian noticed that his Future mother-in-law eyelids twitched and woke up, he then shamelessly said. "Nice to meet you mother-in-law."

The woman was surprised and didn't know what to say, 'Who was this young man? Did he save me?' She shook her head, this kid was still to young. Seeing her shook her head, he felt awkward.

"Who..." Before she could speak up the door was opened and the room was filled with sobs. "Qing'er" The woman said.

Meng Qing cried and rushed to hug her mother. "Mom! I thought you were gonna leave me. Qing'er was worried, don't leave Qing'er alone."

The mother cried too and hugged her tightly, "Don't worry Mother will be with your side from now on."

Both the mother and daughter cried to their hearts content, the room was filled sobs and chokes. Lin Tian on the other hand was completely ignored.

Lin Tian shook his head, 'Let just leave them be.' Lin Tian just watched the heart warming scene in front him. He thought of his parents and felt melancholic.


Wassup! Thas right iz me, the idiotic author. Because of the hiatus some readers gradually forgot about this novel, but that's a plus for me! I can still chill and have no burden of uploading late! Don't worry I'll still update now and then but it might take some time, i can't make promises 'cause I know i'll break it, i guessed you can call it as "Empty words".. But to those who still reads thank you, im glad you're still interested in this novel, I know its short but time is tight! Ciao! ILYSM!

Fallen_Raiji Fallen_Raiji

Quite messy right? I know! I'll fix it in a later date. 'Cause i felt like i messed up some words in this chapter, sorry sorry! Forgive me Ladies and Gentlemen. I'll improve from now on, I'll try.

Note: It says it exceeded 500 words, bullshit! I saw it was only 497 not a full 500, they gotta fix this. At first it was a perfect 500 but still couldn't upload this chapter so i decided to remove the ' and ! that's all. Anyways, Ciao!

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