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Chapter 65: Battle Situation Analysis Meeting (1)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Damn, if I could kill you, I would have done so a long time ago, but i truly do not know what you are thinking! Fatty’s stomach was full of grievance.

Thinking about it for half a day only to arrive back at the original spot, the depressed Tian Xing Jian began completing the deduction work on his table which he had yet to finish. Currently, it was an unusual period [1]. If he were to be charged for not completing his duty just because he was late with his deduction, then he would just feel wronged.

With an extremely fast speed, Fatty began auditing several combat plans by first retrieving files by inserting cards into the computer. Afterwards, with the obtained data, he would begin his deduction.

After finishing the tasks at hand, he casually took out the report regarding the battle in outer space which Karl had showed him. Right now at the Newton Galaxy, several outer space fleets were engaged in an intense battle. Other than the 1st United Fleet, the 2nd United fleet, which was stationed just right outside the space warp point, had been attacked as well. Furthermore, the outer space fleets specially assembled by the Empire attacking them was approximately twice their number, totalling to six motherships!

According to the intelligence report’s preliminary analysis, these fleets were the Federation’s 3rd and 9th Fleets, which had taken advantage of the enemy to disturb their rear lines [1]. After using the public starfield to return to the Central Starfield to reorganize, the Empire’s outer space fleets composed of a mixture of the fleets from the Galileo Galaxy had intended to completely eradicate the Federation’s outer space military strength in Newton Galaxy in order to improve the conditions for the surface troops.

Other than the size of the fleets, regardless of whether it was the overall fighting strength or the soldier's’ capabilities, the Empire’s fleets, which had been on the battlefield for a long time, would certainly be on another level when compared to the Federation’s, and what the Federation could depend on was solely their hot-bloodedness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With the overall situation being so gloomy even now, who would have thought that such a situation would even be happening in outer space!?!

If the outer space fleets were lost, then Miracolo Planet would be doomed! This heavy fist of Russell was truly accurate and fierce; most likely, it had been forming ever since the period when the Federation’s Operation Lightning was in its early stages, slowly weaving the net before leading to the current outcome. The retreat of their surface forces prior to their reorganization, the plan of losing a battle only to seize the Banfoli Mountain Pass, the ground troops’ pursuit, the Garo Mountain region’s reckless offense, and an accurate plan of targeting the Federation’s disturbance fleets when they were low on energy and supply—these were all accurately chained together, leaving the Federation a single day to react with a counterattack. Such a military commanding art truly made others shiver from fear, as the entire war had been playing out since the start in Russell's mind—the outcome of this game of chess had already been long calculated!

Just as Tian Xing Jian became entranced with his thoughts, the door was pushed opened and Karl pulled him up. “The general headquarters decided to call for a battle situation analysis meeting. Colonel Pater asked me to call you to go over to the grand meeting room.”

The two of them hurriedly rushed over to the combat planning department’s grand meeting room. It was filled with people, as almost every single research unit’s small team’s leading staff officer from the combat planning department were gathered here. Fatty could not refrain from heaving a sigh inwardly. From the huge amount of positions the enemy territory had, the meeting by the forward command had most likely not ended with a definite conclusion.

Ordinarily, such battle situation analysis meetings would be restricted to the several generals and various directors of the research units; there had never been a case where the meeting was extended to the small teams of staff officers from the research units, as these small teams were mainly responsible for analyzing deductions and coming up with combat plans. The final audit would still be done by the forward command, and the forward command would base their orders on these plans and the reasoning behind those deductions.

Right now, it seemed there was no conclusion to the meeting started by the forward command. Since the analysis became bigger, they had to convene an expanded meeting in an attempt to procure more opinions from a larger audience in order to find the hidden objective of the enemy.

Reaching the entrance of the meeting room, Pater waved his hand and let Karl leave. The poor Karl could only give Fatty a look before turning back and walking away.

Watching the director of the 6th Research Unit bring a second lieutenant staff officer, all the colonels within the meeting room looked towards each other in dismay.

The moment Tian Xing Jian entered the meeting room, he was stunned. All the other staff officers within the meeting room disappeared from his sight; the only person that remained was a female seated at the third spot from the left of the table—An Lei!

She was currently looking down at the document. Her long, silky hair fell gently behind her left ear and rested on her shoulder. Her current expression was one of concentration and seriousness as she nibbled at the edge of her lips. She was just as beautiful and cute as she was in his memories.

Standing there in a daze for a moment, Tian Xing Jian soon came back to himself and found a seat at a corner near a wall. This position was the prime spot for him to gaze upon that girl which he would eternally never forget in his heart.

As the one who organized the meeting, General Bernadotte gave Tian Xing Jian a nod. He ignored the whispering of the other staff officers and announced the start of the meeting.

The first person who spoke was Lieutenant Colonel Ke Lun of the 2nd Research Unit [2]. He used the pen in his hand to mark an area on the center of the virtual combat map on the meeting table before starting his battle situation analysis.

For him to be chosen to participate in this important battle situation analysis meeting, Ke Lun was naturally high-spirited. Opening the electronic document on his table, he spoke in a clear and bright voice, “According to my analysis, the momentum of the Gyaca Woods Imperial Army’s offense will not last till 4 in the afternoon. They are merely creating a bravado with the intention of causing us to transfer our military strength from the other defense lines to reinforce the Garo Mountain region. This conclusion was reached after countless deductions and extracting information from the various reports of the current enemy deployment. We do not have any reasons to suspect the intelligence department’s capabilities. As for the Imperial Army, for the sake of preventing the Federation Army from breaking through the defense lines of the surrounded cities, they have to ensure there’s enough pressure placed on the front lines. As for our outer space fleets, before they started attacking us, our fleets had always maintained space dominance at Miracolo Planet. Thus, there is no other way which they could obtain their military strength from.”

The moment Ke Lun ended his analysis, the entire meeting room became restless. Several staff officers from the other research units expressed their request to speak.

Bernadotte nodded. “Since everyone has their own way of thinking, do express it one by one so that we can pool together the wisdom of the masses for mutual benefit.”

Since the general decided the main keynote for the meeting, the staff officers no longer had any worries. The 1st Research Unit’s Colonel Archibald was the first to stand after that: “I entirely disagree with Lieutenant Colonel Ke Lun’s analysis. The current situation at the front lines is really clear. If our army isn’t immediately given reinforcements, the enemy will certainly break through the Garo Mountain defense lines, continuing all the way until Cato. Currently, the various defending units stationed around Cato had been sent to reinforce Garo Mountain region, so if Cato is conquered by the enemy once again, this implies that the strategies that could be used on the entire Miracolo Planet would be greatly limited by the enemy. The more than ten cities that lay beyond Jialipalan and Cato will then be surrounded heavily by the enemy. If that scenario happens, the resistance on Miracolo Planet will end in complete defeat.”

A staff officer from the 3rd Research Unit stood up in agreement to Colonel Archibald’s opinion. He especially pointed out, “Right now, the current situation in the front lines could justify the fact that Gyaca Woods Imperial Army has already gotten their reinforcement. For the sudden appearance of these reinforcements, there is no need to question—it has to be a result of the negligence by the Federation’s intelligence department!”

[1] Unusual period here happens to be so because it is wartime. The translation of unusual is direct from the raws.

[2] Mentions of the 3rd and 9th space fleets restricting the enemy’s forces are in chapter 8.

[3] Lieutenant Colonel Ke Lun is the person who went and spited Tian Xing Jian with his rubbish plans in chapter 49.

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