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Chapter 3: Wishful thinking

"You can go now. in the future there might be some additional mission" The old man laughed evily and waved his hands.

"Oi...!" Not long after the dazzling light disappeared like thin air along with Jack.


When Jack came back to his senses the scenery had changed. Instead of that empty space with no light, has now change with a scenery of a mountain, a lake that was surrounded by a forest.

It seems that he was in a forest that was densely packed with trees that seems ancient, with a tall mountain that pierced through the clouds looking imposing, and a lake that was soo clear that one can even see fishes swimming around merrily.

Jack was looking around and he was amazed by the scene infront of him. It was soo peaceful and sacred. Jack had to admit that this was a beautiful scene he had seen yet.

Jack was admiring his surrounding when suddenly he heard a voice.

"Welcome Host to the continent of Cultivation and Magic. Conglin Continent (P.S don't ask me... Ill explain later.)"

"Conglin continent? Hm... So i really have been transported?" Jack looked around and was happy. Then after that a new notification pop-up appeared.

"If you have any question you may ask me and ill try to give you the answer you needed. Currently Host has recieved 3 wishes, would you like to wish for something?"

"Not yet, I still have no clue what to do." Jack rejected and put that matter aside from now. Upon realizing something, Jack notice something amiss with his body.

To his surprise it was suprising light for him and was full of energy within him. He observed at his body and was stunned. He notice that he had a hands and feet smaller than a teenager, he hurriedly ran to the lake to look at his appearance.

He saw a 8 years old boy staring back at him, he was taller than most 10 year old kid, with a handsome feature, pale white skin that most girl would be dreaming to get, and a black eyes that was pure and innocent. Jack subconsciously touched his face and said. "Is this really me? This must be a joke? Why am I in a body of a 8 year old kid? Oi! Old man!" Jack said gloomily. To his surprise the system replied.

"The Master couldn't find any suitable body for the host, so he made a new body just for you." The system sniggered. Even though Jack didn't notice it, he still felt they were playing with him.

"You must be kidding me?! Atleast make an adult body not a kid body! This old man is really playing with me." Jack stomped his foot angrily. He knew that the old man was messing with him just to get back at him again. Jack was pissed at how petty the old man was, and that he couldn't let bygones be bygones.

Jack was still cursing at how the old man represented the devil and not a God. After some time Jack finally finished his tamtrum and calmed himself down.

"Fine Old man! Wanna play with like this? It's on!" Jack then clenched his fist. This scene made him look like he was opposing heaven and it made him dashing and imposing to look at.

In Jack mind he was full of glee and thought. 'That was an awesome pose right? I hope the author made me look handsome and dashing. Hehe... Who said i dislike this body? This is what i like in the first place! Being low-key.'

Jack came back from his dream and said. "Alright, future plans will come later, first i need to finish this sh*tty mission." Jack remembered that he still has a mission to complete, in his mind he needs to do this ASAP and get it done with it.

Jack then ask the system. "System do you have a map or something? That can help me get out of this place?"

The system then replied. "Yes. Do you want me to start up the Map?"

"Of course, I need to get out of this place as fast as possible." Jack said.

"Alright then. Initiating 'World Map'. Needs at most 30 minutes to start up, at that time the system will be unavailable. Please wait a moment."

"Ok then. I will wait." Jack said. After that he was thinking of what kind of wish he wanted.

Upon thinking something he realizing something about what the Old man said, and that made Jack grinned. He then waited for the system to start back up again.

10 minutes... 15 minutes... 20 minutes.... 30 minutes passed bye quickly. It was at this moment the system finished installing the 'World Map' and said.

"All done. Map have been implemented to the system. You can display it anytime you want."

"Right, right. Well done system." Jack giggled. When the system heard this, it was still clueless of what Jack was trying to do.

Jack then grinned and said. "System, do you have a set of rules?"

"I do, and that is to monitor you and keep you in check." The system replied.

"Hehe... So what about the merit points how can i earn it?" Jack smiled and behid that smile was another intention.

"You can earn merit points by doing mission and helping people. That's what the Master said." The system replied.

"Then system. Can i wish for merits?" Jack grinned.

"..." The system went silent.

The system went quiet for a while and said. "You can." Even though the system was helpless about it, it can't do anything about it since there was no rules being broken.

"Ohh!!" Jack beamed. This was the exact thing that he wanted! Jack the happily said. "Okay then system, I wish to get 100 Million merits points and use it to break the restriction." Jack thought. 'Old man i guess you messed up this time. Hehe... You wish to restrict me? Hmph! Wishful thinking."

A bright light the decended and the system said. "Done! You have broken from your restriction. Congratulation host."

"Mwahahahah! I win this time old man! Hahahaha!" Jack laughed madly as if he was going crazy.

After Jack calmed down and he had to make sure that the old man would not interfere again and he said to the system. "System, I wish for that old man not to interfere again."


Jack then laughed happily and looked at the map and tip toed his way out of this forest.


In a Majestic Palace.

In a throne room sat the long bearded Elder. He stroke his beared humming merrily. He was happy because it had finally got rid of an unreasonable human.

The elder then laughed and said. "That lad must be having trouble now. Hahaha! That's what you get for making it hard for me."

This was the old man that Jack met before. In front of him was three white light, this indicates that this was Jack remaining wish he had, so that he can be informed if Jack made any wish.

At this moment the 2 flickering light disappeared and only one light remain. The old man stroke his beard and said. "What a waste of good gift, he just wasted two wish like it was nothing."

The old man shook his head. He wanted to see what Jack wished for. The moment the words showed itself. The Old man puked out a mouthful lf blood. He slammed his hand on a table, and the table collapsed.

"This kid got me! Dammit! Hmph! Fine, if you cause a havoc in that place don't blame me! Hmph!" The old man spoke angrily, he then turned around and left the throne room.


On the other hand Jack was walking happily and he showed not a care in this world.

Fallen_Raiji Fallen_Raiji

Bruh! Bruh!! -_- 'Conglin continent' really? I just searched it yesterday and it says "Two forces complementing each other" -_-' Im really sorry for my naming sense (I forgot the link sorry...) ... and also sorry for what i had done now... sorry for the chapter. Im out! Peace! Sorry for my mistakes.

-To be continued.

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