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Chapter 112: A Three-Man Commanding Unit

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The moment he said this, everyone—not just the people from the maintenance center but also other customers watching the scene—started feeling indignant at the injustice as they criticized that redhead. That redhead was just rude and unreasonable. He used a cold look to gaze at the surrounding people, and his accomplices did the same thing as well as they postured out like fiends. The customers felt that this matter did not concern them in the end, thus they turned away their heads to avert their gaze and started reducing their volume of criticism, as they were afraid of being dragged into this if they were not careful. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The redhead, seeing how the audience was keeping quiet out of fear, began shouting even more delightfully at Hurstkurst, “Did you not hear what I just said? Hurry up and go to procure a circuit board made from the original manufacturer. I don’t want these counterfeit goods!”

Hurstkurst was angered to the point that he began smiling: “We have always been doing this when maintaining Battle Mechas. The [Nelson] circuit board, regardless of its value of craftsmanship, is still higher than that of the Alfa Company. Either you drive your mecha away or we’ll just take back the circuit board. It’s all up to you.”

The redhead savagely laughed: “Then I’ll not be polite. Old man, don’t blame me for smashing your signboard.”

Milan, who was to the side, could not control herself and shouted out, “Do you guys even know what is being logical? Are you here to repair your Battle Mechas or to create trouble?”

Over at their side, there was a muscular person with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. He walked out and said, “If you all can’t repair it, then we’ll just smash the signboard! When us grandfathers are talking, how is it related to you, young lass!?”

Before he even finished speaking, Fatty lashed out his hands as quick as lightning, savagely slapping at his face. That person, who was two meters tall and huge, had actually been slapped to the extent that he walked a few rounds like a gyroscope before finally falling onto the ground. Before the crowd could even react, the big man was in so much pain that with a “Wa”, he spat out a tooth that was mixed with blood and groaned on the floor. It was just some simple kung fu, and on the left of that person’s face, it was already swollen.

The redhead and his accomplices turned over, only to see Fatty trembling all over. The expression of his did not show if he was frightened or angry. Damn, why did this person feel wronged despite him hitting someone? What kind of morality was this?

Fatty’s voice was kind of shaking: “Intentionally creating trouble, right!?”

The redhead and the five other accomplices looked towards each other before charging towards Fatty. After all, the other side only had a single person! Since he dared to act, then they’ll slaughter him! Killing the chicken to frighten the monkeys [1]!

Yet never would they have thought that after just taking a single step, Fatty had already charged over at their direction. Using his left hand, he grabbed a muscular man’s wrist while sending a hook out with his right hand on his underarm. That person had been struck by a thunderbolt. He was in so much pain that tears and snivel came rushing out. Fatty threw aside his hand before kicking the abdomen of the incoming redhead. The redhead had been kicked away a few meters, curling up on the ground and rolling incessantly. One of them was quick-witted; he moved behind Fatty and tried to do a sneak attack. Fatty, however, turned a hand over and grabbed his arm before thrusting out with his right hand. One could hear a “Ka Cha” sound; the upper arm of this person had been fractured. The remaining three felt furious as they continued their assault, randomly flinging their fists about. The figure of Fatty simply pierced through the crowd of flinging fists and legs, and in less than a few seconds from the start, this group of people were all beaten to the ground, crying out in pain as they rolled about.

The surrounding crowd had already subconsciously moved backwards to a far distance as they were afraid that these people might injure them as they started fighting. But never had they thought that in just a blink of an eye, the only person remaining in the center of the group would be a trembling fatty. The crowd looked towards each other with the same thought in their mind: ‘This fatty is really so amazing! The commandos are only so-so! But even when the other party has already been beaten up by him, why is he still trembling? Had he not fought enough?’ Yet what they did not know was this wretched person had this condition of shaking the moment there was an over excessive amount of adrenaline.

Fatty said with a tremble, “They are truly bullying me! Really bullying me!”

The people lying on the ground had almost simultaneously bitten their tongue to commit suicide. Who was the one bullying the other!?

Fatty pulled on Milan’s hand and said, “If I hear another person who dares to scold her, this father will bet my life against his!”

Milan stuck her face onto Fatty’s shoulder. She only felt her a sweetness beyond honey in her heart and was truly on cloud nine.

The employees, who had been keeping all the feelings within their stomach, rushed forth to hit the drowning dog. They threw those people like throwing rubbish into the maintenance center before clapping each other’s hands in celebration. They felt that today was the day which allowed them to let out all of their resentment!

The surrounding crowd watched on tonguetied. So amazing! The other party was not only a Battle Mecha Great Master who can see through the schemes of that Battle Mecha company’s top-notched researchers, he was also an expert in combat. Just now, those few moves of his were truly intense. That group of big men seemed so fierce and tyrannical, yet in just two to three moves, they were beaten down into the ground by this fatty, leaving them crying in pain! No wonder this lady, who was so beautiful and had a transcendental, alluring figure, and also a good temperament, didn’t even leave half a step away from this Fatty, who did not have actions that matched his appearances! It felt as if she wanted to just become one with Fatty! The other party had the talent! Since when did this Unparalleled Maintenance Center have such a formidable person backing it!?

Hurstkurst was like an old fox as he announced out, “Sir Great Master will frequent our maintenance center in the future, discussing and exchanging knowledge with everyone here. He is an authentic Battle Mecha Great Master. I’m sure everyone has seen his standards! The customers of this center can feel rest assured in leaving your Battle Mechas with us. We’ll use an even better technique to provide a spectacular service for everyone! … … ”

Hurstkurst was trying his best to tie Tian Xing Jian to his ship. Suddenly, the military communication device hanging over at the waist of Fatty started vibrating. This was a plaything which any soldier had to bring when they were out on a leave. As long as they received a notification, they had to immediately report back to the military camp. Fatty hurriedly broke the words of Hurstkurst and apologized to him before pulling Milan and ran off.

Hurstkurst chased up to Fatty to give him a controller: “This is your [Hurricane]. It is already over at the entrance. You might as well bring it away with you.”

[Hurricane] is a new product of the Aica Company and was currently one of the few mainstream private Battle Mechas in the current era. It was extraordinary in terms of performance, especially in its speed which surpassed that of many other Battle Mechas that were listed under the same category. Fatty, seeing this Battle Mecha, immediately fell in love with it. With a streamlined frame, four slender limbs, a long sword on its back, and a shield on its left hand, the entire Battle Mecha felt like a warrior full of explosive energy. Its control system was terrific too; controlling it to run was a truly pleasant experience. The Battle Mecha’s suspension system that was installed beneath its legs was sensitive enough that he could fundamentally not feel any trembling when the mecha was running.

[Hurricane] ran in a frenzy on the path meant for Battle Mechas, attracting the attention of countless other Battle Mechas. Several mechas who were not willing to lose out began accelerating as well. However, this [Hurricane] was truly too fast, as its figure disappeared within moments.

Returning to the academy, after parking his [Hurricane], Fatty and Milan let go of their hands. He then ran towards the planning department. Formally, he was currently a combat planning staff officer, so of course he would report to the 6th Research Unit. Soon, he reached the 6th Research Unit. Almost all the staff officers from the 6th Research Unit was present. Big-Headed Karl excitedly moved around the room. The moment, he saw Tian Xing Jian, Karl hurriedly asked him, “What happened? Is the battle going to start again?” Fatty was stunned: “You stay here almost all the time, and yet, you don’t even know what’s happening. I’ve been training the new cadets in the academy every single day, so how would I know!?” Karl replied with disappointment, “Aren’t you close with the generals? During this one month or so which you weren’t present, I’ve been working so hard that I might just die of exhaustion. I’ve calculated batch after batch of combat plans, so much that I feel dizzy. During the past few days, the first invasion plan has been finalized. Most likely, they are about to start with their attack on the Galileo Galaxy. Otherwise, why would they be so anxious in making war preparations? And today, they even asked us to return for an emergency meeting with even you being called back!”

Fatty gave it a thought. He felt what Karl said was logical. During the attempt of assassination on Russell, was he not having a meeting? These few generals having a meeting would presumably be for the sake of pre-war preparation of attacking Galileo. The Federation’s war preparation had been done quite quickly. After Newton Galaxy became completely safe, the military-used supply that was long manufactured in the rear had been sent over to Miracolo. The entire planet was filled with so many airports that had almost no stop in the ascension and descension of the large-sized transport ships. Such a huge reserve of supplies and movement of manpower would certainly be for the sake of seizing the initiative in attacking and to strike and suppress them before the Gyaca Woods Empire’s economy could recover!

As he was making guesses, Colonel Pater walked over from outside and announced to everyone, “The forward command has sent down the orders. Everyone will have to get back to your position and stop all your leaves prematurely. The current state of war preparation is at Category A.” The staff officers dispersed away. Category A war preparation meant that war would begin within the next 48 hours. The combat planning department had to direct the strategies and coordinate all lower combat planning units in the front line.

Colonel Pater turned around towards Tian Xing Jian and said, “Russell is waiting for you at the forward command.”

Fatty responded with agreement before running off. Before this, he had applied for a rest of a month, and after coming back from it, he had to receive the appointment of instructor to instruct new cadets while simultaneously going under Russell’s tutelage, thus he had not been in any contact with the war situation. As for the current status of the preparation for war, he did not really know of it, so why would Russell be calling him over at this time? Hopefully, not for the reason of throwing him into the front lines again, right?

With his heart alarmed and trembling in fear, he reached the forward command. You Na brought him over to the forward command’s wartime command room. In this enormous forward command command room, it was already filled with people. Below the command stage, there were the communications, electronic, combat planning units, logistics, intelligence, ground-based army, ground-based aviation squadron soldiers, outer space fleets as well as individual air force units and many other departments’ generals taking responsibility over them. Behind these generals, there was a small-scale command stage that was meant for relevant orders to be sent down from here. Currently, on the great hall’s second floor, they were the highest command center of the forward command, and within it was only two people currently—the military supreme commander, General Bernadotte, and the chief military advisor, General Russell. The deployment of troops in the overall picture would be based on these two people’s command as the first priority.

Fatty stood at the entrance for a long time until Russell waved his hand at him. Only then did he finally have the courage to walk up the stairs by the wall up to the central command stage. Entering the command room, Fatty could not help but feel a little lacking in confidence. Looking down from here, the entire huge command room could be entirely seen, and right in front of the command stage was a huge virtual screen. Standing here, regardless of who it was, they would feel a sense of power in controlling the entire war. This was a sense of satisfaction and a mysterious feeling of devising strategies for battles happening over a thousand miles away.

Russell looked over at this person who was sticking his head out and looking around before smiling, “How should I call you, Russell or Karl?”

Only now did Fatty think back to what happened during that day as he awkwardly laughed without sound. In his heart, he thought, ‘I’d not have thought this old man would still remember it. Such a petty person. Damn, this father is a magnanimous person and will not argue with him!’ On his face, he was unconscious of the fact that an expression of currying favor was shown instead.

Russell, seeing this flattering smile on Fatty, felt a slight headache: ‘Why would such a rare military talent have such morality? I truly don’t know what will happen the day he formulates his own combat school of thought.’ Thinking of how wretched this Fatty was and how he was like a heavenly steed soaring across the skies [2], he had applied both aspects of his personality onto combat planning. Russell did not know if he was in despair or full of expectations. He said to Fatty, “This time, the troop deployment for the war has been completed. This is the first phase of enacting the combat plan, and in this period of time, I’ll be intensifying your training. Other than you being required to do analysis on combat examples and studying the different theories, you’ll also have to stay here and observe! Only when you can see through our combat plans can you leave this door.”

Fatty finally relaxed his palpitating heart. As long as it wasn’t something like throwing him into the front lines, he was fine. Observing would not cost him his life.

General Bernadotte laughed at Fatty and said, “This is really a rare opportunity. Two generals busying themselves and you are observing from the back. Isn’t this treatment good? But if you can’t even see through our plans after we’ve finished implementing them, it’ll truly be a disappointment. At that time, it’ll be better for you to go to the front lines since it might be more appropriate for you.”

Fatty was frightened as he thought, ‘Aren’t they the ones who said that I can’t leave this place if I can’t see through their plans? Why would this old man’s next sentence talk about sending me to front lines!? Isn’t that just wanting my life? No matter what, this father has contributed a lot, so why would he—unlike Russell, who has shown some humanity—turn around and become hostile with me!?’ Turning over, he saw Russell nodding towards him: “What General Bernadotte said is right. Before this military campaign is over, you’ll stay here for another day if you can’t see through the plans. If you still can’t see through it by the end of the campaign, then we’ll truly send you over to the front lines. It is only then would you fully be able to realize your potential!” Fatty sighed in his heart, ‘Whatever! These people are just not humans. This father will just honestly do my best in pondering over their plans. These two people are generals, and playing a first lieutenant to his death is so casual and joyous for them.’

Currently, the various departments in the command room were doing their pre-war preparations. Various data and intelligence were being showed on the central command stage’s computer screen. The military map on the computers were also being marked really densely. This was the first time Fatty saw Bernadotte and Russell’s troop deployment. Seeing General Bernadotte discussing with Russell while simultaneously reconciling the various data with the actual position on the map, Fatty realized his actions were really fast and accurate, showing how familiar he was with this; it wasn’t something ordinary people could do. One had to know that the overall combat plan involved too many different things. The overall campaign was truly too complex, and these two supreme commanding officers had to not only affirm the strategic implementation of the deployments, but they also had to thwart any issues that cropped out and most importantly, when the campaign was being carried out, they had to use the shortest period of time to see through what the enemy’s plan was before sending the most appropriate and accurate order to deal with it.

Fatty exerted his brain. These two old people were currently playing chess with an invisible opponent. How hard would it be to see through the opponent’s line of thinking when placing the pieces?

A bright idea suddenly struck him. Fatty moved towards Russell and asked, “Teacher, you see… Currently, we are at the war-preparation stage, so we don’t have to waste time here, right?” Russell waved his hand and said, “Your task will start when the operation for the ground-based army starts. That is when you will start deducing our combat plans. As for the period in between, you can do whatever you want, but if I hear that you have gone to other combat planning department to ask around, hmph…”

F***! I’ve been seen through! Right as Fatty felt a sense of loss, news came from the command room below–the outer space fleet coordinator, Vice General Fowen, reported, “The 4th United Fleet has already entered Galileo Galaxy from a secret warp point in the public starfield and had come into contact with the enemy fleet as they were heading towards the Newton warp point!”

Chaos_ Chaos_

[1] Punishing one to warn the rest not to do something.

[2] Very bold and imaginative.

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