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Chapter 105: Hopkins

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

During the three kilometer escape, the assassin had not just solely focused on escaping and instead had gone on to killing 46 Federation soldiers! Everyone present on the scene was startled!

He was not a true assassin, as an authentic assassin would absolutely not become so crazy. An assassin who did not kill his target would usually flee beyond 500 kilometers away and would also not target anyone without a valuable bounty on his head!

Daring to provoke the Federation in such a place and slowly killing the pursuing soldiers while escaping, this person was truly the most bloodthirsty, the most confident, and the most dangerous professional soldier! At the same time, it was a lunatic with the strongest desire in his heart for retaliation—retaliating for the missed shot on Russell!

Tian Xing Jian thought that he was really fortunate. If not for choosing to come to this female dormitory and not searching for traces in the rear hill without any knowledge of the enemy, he might have been one of those who were killed. Right when he was feeling fear and trepidation after the event, the guard added, “First Lieutenant Tian, General Russell ordered for you to participate in this mission of pursuit. He requested for you to receive the mission from the forward command.”

Fatty was stunned. He was clearer than anyone else regarding the situation in the academy. Veterans of a hundred battles were all gathered in different cities as they proceeded with their operation of cleaning up the remnant Imperial soldiers while assisting in the maintenance of order in those cities. As for those who were stationed in the military base beside the academy, they were merely a fully-mechanized infantry division that had been dispatched from the rear. It was this division that had been pulled out the moment the incident occurred. Those participating in the pursuit were not any ordinary soldiers; instead, they were the scouts and commandos from this division!

But even so, this division had never been on the battlefield. The commandos had merely been through strict training which were of the same type as what Fatty had undergone in the past. Yet, 46 of them had died in the distance of three kilometers as they pursued the assassin! The ruthlessness and viciousness of the assassin could be seen from this. Fatty himself knew his limits. Even though his examination results were good and he had also been the top ranker in marksmanship during his special scouts training, this was still his first time facing a face-to-face battle. Any carelessness or lack of experience on his part could cost his life!

His heart pumped erratically as he reached Bernadotte’s office. Russell’s words had verified the worries of Fatty.

Russell said to Fatty gravely, “I know this person! He is called Hopkins and is also one of the most extreme nationalists. He is of the Weibo race and had once been the commander of the Gyaca Woods royal guards. Due to his action of killing several hundred innocent people of the Ma Ke race, he was captured. But the Gyaca Woods royal family shielded him, and from that moment onwards, he had disappeared from the public, turning into a dagger for the royal family with the profession of assassination. Within three years, 17 important targets could not escape from his snipings. Whenever he is free from a mission, he would always bring with him that J-2011 model sniper rifle of his to join the ground-based special forces, killing to his liking in battles. To him, war is just like hunting!”

Russell was ultimately a man, and thinking that he had escaped from the hands of such a person, he finally began feeling frightened. Calming himself, he continued, “This person, no matter to whom, is a demon! We must not let him escape; we must kill him right here. Those from the special forces that have experience have been redeployed here to aid in the pursuit, but we can’t just wait for them to arrive. The 556 Division soldiers can’t hold him back as well. As of now, there’s already 50 of our men who have been sacrificed! This sacrifice is completely pointless. Hopkins isn’t a fool either. He has always been maintaining a safe distance from the troops. As long as he sees something isn’t right, then he would definitely escape before finding an opportunity to kill from other locations!”

Russell looked at Tian Xing Jian seriously, emphasizing on every single word he said: “Over here, the only person who can handle him is you. I don’t need you to kill him in a single shot. It’s just that you have to ensure your own safety while holding him back and exciting him as well until the moment our special forces arrive and surround him completely!”

Fatty trembled: “Can’t use Battle Mecha?”

Russell shook his head: “Not possible. The moment he sees a Battle Mecha, he’ll immediately leave the battlefield. There’s no way we can find this sniper who is so experienced in battling within forested and mountainous terrains. The region of the hill behind the academy is too big, and even if we were to surround it completely, with his capabilities, he could possibly break out from it. Two hours—we need at least two hours before the troops will be able to arrive and suppress the region he can break out from to an extent which he’ll die no matter what!”

Russell saw that pale white expression on Fatty before speaking gravely, “Do you know, at this very moment, in this circumstance, handling this is part of your responsibility!”

F***! The moment Fatty heard the word, he knew he could not retreat. If he died, then so be it! This father would be sending his flesh out! For the sake of survival, Fatty used an extremely serious attitude in looking through the entire map and the plan. After understanding the plans and carrying out further discussions on the minute details, he went back to reading the map again until the moment Russell could not stand him and just kicked him out!

Fatty first returned to the research lab. Under the puzzling, attentive look of Milan, he went to find full-bodied equipment. He wore a pair of military boots that assisted him in running, a special camouflage clothing that simulated the surrounding, put on an eavesdropping device, took a silenced sniper rifle modeled in the shape of the classical M1 Garand rifle, placed five army knives and a “blood-colored” alloy dagger on his waist, and brought Milan’s Mauser pistol. He ensured that he was fully equipped down to his teeth!

After that, Fatty gave Milan a rough kiss while greedily tasting that wonderful and smooth virgin tongue of hers.

Milan’s stiff body was let loose soon enough as she stuck close to Fatty’s body. Her body was turning warm. She understood what her love would be doing soon enough. Hugging his neck firmly, Milan said, “If you dare not to return, I’ll kill you right away!” Fatty then gave up his thoughts of extending his hand into Milan’s shirt. That atmosphere of gracefully taking an advantage without having to return anything had disappeared completely at that moment.

It was fine if a warrior left without returning, but if he died before even leaving, then it’ll truly be such an injustice.

Report after report was sent back by the pursuing soldiers, stating that the enemy might escape at any moment. Russell and several of the other generals had waited in the commanding post near the region of firefight for close to 20 minutes before Fatty came running over, huffing and puffing.

The moment Russell saw Fatty, he asked slowly, “Are you prepared?”

Fatty did his best to reduce the shaking of his legs and saluted back: ”Well prepared! Please give your orders!”

Russell and Bernadotte gave each other a look before ordering in a heavy tone, “Set out!”

Under the gaze of the six generals and several hundred soldiers from the 556 Division, Fatty had somehow turned into a bolt of black lightning as he spurted out into the forest. Everyone had merely heard the soft sound of “xi xi she she” before the forest soon became silent. Oh heavens, this is the rumored 30 meters disappearing act of stealth! There was still 10 meters of distance left! The officers and men from the 556 Division looked at each other in dismay. By then, Fatty was long gone.


Hopkins savagely laughed as he observed that anxious look on that Federation soldier through his target lens. Lightly pressing with his finger, the modified J-2011 sniper rifle in his hand trembled lightly without sound. That head of that Federation soldier in his lens became a tomato that was smashed, exploding apart.

“56th! Killing 4 more and it would be time for me to go.” Hopkins felt truly invigorated. If he was to compare the results of marksmanship with others, he felt he should be the apex sniper in the entire world! Sometimes, he would imagine that he was akin to the reincarnation of a death god who felt pleasure from collecting the lives of others.

The lens of J-2011 was sweeping across the place. “Yi, where did those Federation rookies run off to? Why did all of them suddenly disappear?” Hopkins felt kind of resentful, seemingly as if he was cut off from his orgasm! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Placing down the rifle in his hand, he focused his attention onto discerning the sound coming from the ambience through his eavesdrop equipment. The sounds of disheveled footsteps were actually becoming more distant. Did all those idiots of the Federation just give up?

Hopkins sneered. Leray Federation was a nation that was filled with hedonism and low-class races. In his opinion, it was impossible for any iron-blooded soldier to appear from this nation. They were just some useless people who did not do anything other than filling their stomachs, a race of hybrids that was slowly assimilating into the cultures of those low-class races. In this nation, it was only a matter of sooner or later before they would be exterminated by the Empire.

He did not understand though. Why did the number one person in the military, Russell, decide to betray them? This person of the Weibo race did not have any dignity and had actually betrayed the Weibo people’s glory!

Hopkins remained truly resentful even till now, as this was the first time in over three years that he missed his target. It was all the fault of that idiotic woman! If she had not chosen to strike first, then Russell would have absolutely been unable to escape from his assassination!

The failure of a mission had pierced and stabbed into the heart of Hopkins. Being a perfectionist, that ambition of attaining the title of an assassin who never failed had just been doomed, and it was a shame which he would absolutely never forgive! This ambition was also a nightmare for him as he wished he could turn back time to that moment before the failure. That way, he could circumvent his mistake, ensuring his own clean record continued down as perfect as ever!

However, time would never turn back. This was a reality that led to Hopkins turning crazy! After that shot of his, he had never left the location. Instead, he was madly waiting for Russell to appear in the windows again, appearing in his target lens. He wasn’t afraid if it was merely a few decimal point of seconds, Hopkins believed that he would certainly grasp hold of that opportunity and assassinate this person so as to maintain his perfect record!

But Russell never appeared again. What appeared in that lens was just a rookie commando. Hopkins felt this was just humiliating him! He had never failed in his snipings, and now, the Federation actually sent a group of commandos that were just like a group of flies to chase after him! This was just looking down on him—a humiliation! Hopkins swore that he would let these Federation people know that even if he failed once, he was still Hopkins! He would still remain as the apex professional soldier in the world!

He began his performance. That’s right, to Hopkins, this was merely a performance—a performance to return the humiliation back to those Federation soldiers! This performance had made use of over 50 lives that were without value to him as his props! He had even planned to kill 60 before killing every single Federation scum he saw on his way back! He wanted to release a rain of blood in the Federation and let them pay the price for his humiliation!

The eavesdropping equipment transmitted over the sound of a person’s footsteps, clearly showing that this person was a rookie. Hopkins placed the target lens out once again over his right eye. The 57th. He was counting in his heart.

A fat figure had used a strange posture and speed to disappear from his sight!

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