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Chapter 2: Complications with Summoning a Heroine

Torajiro woke up with the asleep Kyouka clinging onto him as if he was a pillow.

It was still too dark to see anything, but he knew that it was a different room, at the very least.

It was a chamber-like room that had a number of dimly lit lanterns mounted onto the walls, it allowed him to see partially.

He saw several things that he presumed to be bookshelves, they were occupying the walls.

He also saw what seemed to be a sturdy looking door.

He heard the sound of footsteps approaching, then he saw a shadowy figure moving out of the darkness, they held a torch in their hand and wore a dark cloak with the hood covering their head, they continued walking towards him and the sleeping Kyouka.

Torajiro pulled Kyouka close— attempting to protect her.

The person removed their hood and at that moment, he realised there was nothing to be afraid of.

A young maiden stood in front him with fair skin, silver hair, and blue eyes— she resembles Chloe to him.

Under the cloak, she was dressed in garments that a princess would wear— she wore a pink gown, pink and gold shoes, and had a golden tiara on her head.

She introduced herself to him.

"I am princess Kayla Greyhorn, and you have been summoned to another world. May I ask your name, young heroine."

Kayla clapped twice and the lights in the room got brighter.

It was enough to see everything clearly.

He was in a white-walled library, a red carpet covered the entire floor of the room, and all the windows were shut.

He saw what seemed to be mahogany furniture around the room— several tables and chairs, the bookshelves, and even the door.

"I'm not..."

He heard his voice for the first time after he had appeared in the library and realised that the princess was right.

He decided to use that moment to try to understand what had happened.

He thought to himself that he sounded just like a girl.

He tried to compose himself by staring into the palms of his hands, he saw that his body, as well as his clothes, had changed as well.

He immediately realised that he looked exactly like the girl that he saw within the white light, her outfit included.

He saw his laptop bag and shopping bag on the floor next to him.

He recapped everything that had happened so far— He was almost killed by an out of control truck, suddenly engulfed in green mist, fell through a random portal, turned into a girl, and now he's in front of a princess.

He was still freaking out internally.

If anything, he needed to continue introducing himself— or in fact herself, she continued.

"I'm Kawano Torajiro, my given name is Torajiro. You can call me Tora. Nice to meet you, princess Kayla."

"Nice to meet you too Tora. May I ask who the girl next to you is? It would seem that she was summoned here accidentally."

"She is..."

Tora tried to answer the princess.

Kyouka woke up and started grabbing Tora, pushing her ample breasts against him and whispered to him.

"Hi, Tora."

Kyouka said with a yawn.

Kyouka started staring at Tora, trying to figure out why his face looked so much like a girl.

She became curious— Her hands travelled up to his chest and she grabbed onto Tora's new breasts— with a squishing sound.

"No! Kyouka! Stop!"

Tora yelled.

Kyouka could not resist her urges of touching her beloved Tora any longer— she looked down as if she was wondering if he had changed down there as well— with a devilish smile her hand moved swiftly grabbing Tora's crutch.

Tora bit her own lip, trying to stop herself from making any weird sounds as kyouka touched her.

Kyouka started to breathe heavy, panting hard at the thought that she had finally touched her beloved Tora, she could not contain herself and her facade crumbled into little pieces, releasing her true self.

"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my God?! It's happened I have finally touched you! My Tora! My Tora-kun! My love! My heart! My soul!"

Kyouka started to squeeze Tora into a tight hug.

Then Kyouka snapped out of it with the sudden realisation that her Tora-kun actually changed into a girl.

"It's not there! Tora-kun congrats, you're a girl, should I call you Tora-chan from now onwards?"

Kyouka started smirking and her mind went wild with all sorts of freaky ideas.

Tora was blushing bright red from all the touching that she received from Kyouka and just nodded to her in agreement.

Kyouka began sniffing Tora's hair, admiring its beautiful scent and texture.

It was significantly longer than before.

She had another urge and it was the brilliant idea to style Tora's hair into twin tails in order to match her own.

After Kyouka finished styling Tora's hair— she observed her neck— she could not control her own actions and without warning, licked the back of Tora's neck causing her to shiver and wiggle in her spot.

Tora started to breathe heavily— being new to this sensation she grabbed her own top and let out a subtle moan— realising what she just did she grabbed Kyouka's arms and pushed her away while panting and staring into Kyouka's eyes.

Trying to catch her breath, she started to think that Kyouka was not the same girl that she knew.

Kyouka turned red as a beet when she noticed Tora was grabbing her arms tightly, she started thinking that Tora wanted to touch her body as well.

The princess interrupted them, she blushed bright red from seeing how close they were.

"Oh my! You both sure have a close relationship, huh?"

"Uh, no? I mean, yes! We are kind of close since Kyouka and I have been together for a long time— since childhood in fact."

Kyouka's brain started to overheat from blushing too much at the fact that someone thought they were close.

"What is your full name Kyouka?"

The princess smiled at Kyouka, being envious of their relationship.

Tora saw Kyouka was getting embarrassed from the remark the princess made, so she embraced her into a tight hug while smiling at her as a form of encouragement— but held her a bit longer pressing their bodies together as a bit of revenge for what just happened.

Kyouka turned redder than before and pushed Tora away.

"I am Ren Kyouka, I've known Tora-chan since we were little kids, nice to meet you. If you dare try to steal my Tora-chan away from me, there will be trouble."

Kyouka huffed at the princess.

The princess burst into laughter.

"Oh no! Sorry for laughing, Kyouka! I would never try to steal her away from you! Nice to meet you too. I am princess Kayla Grayhorn. Both of you can just call my Kayla from now on— I will not take no as an answer!"

"Kayla, it is."

They both said to the princess.

"Now that we have introduced ourselves, I will tell you why Tora was summoned here. I randomly summoned an individual with immense power from another world it just so happened to be her. I apologize, but there is absolutely no way to send you both back to your homeworld. The purpose of this summoning was to acquire a hero or heroine that would be able to defeat or rehabilitate the dark witch whose dark magic may or may not eventually overflow and destroy the entire world. The story of a legendary summoned individual that would have the power to change the fate of our world has been passed down for generations."

"How would I be able to change the fate of an entire world that I know nothing about? I don't have any skills and I have no experience in actual combat."

"It is not like me to send brave warriors into battle without training and equipment. I've prepared weapons, armour, and an instructor to teach you both in the ways of combat. But for now, I would like both of you to relax and have an exquisite dinner. The royal chef has prepared a banquet. The head maid Samantha will show you to your accommodations."

The princess rung a bell and the head maid opened the doors and walked through into the library.

As she continued to walk towards the princess— her large breasts jiggled with her modest uniform pressed tightly against them— They were an impressive size.

Samantha was a demi-human, she had deep purple hair, lightly tanned skin, amber eyes, and not to mention, she had cat ears and a tail, they were covered with ginger fur.

"Samantha, would you kindly accompany our guests to the room that I had you prepare earlier?"

"Absolutely, my princess. Please follow me."

Samantha smiled at the two new guests admiring their beauty.

Tora immediately gathered her belongings off of the floor and they both followed behind Samantha.

Kyouka pouted as they walked, she wished that Tora had picked her up instead of those stupid bags and taken her to the guest room in her arms.

The carpet layering the hallway was also red, they passed several doors and windows on the way there.

The doors were to the right, while the windows were to the left.

Tora looked through each of the windows towards the outside as she passed them by, it seemed to be early evening outside, she saw that the sky and clouds, even the building in the town nearby as well as the trees were all very similar to the ones of their world.

Samantha stopped in front of a certain door that was different from the others.

A golden nameplate which read "Guest" was mounted securely to the door.

Samantha opened the door, revealing a bedroom with a lot of fancy furniture— a large bed, a wardrobe, a dresser with a mirror and accessories on it, along with a chair.

In this room the carpet was different, it was pink and white striped, like a zebra.

On the bed— the pillows were white with pink designs, while bedding and bedspread were pink with white designs.

The furniture seemed to be made of the same wood as those in the library, they were extremely well crafted.

The bedroom was connected to a bathroom that was fully furnished, everything in there was either pink or white in colour.

"Dinner will be served in approximately two hours from now. You may use that time to get a bath and change into new clothes. There are several clean towels in the bathroom and an assortment of clothes and undergarments in all sizes within the wardrobe."

Samantha stared at Kyouka's breasts and then to Tora's and saw the difference in sizes.

"If you have any problems, please let me know. I will be right outside until you are ready."

Samantha smirked.

"Thank you, Samantha. We'll be okay for now."

The two girls said energetically.

"You are very welcome young ladies, you may call me Sam."

Sam left the room.

As the door closed, Kyouka did not hesitate to say something that she's always thought and even dreamt of saying to her beloved Tora.

"Let's have a bath together Tora-chan! Let's have a bath! I will clean you until I can eat off of you! Although, I do not mind eating off of you right now!"

Kyouka being alone in a room with Tora pushed her over the edge.

Her nose started bleeding and her face was red as a beet— at this point, she was undressing seductively.

Her uniform dropped to the floor, all she had on at the moment was her favourite black bra and panties.

She moved closer to Tora, showing her all of her curves and womanly features.

Tora started getting scared, she dropped her bags onto the bed, then she ran straight out the door and landed head first onto the head maid's uniform covered breasts— even with it on her, she felt the softness press against her face.

Sam blushed while holding Tora so that she would not fall to the floor, her ears happily twitched and her tail wagged from side to side.

Tora was pressed to Sam's breasts for a few moments until Kyouka ran out and saw them embracing.

"Tora?! What is this?! You ran from me, but now you are clinging to the busty maid?! Are you an idiot?!"

Kyouka ran back into the room frustrated and slammed the door.

"Oh dear. I think I made our guest mad."

Sam said with pouty lips as her tail and ears dropped then stood back up a second later.

"I know! Let's have you wear sexy underwear for her!"

She had a smirk all over her face.

"She will be sure to forgive you then!"

She giggled and dragged Tora to her room.

Tora felt as though she didn't have any energy to resist or a say in the matter at hand.

As they reached inside Sam's room— She stripped Tora into only her undergarments.

"Wha- What are you doing to me, Sam?!"

Tora tried to cover herself up and hide her embarrassment.

"I'm measuring your three sizes for your new undergarments, of course! Though, I may have some clothes too!"

She pulled a measuring tape from her dresser.

"Hold still for a few moments Tora, I will start taking your measurements now."

Sam took mental notes of her sizes.

"Alright, I'm finished. You can breathe now."

She said with a smirk and walked over to her wardrobe.

She took out a lot of different coloured matching underwear sets and layered her bed with them.

The sheer number of undergarments placed on the bed in front of Tora overwhelmed her mind.

"You can pick any of these, but I want to see as you put it on!"

Sam smirked at Tora.

"Why do you have so many of them in so many different colours?! Why do I have to put them on in front of you?!"

Tora shouted at her with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Well, I am a maid! Of course, that is the reason!"

Sam insisted while looking a bit smug towards Tora.

Tora felt too embarrassed at the thought of changing in front of a person that she did not know very well.

She picked up a pink underwear set and ran into the bathroom.

"I'm changing in here! Stay out!"

Tora closed the bathroom door, leaving Sam pouting on the bed.

Five minutes later, Tora walked out of the bathroom in the panties but holding her bra onto her breasts not being able to hook the back of the undergarment.

"Sam...can you help me please?"

Tora could not be any more embarrassed at this point.

"Sure thing! I'll help you, but there is one condition!"

Sam looked a bit excited and so did her tail.

It was not every day that she had the chance to tease a cute girl.

She was overflowed with joy awaiting Tora's response.

"Okay? What is it?"

Tora questioned her motives.

Sam seemed as though she was up to something, but Tora could not put her finger on it.

"You have to sit on my lap!"

Sam giggled to herself and patted her lap gently.

"Okay, I accept. I don't want to be like this for any longer. Don't think of trying anything funny!"

Tora pouted and moved hesitantly towards the larger girl and sat upon her lap.

Sam could not contain her emotions any longer.

She started to massage Tora's curves, making her squeal.

"Wha- What are you doing? S- Sam?! S- Stop it!"

Tora screamed loudly as Sam's hands moved all over her body, making her pant.

This continued for the next few moments.

"I am massaging you of course! You seemed to be a bit tense."

She continued to do as she pleased causing Tora to make cute noises and expressions.

Tora thought to herself, "What have I gotten myself into."

Sam stopped and hooked her bra in place and then kissed Tora upon her cheek.

"Thanks for the fun Tora. I think that will be enough for now, let's leave some fun for Kyouka."

Sam gave her a tight hug.

Tora was panting hard from what she just experienced to even respond.

Tora was now covered in sweat.

Sam quickly dressed Tora into a clean bathrobe and took her back to the guest room.

Tora and Sam walked into the guest room and found Kyouka on the bed hugging a pillow tightly.

There were an empty food container and an empty bottle of tea next to her.

She was obviously still upset and bit moody, which made her hungry enough that she consumed the contents of Tora's shopping bag, not including the pepper spray that was now on the bed next to her laptop bag.

Sam whispered into Tora's ear, "You should go hug her and show her your new underwear, that will cheer her up."

Sam smirked and left the room.

Tora walked towards Kyouka and took the pillow out of her hands, placing it onto the bed.

Tora proceeded to position one of her hands onto Kyouka's middle back, while her other hand was at the back of her head.

Tora softly pressed kyouka's face against her breasts, embracing her gently.

Then Kyouka stretched her hands around Tora's waist and hugged her tightly.

"I forgive you Tora!"

Kyouka said while she snuggled into Tora's breasts.

"It's so soft and squishy! I love you Tora!"

She started to take Tora's bathrobe off and saw the sexiest lingerie she had ever seen.

"I'm going to do lots of bad things to you!"

Kyouka laughed pervertedly as she started to lick up Tora's neck while rubbing her thigh.

Tora shivered then yelled.

"Stop! No! Stop it, Kyouka! Please no!"

Sometime later— After an awkward bath, Tora and Kyouka changed into their new clothes— Tora's dress was white with a red bow wrapped around her waist with white shoes, while Kyouka's dress was red with a white bow wrapped around her waist with red shoes.

Both had matching hairstyles, the two having twin tails.

Kyouka insisted that Tora had to also wear her hair in twin tails.

Kyouka panted hard while she did Tora's hair for the second time.

Tora watched her closely using the mirror.

This time Tora's neck was not licked by Kyouka.

She was especially motivated to try her best to resist her urges.

"I will prevail."

Kyouka muttered to herself.

Sam knocked on the door and said, "I'm entering the room now, are you both ready?"

Tora was startled for a second.

"Yes, Sam! We are ready!"

She shouted loudly towards the door.

As Sam entered the room she noticed a slap mark on Kyouka's right cheek.

Sam looked at both of them closely and said, "You both look very beautiful and elegant in each your new attires."

"Very lovely!"

she added.

"Thank you, Sam!"

Tora and Kyouka said together.

"You're very welcome, ladies."

Sam giggled, then she walked towards Kyouka and whispered into her ear, "I hope you have better luck next time!"

She winked slyly at Kyouka.

In response, Kyouka stared intensely towards Sam with frustration in her eyes and growled at her, but Sam interrupted her by leaning down and hugging her tightly to her breasts and started patting her head softly, which resulted in Sam calming her mood.

"Are you both ready to go?"

Sam asked the both of them before she walked towards the door.

"Yes, we are."

They both said to Sam and nodded.

Sam smiled then said, "Please follow me. I will escort you to the dining room. The banquet is ready and the princess is waiting eagerly for both of you."

The two young maidens followed her and they left for the dining room together.

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