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Chapter 6: 30x Increase in Vitality

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"I didn't know what it meant to face difficulties head-on, but now I understand. This brother is a warrior!"

"I'm impressed too. I never thought that he'd go to such an extent just to take advantage of Beauty Su."

"Can you guys guess if there are any Su family bodyguards in the swimming pool?"

"Why don't we make a bet and see how long it'll take for that kid to be thrown out?"

"I'm just saying. Is there a possibility... He knows Beauty Su?"

"Forget it. When did she have any scandals? Don't be fooled by her liveliness and cuteness. She's very cold to men such that even the dean can't talk to her. "

"...Let's offer a moment of silence for that big brother."



While the debate was going on outside, the swimming pool was unusually quiet.

It was just like what the passing students had said.

There was indeed no one here.

Other than the occasional sound of water, there was only the sound of birds chirping.

Lin Bai strolled around leisurely without hiding his figure.

The environment was not bad. It was even more luxurious than the open-air swimming pools in estates that were seen on TV.


The sound of water was heard again.

Lin Bai tilted his head and looked.

It was Su Zi.

She was swimming underwater, and her every move was very wonderful, like a work of art.

Her skin, which was like that of a newborn baby, was so white that it could dazzle people's eyes under the reflection of the blue tiles.

Lin Bai felt that it was a little ridiculous.

How could there be a girl with such good skin without any blemishes?!

What was even more terrifying was that her figure was surprisingly good.

From her elegant back, not only was her waist slender, but her buttocks were also unusually round...

The sexy bikini she was wearing outlined them vividly and completely exposed them to Lin Bai's eyes.

It was hard to imagine how much energy and effort it would take to maintain such a figure.

When Lin Bai's gaze moved down...

When he saw the overlapping feet stirring up splashes in the water, he finally could not help but look away.

This was too perverted!

It was too lecherous!

Lin Bai felt a surge of heat.

It went straight to his head.

'This is f*cking...

'It's much better than the porn Xu Kun showed me!'

What was porn?

Lin Bai just wanted to say that they were trash!

However, even in the face of a beauty...

Lin Bai's rationality still far exceeded his desire.

He had to sign the contract immediately.

Swimming could exercise one's lungs.

It helped to increase the upper limit of one's vitality.

Under such circumstances, Lin Bai had to get down to business.

Otherwise, when Su Zi finished swimming, he would not be able to get any of the rebate benefits.


Lin Bai ordered internally.

However, the system still sent a prompt saying that the distance was still not enough.

"I have to get closer?"

Lin Bai hesitated for a few seconds and decided he might as well go all out. He went to the changing area and took off all his clothes until he was only left with his shorts. He put on his swimming goggles, went to the edge of the pool, and jumped in!

The sound of water splashing could be heard.

Despite that, it was easily drowned out by the chirping of birds and was not worth mentioning at all.

A cool and refreshing feeling enveloped his body.

Lin Bai adapted to it and felt that there was no problem. He immediately paddled with his arms and started swimming with all his might.

Of course, he was not in the same lane as Su Zi.

There was a distance between them.

At this moment, the system finally sent a prompt that he could sign the contract.

Lin Bai muttered again.

This time, a progress bar appeared on the system interface.

From the looks of it, the contract would only be considered complete when the progress bar was full.

It seemed that they would have to stay in the same place for a while.

Lin Bai continued swimming!

He tried his best to slow down his swimming to avoid being discovered by Su Zi.

This was to prevent her from leaving directly and causing the contract to fail.

That would not be good.


Su Zi seemed to be so focused on her training that she did not even notice that there was another person in the pool.

Not long after, the contract was completed.

After a while, Su Zi's swimming exercise ended, and she was the first to emerge from the water.

A new notification rang in Lin Bai's head.

[Ding, contract target Su Zi swam and increased her vitality value by 1. 30x of that has been returned to the host.]


Lin Bai was overjoyed.

30x meant 30 points!

His talent was really awesome!

He could already be considered one of the best in the Fifth Academy when he was at Mortal Body stage 7 with 9 points of vitality.

As long as he could take one more step and break through to 10 points, he would be no different from a stage 1 martial artist!

Now, the system had given him 30 points!

This was f*cking...

It was not an exaggeration.

With Lin Bai's vitality, he could easily destroy a stage 3 martial artist!

Now that the exam was approaching, he was probably going to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!

"39 points!"

Lin Bai could not help but feel happy when he saw this number.

By swimming, he had increased the value by more than four times. It was an epic-level upgrade!

Even in the First Academy, this value would definitely be among the best.

What did this mean?

This meant that Lin Bai had gone from the top of the Fifth Academy to the top of the First Academy!


He became the top high school student in the city!

Within the five great academies, there were very few people who could compare to him.

Outside of the five great academies, not a single one!

No wonder it was said that martial artists could step into a whole new world after awakening their talent.

As expected!

Lin Bai's confidence grew.

He had the confidence to go all out in this vast world.

When his agility and physique were both raised to the level of a martial artist, he could try to break through again.

The way martial artists broke through was very simple and crude.

As long as the value was enough, one could train as hard as one could to break through the limits of one's body. It was especially straightforward.

Lin Bai had trained in the training area for an entire day yesterday. He had only stopped when he could no longer move his fingers. He wanted to break through.

Unfortunately, it ended in failure.

Even so, it did not matter. Now that the contract had been signed, he just had to wait for Su Zi to train.

Lin Bai took more than 10 minutes to calm down. He climbed out of the pool and went to the washing area to get a quick shower.

He looked around.

It was quiet and no one was around.

It seemed like Su Zi had left this place.

Lin Bai did not mind.

Since he had achieved his goal, it did not matter if he was discovered or not.

He did things with integrity.

He did not do anything dirty like secretly taking photos, so what if he was caught?

After washing up, he went straight back to the changing area to change his clothes.

On the way, he saw something on the ground from a distance.

He picked it up and saw that it was a round piece made of two soft materials. There were thin ropes on both ends, and he did not know what it was for.

It was a little strange and seemed to be a custom-made product.

"Could it be a sleeping mask?"

Lin Bai had never seen such a thing before and was a little confused.

'It should be Su Zi's. I'll return it to her later.'

Lin Bai did not think too much about it. He changed and walked out of the swimming pool.

Su Zi was not far away.

"Is this yours?"

Lin Bai shouted. He grabbed one end of the item and raised it high, shaking it under the sun.

Su Zi turned around subconsciously.

When she saw the item in Lin Bai's hand, she immediately touched her chest, then she opened her red lips slightly and looked surprised.

It was visible to the naked eye.

A blush quickly rose on her fair and beautiful face.

The indifference in her beautiful eyes was completely masked by embarrassment and anger.

The few more courageous boys who were about to hit on Su Zi were even more stunned.

Xu Kun's mouth was wide open, and he was dumbfounded.

There was only one thought left in his mind.

'How did Big Bai get his hands on Beauty Su's bra?'

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