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15.1% Conqueror / Chapter 37: Chapter 37 - Grien Versus Raiders

Chapter 37 - Grien Versus Raiders - Conqueror - Chapter 37 by Yrythaela full book limited free

Chapter 37: Chapter 37 - Grien Versus Raiders

We all went to Hajey and began to scout the areas. From morning to night, we all felt someone was watching us when we were all patrolling the area.

The first day we didn't met any raiders the king mentioned. We all just slept in the forest near Hajey since we aren't officially recognized here and we're way too many to get a room at an inn. This is more of an undercover mission.

Grien and his team stayed up all night trying to look for the raiders. Others went to sleep.

Second day finally came and we all went scouting again. I told Grien that they should scout near Hajey and the others will join me to scout the forest.

When we got to the forest, we all split up in different directions. After an hour of searching, Yefa found something.

"Zieglind, there's an encampment deep in the forest."


"No but some goblins and ogre are there."

"You think you can take them on?"


"Hmm... Just shout if you need helpm I'm going deeper in the forest to inspect more. Eradicate them all."

"Will do." Yefa then quickly left and head to the direction she went before.

I went deeper and deeper into the forest. The air was getting thin, there's fog everywhere and my heavy is getting heavier.

"Tsk. I need to stop here for now."

It seems there's something hidden here. The area around here is thick and tough to maneuver. I need something to clear this area.

I stopped going farther in the forest and went back to where we all were in the first place. They were all there.

"Found something?" I asked them all.

"Unfortunately, no." Is what they all said.

"*Sigh* This job is boring." I complained.

We all waited for about two more hours. A member of Grien's team came running towards us.

"Lord! We found the raiders!"

"Finally. Where are they at?"

"In the village of Cuag. North east of Hajey."

"Everyone, let's go. We'll follow you."

The goblin was running at full speed. It seems it was a goblin assassin. Props to Grien to know to send a fast messenger.

After 3 minutes, we finally got to Cuag. The village was small and most of its land are just farms.

Grien and his team were already engaging with the enemy.

"Goblin, go help Grien. Others, we'll watch for now." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Goblin Protectors chanted, "Resist" on their shield and bodies. They might've got that from leveling up everyday and hunting. They raised their shields and began rushing to the raiders.

One of the raiders trying to scare the monsters away by swinging his sword. "Goddamned monsters. Why are they near a village."

A bald headed man filled with tatoos commanded his men to certain formations. It seems he's quick to know the situation. I think he's the leader. "Let's just quickly kill them all. The village hasn't noticed us yet."

Grien began channeling a spell. The other mages copied him.

The leader saw Grien and the mages channeling something. "Target the magicians first!"

The goblin protectors came rushing to them pushing them back with their shields.

"Damn goblins." One man raised his sword and tried to kill one of the goblin protectors by going over his shield and striking their head down. But to no avail, the goblin's body was tough as a steel and the man's sword couldn't pierce through the skin of the goblin. "What?!"

"ROOT!" Grien and the mages finished channeling. Plants emerged from the ground and the plants grabbed the feet of all the raiders and began to lock itself in place.

All of them tried to wiggle their way out of the spell. The leader in particular tried to cut and hack it but no damage was done. "What's with this spell? Tsk. Mages, remove this!"

"Yes!" The mages in the raider squad began channeling. But the goblin assassins rose from the ground... No, it seems they emerged from the shadows. In an instant, they got behind the mages. And in one quick thrust, 5 mages were killed in an instant.

Grien and his mages' root ran out of time and dispelled. "Focus on attack based spells now!" Grien with his quick thinking ordered the mages to focus on using offensive spells. They all began casting spells.

"Firebolt!" "Ice Shard!" "Lightning!"

With each and every cast, they are perfectly aimed but the raiders are barely dodging them.

The goblin protectors recasted their Resist spell and began charging to the raiders.

"Protectors! Group up to four and you know what to do!" Grien commanded them.

The protectors instantly grouped up to two groups. Five each. They began to charge again. Four of the protectors would corner the raiders by using their shields and surrounding and restricting their movement. The one goblin left is to deal the final blow while the raiders are cornered.

This continued until the raiders were only 9 left.

"Retreat! Run for your lives!" The leader rushed to his horse.

But Grien knew this and began chanting. "No you won't, Root!" The plants again emerged from the ground and grabbed the feet of all the raiders and it tripped everyone. The spell was instantly gone after it stuck at the feet of the raiders. It seems the root is longer the longer the casting time.

With a few offensive spells of Grien and the mages and the quickness of the goblin assassins, they were all eliminated in an instant.

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