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COTE but I'm a Horikita SIMP?! COTE but I'm a Horikita SIMP?! original

COTE but I'm a Horikita SIMP?!

Author: kreakerss

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Chapter 1: Cupid's magic!


That was the only thought cycling itself through Yuto's mind as he continued staring through the window with a visible pout on his face.

'Curse that old lady! Why would she send me into this hellhole of all places, like I can't leave this place for 3 years! Unless i get expelled..' he suddenly shivered as he of his mom's words and her conceivable reaction if he ever got expelled.

'She is going to kill me! NO NO, that might just be one of the better outcomes...' he mumbled as he grieved for himself only to have his weeping session cut off by a commotion in the bus.

he had an exasperated face has he looked over to find a bulkly guy with wheat blond hair being harrased by a young women! 'What a weird bus..'

He casually turned around only to see a creepy dude with a poker face and brown hair staring at him! Yuto immediately lameted about his life decisions and what brought him here into this very bus. he sighed in despair. 

He turned to his side hoping to see somthing normal, however what he saw was anything but normal. Yuto's eyes glimmered at the sight in front of him. A slender lady with long jet black hair and the most angelic face he has ever seen! He was even more estatic to she her in the same uniform has him!

'Maybe this school is worth something after all..' he thought. Meanwhile the girl, who was looking at the commotion that just ended, threw a glance at the strange man staring at her, causing her to internally gag! But Yuto interpreted it differently.

'OMG! She looked at me! AT ME! What is this feeling inside me right now? Its warm, Wait! Is this a Cupid's magic?!' He continued his delusional thoughts until the bus abruptly stopped causing Yuto to bang his head into a seat.

"Which bastard is driving this bus? How the fuck did he get his driver's license?!"he yelled, soon to realise where he was and all the awkward stares he recieved. Yuto immediately shrunk and darted out the bus in shame!

After gasping some fresh air outside the bus, he sighed. "My head still hurts.." he said as he grabbed his head and gentley rubbed it, soon beginning to walk towards the gate in front of him only to be stopped by a commanding voice, "Hey you, stop!" he scoffed and turned around only to have his eyes dialate!

It was that beautiful girl from before! His stumped posture and face expression instantly changed! "For what do I owe you for your pleasure?" he said in a 'cool' way 

The girl frowned at his antics before asking,"I saw u looking at me in the bus, Why?" Yuto just smirked before saying,"I was just healing my damaged eyes, was there a problem?" The girl, clearly confused, asked Yuto "What do you mean?" Yuto just nonchalantly replied "Your beauty was clearly mending my eyes."

The girl grimaced in disgust before saying, "People like you disgust me."

Yuto, now perplexed wondered what he did wrong. 'Was it because I am good-looking?' he thought in a narcissistic way as he watched the girl leave. 

before she left she turned back again to confront another guy and asked why he is was looking at her. Yuto wondered,'Is it a family tradition? I wonder..' as he threw a second glance at the girl talking to.. THE SAME GUY THAT WAS STARING AT HIM! 'Maybe its just his nature? well he could ask but he currently had zero motivation to and decided to just walk to the assembly as he thought, 'What a hassle...'


Two hours later, Yuto found himself in front of a door, 'Class 1-D' he mumbled as he went on in. "Looks like I'm the first one here" he said to himself as he took a seat near the window one above the cornermost seat.

As soon as he sat down proceeded to sleep by using his hands as a cushion.

"Mr. Kazuki"

The abrupt voice snapped him out of his sleep as he turned around to look around him in a panic. People. There were people, all staring at him, mostly the girls who's eyes glittered looking at him, long brown, wavy hair, along with big blue eyes and the cutest face they have ever seen! Yuto ignored the all the girls gaping at him, well most, there was one girl, seemingly uninterested and also the one that caught his attention. 'My love!' he thought looking at a black-haired girl.

"Mr. Kazuki" the voice said again making him turn to its direction to see a women in her early 30s look at him with a dissappointed face. "Please pay attention to my explanation about the S-system, its important." Yuto just nodded.

She went on to explain some stuff Yuto had no interest in, however a phrase caught his attention,"....1 point = 1 yen...", everyone was shocked while Yuto instantly raised his hand enthusiastically, "Yes, Mr. Kazuki."

"Sensei, how much will we get per month again? Sorry I zoned out." Sae sighed in exasperation as she answered "100,000 points, this month." Yuto was elated but a word caught his attention. "Sensei, what did you mean by 'this' month? Will we get a different amount next month?"

Sae smirked and replied, "That is yet to be decided."

Yuto nodded but got an uneasay feeling due to Sae's smirk. After that, Yuto didn't really pay attention to whatever she blabbered about until she took her leave.

Yuto continued to look out the window until a man stepped up.

He clapped to get evryone's attention before saying "Alright everyone, I request that we all introduce ourselves since we are going to spend 3 years together and should get to know each other. What do you all say?"

Everyone mutually agreed and began to introduce themselves. Yuto only interested in knowing his love's name litsened, eventually a red haired guy shouted saying its a waste of time and left the class, soon many other followed, including his love! 'That fucking red gorilla ruined it!' Yuto cursed.

However a finger pointed at him, "Can you introduce yourself?"

kreakerss kreakerss

This is my first fanic so i ask for remarks and feedback. This might be a bit slow paced and i am looking forward to create a interesting MC. I hope you all enjoy this!

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