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Contract Marriage: The Replacement Groom

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Author: Hassy_101

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A few minutes before her wedding, Jeslyn found out her soon-to-be husband was only after the benefit he would get by marrying her. 

Heartbroken and feeling betrayed, she opted for the only option available at that moment, which was to get into a contract marriage with whichever man she could find, or else her family's fortune would end up in the hands of her enemies. 

"Mister, please, will you marry me?" She asked him.

A man she saw entering the restroom of the wedding venue. 'He must be one of the guests,' she thought.

Maverick was taken aback by that proposal. He saw her flinch when he turned to look at her. It was apparent she got scared of him, yet she composed herself, ready to dive into the mystery before her.

"It will be a marriage contract. We will get a divorce after one year," he heard her say.

He also needed a woman for his brat, so he responded, "Deal."

Unbeknownst to her, she just made a deal with the sweetest devil that could ever exist. 


He is the nightmare of country M, a country where evil rules.

She is the little bunny raised with love and affection. Hurt a fly? No, she had never done that before.

However, forced to become the demon's wife, she had no choice but to shed her fake persona.

What little bunny? Who said she could not step on a pianist's fingers with her heels and pretend like she didn't mean it?

Ha, those celebrities want to play the pity card? Do they want to garner the sympathy of the public? Well, why again is she called a 'little bunny'? Isn't it because she was the best at acting cute?

Did no one tell these white lotuses wanting to dive into her husband's bed that she stole his soul when she spanked his naughty son?


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    Oh...kay, Author's shameless review here! Our female lead is sharp-tongued and decisive. She fights back immediately after she's given a hard time. Sometimes she gets the upper hand and other times, she gets defeated even though she didn't stay back down. Although her IQ is kinda low, however, her EQ is massive which gave to the comedian she is. She's so cute that the first impression for anyone who sees her is to think of her as a bunny, regardless, our cute bunny isn't the Cinderella type, but the audacious one, filled with the energy to make you laugh and want to spank her at the same time.🤣 Even in the face of adversity, her words must be heard and they must hurt whoever it's intended for. Give it a try guys, 80% chance is that you'll like it and stick with me, while 20% chance is that you'll ignore this book because you are not a fan of this genre. Welcome to everyone who's checking it out because of this review, I'm happy you stopped by.

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    OMG! This book is such a tease. I thought everything was over after the groom got replaced. However, the roller coaster ride is making me dizzy. I just can't wait to find out what next. This is awesome!!!! Dear author, please update more chapters. I just can't wait to have more. More! More!! More!!!

    View 6 Replies

    Okay, this has to be the best hassy book that I've read in my life. I don't even know where to start to praise it. is it the world building? is it the perfect paced character development? is it the suspenseful drama that every chapter carries? is it the perfect story telling ability with top notch description that leaves you immersed and aching for more. omo I don't know where to start. all I know is that this is a book for every reader, no matter your preference. this is one first class book. come on, y'all gotta give it to her. Hassy has to be this year's most consistent upcomer. Four mind blowing books in one year, no cap. you're the best🔥

    View 14 Replies

    Author, I love this book soooo much. Do you have other novels I can read? I am also a writer but I don't have many views. I also love writing, so can anybody recommend some books that are worth reading.

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    This book will be the dëath of me, I feel incomplete without reading it even for just day because it is super intriguing that I'm wholly hooked with it. I've sank both hook and line for this magnificently written piece of creativity, Hassy_101 keeps doing a fantastic job in all her books and I'll give her both physical and emotional support all through the way. You should check out her other books, there are just as interesting as this: Mom is mine Lazily Among The Elites Assassin Empress

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    This is my first time reading Hassy 101's book and I must say that the contract marriage is not like any other book I've read. The suspense, character twist, story development is something else. Truly this novel is in a class of its own !

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    Author, how many chapters for this novel? The suspense is killing me. I'm halfway through this novel and will need a lot more money if i want to finish this. 😭

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    Spoiler Alert! Female lead was betrayed by her family in an unimaginable way. It's not your typical stepsister or half sister–stealing–boyfriend or whatnot. Female lead was broken but that didn't change her mind on getting married on that day, so like the synopsis said, she married the ML but the plan of her family already went through, so she went to prison. That part saddened me. ML had his own issues and thought the Female lead was rescued by the lawyer he sent, albeit, the greedy lawyer was busy wasting time with another client. His punishment made my kidney dance in Joy. lol. ML sent another lawyer who got FL out and sent her to the ML. That is where this story began...The beginning was just a warm–up. The ML's child is a force to reckon with but the FL is no joke either. The both of them will get your heart filled with so much sweetness that you'd get diarrhea. I'm in chapter 100s and don't have much money left. two FPs daily is not enough for me to catch up, I reason for this acct. Can't believe I'll actually do this one day. This book is simply it! I love it!! Thank you author.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    I just started reading this book an hour ago and I can't drop it!. whaaat! I'm only at chapter 19 but I'm already in cloud 9..hihihi. This is just a great and an amazing book, I must say!. Hassy, you're my number one author now!. I'm really enjoying this!

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    Shouldn't we no boldly say this is the best romance book on this platform? An award is deserved to be given to the author.

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    Trust me guys. One the most addicted novel for me. Rex and Jeslyn are good pair for fun. And Valen the way he jealous over his father 😂 Hope to see more fun chapters author. And also very suspense about Jeslyn actual father. I hope soon she knew who is her twin brother. 💜

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    LV 14 Badge

    This isn't a slow build story at all. Oh no! The drama starts from the very first chapter and doesn't let up until the end.It is a story of betrayal, love, comebacks, and family. If you're emotional, you might shed a tear or few. An engaging story with a strong male lead and a female lead that grew from being too trusting and spineless to arguably stronger than her husband, the male lead.The side characters are all well thought-out, and none is just hanging. They mesh well with the leads. Well done, Hassy!I wouldn't mind a part 2 to continue reading about the kids, though 😉

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    I love to read this story it is different from other action and love stories.

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    love the character's pictures hassy. great going. sci-fi along with romance. nice combo

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    fantastic story want to read all at once

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    The writing quality is greatCan't get over this book, addicted[img=update] to it already,now in episode 47 The story line is 👍

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    I promised myself to no longer spend money when reading a novel, but then I read a part of your novel which got me hooked and made me spend money to continously read your novel. Thank you for a great story.. I love your characters❤️

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    best story I have ever read in my life ❤️

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    Love this book. So many things happened in the story is actually also happen in real life . There's jealousy everywhere, people fight cos of jealousy even families fight against each other . Hope we learned from this book and take only the positive things in this beautiful story and delete the negative part of the story. All the best and have a wonderful day . Thank you once again Hassy for this beautiful Book . So emotional ♥️♥️🔥🙏

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    I so love this book, this is so interesting, once I started I just couldn't drop my phone. Good job you author 👍😊😊. I so can't wait to see how it ends

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    Author Hassy_101