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Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Where is Conan?

While Erin and Conan are abducted by the organization, Akemi and Ran are still unaware of what has already happened, because shortly after the man had knocked out Conan on the crane, the police already swarmed the docking area.

Being arrested by officers Sato and Shiratori before being interrogated separately Inspector Juzo Megure and Captain Kiyonaga Matsumoto, Ran and Akemi are both annoying by the threats brought forward by the police.

''Come on Ran tell me the truth. I know you are a good girl. Just tell me how that crazy woman killed that man in cold blood! And all this is over.'' Pleads Inspector Megure with Ran.

Seeing the old former colleague of her father Ran sees the sincerity in his eyes. ''I will not say anything without my attorney present.''

''I know that you are talking about your mother. We have already contacted her. Why don't you give me a preview of what you will tell me when she is finally here?''

'' Let's change the topic until then...'' Says Ran, returning a strong gaze back at the Inspector asked. ''... Where is Coman? Did you find the man who took him?''

''I don't know who you are talking about. Officers were up on that crane, but we found no signs of someone being up there recently. So please tell me what that woman did to the victim.

''As long as neither my mother is present or Conan is found, I will stay silent.''

At the same time Ran is talking to Inspector Megure, Akemi is being interrogated less gentle. Feeling her head pressed against the cool steel that is the interrogation rooms table, she is once again asked to confess.

''We already know that you robbed the bank and killed your accomplices. We are now giving you a chance to confess Miss Miyamo. If you do so you might be able to avoid the death penalty.'' Tells her Captain Matsumoto in the cold voice of justice.

''Sorry no can do. I don't trust your level of authority to make me an offer like that. I either get a pardon with full immunity by the district attorney or a section chief of the PSIA (Public Security Intelligence Agency)...'' Akemi says in an equally cool but calculated voice. ''... How is the boy by the way?''

''We don't know who you are talking about. There is now Conan Casanova registered in all of Japan. We know, we checked.'' Says the Captain slowly running out of patience.

''That can't be. I know there is. I met him! This only proves that you have no authority to talk to me.'' Tells Akemi him, insisting that Conan exists.

Observing both interrogations simultaneously officers Miwako Sato, Wataru Takagi, and Ninzaburo Shiratori are standing inside the technical service room in between interrogation rooms. Looking wordlessly through the windows Takagi is the first to break the silence.

''What if there is this boy named Conan out there in the hands of some criminals?''

''Don't be stupid Wataru. Everybody borne here is registered in the database. There is no Conan Casanova. What kind of name is Casanova any way?'' Scolds officer Shiratori his colleague.

Being annoyed by her fellow officers bickering Sato scolds them both. ''Stop talking you, idiots. I still want to follow these interrogations.''

''Come on Sato. This case is crystal clear. The bank robber turned on her comrades, abducted Kogoros daughter by coincidence and shot most likely the guy who was to get her out of the country. That's it, case closed...'' Tells Shiratori her.

''It isn't that clear it is goddam muddy. The number of bullets used in the shooting doesn't make sense. If I counted correctly there where two shots more than the magazines could hold...'' Interrupts Sato her know it all college. ''... Also, why would Ran still insist on an attorney if she was taken a hostage? And what about the boy Conan?''

''Her mother is the Queen of the courtroom. Who wouldn't insist on having their mother by there site after a traumatic event? As for Conan... not everything has to always make sense.'' Defends Takagi his college from Sato.

''Humpf.'' Says Sato, returning her gaze back to her captain's interrogation, when the door suddenly opens and another officer comes in, handing Captain Matsumoto a note.

''You stay put where you are...'' Tells Matsumoto his suspect before turning around and leaving the interrogation room.

Suddenly something similar also happened in Inspector Mature's interview room when the same officer hands him to note.

Looking at each other Miwako Sato, Wataru Takagi and Ninzaburo Shiratori are at a loss for words.

''What just happened?'' Asks Takagi his colleagues, seeing them already leave the room.

''Captain what is going on?'' Asks Sato the Captain.

Looking frightening Matsumoto tells her while dealing a long number on the phone. ''I got an order from the PSIA director to let our Miss murder suspect walk. Now I am trying to get him on the phone to clear things up. I can't believe this is happening...''

Seeing Inspector Megure look equally pissed, Takai asks him. ''What is going on Inspector?''

''Something greater than us. Something greater...'' Megure says wiping away some sweat from his forehead. ''... It looks like our dear 'Queen of the Courtroom' has been kidnapped.''

''But Sir by all due respect, I don't think that is the right thing to do!...'' They suddenly hear their captain shout enraged into the phone. ''... Yes, Sir, I am aware of the chain of command, but... Yes, yes sir I understand, but. Will do, will do...''

Hearing their collective leader turn from tiger to kitten in front of his own superior, nobody says a think, disbelieving what is happening in front of their eyes.

''... I know and understand sir. I will personally release them.''

Just when the captain is ending the call another officer hands Megure another note.

''What the fuck!...'' Exclaims the inspector, looking in disbelief at the paper. ''... There is a Conan Casanova! We couldn't find him because his file is currently being updated! Since when does update a file make it unable to be registered in searches or accessed?''

''What?'' Exclaim all three officers in utter shock and unable to comprehend this new development.

''Sato and Takagi go searching for that boy. Shiratori with me. Let's give the captain some room to breathe.'' Commands Megure his officers, who instantly salute and go to work.

''Are we really going to search for a boy that doesn't exist?'' Asks the officer his superior.

Shaking his head Megure tells him. ''No we will be searching for our Queen. Her secretary by the name of Midori Kuriyama reported her missing after an officer called her asking when Kisaki would arrive here. Something smells a bit fishy to me.''

''Understood sir!''

While his underlings are hard at work Captain Matsumoto is forced to talk to Akemi who is still sitting inside the interrogation room facing the one-way see-through mirror.

Walking inside he asks her. ''You really are something. Are you?...''

Only earning himself a sly smile from the woman Matsumoto's anger once again ignites. ''... With friends in high places, you must surely think that you are above the law... Shooting people late at night, robbing banks and poisoning your colleagues... your life surely isn't boring...''

''Can I go now?...'' Akemi interrupts him. ''... I still have things to take care of.''

Highly irritated and infuriated by the woman Matsumoto simply nods saying. ''... You can go...'' Seeing Akemi leave the room he adds. ''... But don't leave the county!''

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