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Chapter 79: Lower Ridge Forest Mission (4)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The moment the six [Antennas] belonging to the Fierce Tiger Commando Battalion started operating, they dispelled the electronic interference from the Imperial Army’s three [Element] Battle Mechas and slowly gained the overall control over the electronic battle. The enemy’s communication systems were starting to be interfered with; their signals were obstructed, and the Battle Mecha computer’s control system and target firing system lost their functionality under the electromagnetic attacks.

Perhaps they were thinking that the situation felt strange; as the Myth Legion increased their offense, at the same time, they started laying out a defense line against the surrounding.

Suddenly suffering from an electronic attack ensured that they would have to change their combat tactics, and the confusion befalling the two opposing armies was inevitable.

"Full-on attack, fire!"

Seeing the Battle Mechas from both sides entering this sort of sudden confusion, the opportunity that was transient had come for them. Stewart gave a command, causing the two companies of warrior-class leader mechas to be just like fierce tigers descending the hill and to quickly pierce forward from the two flanks of the two opposing armies. Over ten [Fury Fires] started opening fire and opening a passage using their vicious firepower.

Under the passage opened by the firepower, several [Devil Tigers] had to bear the brunt of the damage, but as the energy shields on these [Devil Tigers] turned into a deep red, they got away from the firepower under the cover of their allies, retreating back into the group of Battle Mechas.

Not a single mecha had been destroyed! Stewart felt cold sweat on his back. The [Fury Fires] did not have enough experience. These Beast-Model Battle Mechas could rely on their allies to cover them when their energy shields were consumed. This sort of cover did not only occur once but had been happening smoothly and continuously like waves, with layer upon layer of intertwining, giving them endless mutual cover.

The energy cannons of the [Fury Fire] was almost unable to lock onto these fast-moving [Devil Tigers]. Once a mecha retreated back to the group of Battle Mechas, there would be another mecha which would attract the firepower. It seemed as if they hit many of them and had caused many of the [Devil Tiger]s’ energy shields to turn red, but in reality, on the surface, there remained lines and lines of Battle Mechas taking the brunt of damage at the forefront with a blue energy shields. Those that were damaged had long retreated back to the heavy protection of the others, and when they came out again, their energy shields would have long been replenished!

What made Stewart at a loss of what to do was that the Myth Legion soldiers had merely been stunned for a moment before beginning to react to the situation. They did not pull back into a defensive formation; instead, a platoon of [King Kongs] utilized this opportunity when the Imperial guard company was in a similar state of confusion to start piercing forward.

The adaptation of their combat tactics was too fast; this was certainly the result of being embroiled in battles for a long time!

In their eyes, there was merely that [Dufuai] in the center.

The present scene became chaotic to a maximum within moments. Once the [King Kongs] got close to the guard company, the Battle Mechas from the guard company were not able to present any form of resistance and were completely slaughtered cruelly. A platoon of [King Kongs] was just like a group of wolves entering a flock of sheep; every one of their movements would cause the weak, single-operated Battle Mechas to be torn into pieces like paper!

At the most crucial moment, the [Antennas] finally connected their regional communication frequency with the Imperial guard company. Stewart madly shouted, "Gyaca Woods Guard Company, hear this! We are the Fierce Tiger Commandos from the Leray Federation and are under orders to come and receive you all. Quick, make your retreat! Retreat from the contact!"

[Dufuai] made clear of the current situation; the guard company willingly sacrificed themselves to create more time for the Battle Mechas in the rear. Two [Beast Mk.II] mechas were doing their utmost in firing to provide cover for the guard company’s rear team as they moved towards the direction of the Federation Fierce Tiger Commandos.

"2nd Company, 3rd Company, draw closer to the center and provide a passage for them!"

Stewart understood that this battle was not between two troops with a level of difference. The Fierce Tiger Commandos, who did not have enough combat experience, would certainly be unable to adapt to the enemy’s combat style, which was decisive and resolute. The [Fury Fires] were given orders to focus their firepower on the direction the [King Kongs] were heading to. A section from the two companies of warrior-class leader mechas had formed a formation of obstruction as they concentrated their firepower on the [Devil Tigers] that were approaching them. Another section, though, was following the [Fury Fires]’ firepower and shot at the [King Kongs] that were currently charging towards the rear side of the guard company.

The reinforcements by the Federation had given a breath of relief to the guard company. With the Federation Battle Mechas protecting both their flanks, they had finally gotten away from the [King Kongs], and had begun to retreat. However, in just a few minutes, the Myth Legion started turning the entire situation around again!

"We can’t hold on any longer! The enemy’s assaulting speed is too fast!"

Shouts coming from 2nd Company Commander O’Neal were resounding into the ears of Stewart. The guard company had just escaped from close-contact, and now, without the suppressive firepower by the [Fury Fires], the [Devil Tigers] fiercely charged into the flanks of the teams of warrior-class leader mechas. Similarly, these warrior-class leader mechas that focused primarily on long-range attacks were not the match of the [Devil Tigers] in close-combat. The 1st Platoon of commandos had been wiped out by the pack of wolves known as the [Devil Tigers]. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The two flanks were forced to retreat. The warrior-class leader mechas went according to the drill book as one side started retreating in a defensive formation, while the other side continued firing. However, the [Devil Tigers] before their eyes were too fast; they were continuously penetrating inwards, trying to tear apart the Fierce Tiger Commandos’ formation.

Stewart’s hands and feet turned ice-cold. The firepower of the [Fury Fires] was completely unable to move to another target, as without having suppressive firepower, the [King Kong]s that were charging in the center would immediately reach the guard company that had just only left the battle. And the warrior class leader mechas that had just assembled in the center and just formed an obstruction formation would be broken by these monsters within moments.

What to do?!

"Hong!" A [Devil Tiger] that had its energy shield dropped to deep red levels had been turned into a ball of fire from a sudden energy shot to its waist.

Such a fierce and mighty energy shot at such a fast speed was absolutely not from the energy cannon of a warrior-class leader mecha.

"Hong!" Another [Devil Tiger] that was trying its utmost to retreat to the group of mechas with a deep red energy shield had been destroyed.

"Hong!", "Hong!".

One after another, [Devil Tigers] with deep red energy shield levels had been destroyed by accurate energy shots coming from an unknown position. If they were not destroyed, then those who were damaged would be left without their shields.

A Battle Mecha sniper?!

The [Devil Tigers] in the two flanks were dazed by the sniper. Right now, they did not dare to continue charging in while using their shields to defend against the oncoming cannon fires from the Federation commandos. As long as their energy shields turned red, they would immediately be hit by a destructive attack!

The two flanks had reached a stalemate under the aid of this sniper, but the [King Kongs] that were in the center continued their advance like a hot knife cutting through butter!

The Federation commandos that were moving towards the security posts set up had already tried stopping the advanced of the [King Kongs] three times at the security posts, but they still could not prevent them from breaching their lines. Dozens of [Fury Fires] had already put their firepower to a maximum, but it was futile! These [King Kongs] were not only fast, but their defenses were even stronger! One platoon of [King Kongs] could actually rely on their speed to face off against a company of Federation Battle Mechas, toppling the mountains and overturning the seas.

"Immediately protect the Imperial guard company’s retreat back to the first company obstruction location! Quick!"

In the mess, the fatty staff officer’s voice reverberated in the ears of Stewart!

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