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Chapter 1 - The Summoning - Conqueror - Chapter 1 by Yrythaela full book limited free

Conqueror Conqueror original


Author: Yrythaela

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - The Summoning

I'm Zieglind Reysh. A corporate slave. Nothing much achieved in life. Heavily obsessed with history. So much that I ruined my other jobs. And this job too.

"You're fired."

"Umm what?"

"Oh sorry. You couldn't hear me? YOU'RE FIRED!"

"But why?"

"Shut up nerd. Do you know how many deadlines we missed because of your incompetence? Your weird obsession with history. You do know that our company is a freaking STOCK COMPANY! Not a goddamn museum. I don't give a shit what Sun Tzu said. He's dead. And I don't even know how you use his words on our clients! I told you so many goddamn times to put our company's priorities over your history diploma that you won't ever use! So now regret what you did. You're FIRED! GET OUT."

I went home after that embarrassment. "Ah damn. That's another job gone."

"Kekeke... You're an interesting fella."

"Hmm? Someone there?" I looked around at it seems like someone was talking to me.

"You want a reset button? For your failed and miserable life?"

A sudden chill enveloped my body. I stood up but I was calm. No one was near me. No one heard the voice. But I heard it again. I know this isn't a simple hallucination. Its real. I was getting pretty worried. I remained calm and thought to myself, "What do you mean?" Hoping to communicate with the voice that no one could hear but me.

"You seek a kingdom? Glory? Fame? Die and I'll give you what you wish."

I was in doubt with everything that I heard. But no. Seeing as I can communicate with him or her its real.

I went inside my apartment and shouted, "Who are you? Show yourself!"

A black aura engulfed my room and a human. No. A God appeared before me.

"What?! What are you? What are you doing here?" I was shaken up on the inside but I needed to act tough. I don't know what he is for he does not look like a human nor a monster.

He was just a black figure with a shape of a man.

"Keke. I told you. I could give you a reset in life just do what I say."

"So that was your voice? What do you want with me?"

"ENTERTAIN ME." As soon as I heard those words the chills overtook me and the area around me had a sudden gust of wind. I knew I wasn't dealing with a normal being.

"What do you mean by entertain you?"

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"I am a god but the boredom of living an eternal life is so difficult. So I want you, a human, to entertain me and I will grant you three wishes after you fulfill the summoning."

"First of all why did I got chosen for this? There's a whole billion people out there and I was the one chosen? And second what's the summoning?" I am ready to piss or crap myself on the spot but I managed to act tough. His overwhelming pressure is so scary.

"You were chosen because..."


"I can't tell you. But..."

"But what?!" I was beyond shocked. "So I was chosen at random?!"

"I told you. I was bored. I just made a map of your whole world then used darts to pick a location, select all the humans there and picked a random one."

"You used a dart? Wow." This god is beyond understanding. Using that stupid method is... "By the way the summoning. Explain."

"The summoning needs some things done to activate. DIE. Any way. May it be quick or slow. Or I could be the one who lays the judgement on you. And the second have a contract with a god. Which is me. And what awaits you in that world that is freedom."

"In that world? Wait do you mean in another world will be the location I'll be transported for the summoning?"

"Yes." The god replied with a smile on his face.

"What's the catch?" I asked.

"This world has hmmm.. what do you call it in human language... Magic per se. It all revolves around magic. And there are multiple races of organisms there. Elves, Orcs, Humanoids, Monsters and more. If you accept my calling I can guarantee you three things."

"I'm interested. What is it?"

"First: I will watch over you even if it takes your whole lifespan but I will never help you even if you are asking for my help or near death. Second: I will make sure that you will get strong. I will implement a system on you just like the games on this planet. A leveling system. Your limits are unknown. Third: You will start as the weakest entity on that world. So weak that normal monsters can kill you. So what will it be? Will you accept the conditions? Zieglind Reysh?"

It seems too good to be true. My whole 20 years of life has been nothing but boredom for me too. I achieved nothing. My life was a cycle of work, eat, sleep. I entered college looking forward to my dream of becoming a historian yet I became a corporate slave. I don't have a special someone nor family members. If I could restart my life then I'll gladly accept it no matter the cost. I looked at this god and said to him, "I'll do it. If I could give a shot a new life I'll give you entertainment that you've never seen before."

"Hoo... I could see the determination in you. Then I declare, Zieglind Reysh, Human, accepts the summoning!" The god waved his hand and summoned a guillotine in front of me.

"Is this the death contract?"

"Yes, and the summoning will reborn you in your new world."

I am prepared for my death. As soon as I heard the blade scraping the wood of the guillotine I knew it was coming for my head.


I woke up sitting under a tree with no entities nearby but it was just plains everywhere. A message popped up infront of me.

[Welcome Zieglind Reysh]

"So this is it. Prepare yourself world. I will build a kingdom that no one has ever seen."

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