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Chapter 72: Military and Politics (3)

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

The 2nd United Fleet turned off their space warp assistance energy reserve storage. Actually, when the commanding officer was still giving his order, the majority of the battleships had already started doing it. None of them were willing to watch the Newton Regional Fleet battle all by themselves and neither were they willing to abandon this Newton Regional Fleet, who battled with their blood as they sacrificed their lives in exchange for the ownership of the warp point. To them, since the regional fleet had passed on the responsibility of this location to them, unless they died, they would never shamelessly betray their trust.

The mixed Newton Regional Fleet split themselves into two arrow formations. They did not have any motherships and only merely had a few battleships. The majority of the fleet consisted of light cruisers, a portion of which were the obsolete destroyers.

Gyaca Woods Empire’s light cruisers had also formed into a small section and were ready to obstruct the harassment from this Federation fleet, expelling them away while keeping the main formation in place as they charged towards the Federation 2nd United Fleet that was currently guarding the warp point.

The training which the Newton Regional Fleet had persisted through and never stopped since the start of the war clearly showed its effectiveness now. Under the sound of a single command, their fleet was akin to bees exploding out from their nest in all directions. The battleships of the Gyaca Woods Empire that were responsible for pursuing this group had lost their coordinates within moments, and when they had finally decided on their targets, the situation was unlike that of the beginning. These cunning Federation battleships were joining the formation at times and separating apart at others as they used a dazzling interweaving technique to attract the firepower of the Empire’s battleships. The main power was located at the forefront, which locked onto the enemy while interweaving, turning the Empire fleet into disorder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


The outer space fleet’s combat report had been transmitted to the forward command immediately. At this point, the surface battle had unfolded entirely. After being surrounded by the defense troops from several cities as they counterattacked and successively broke out of the blockade, the war situation had a huge change. With the Lower Ridge Highland treated as the center point by both nations, both sides were mutually thrusting deep into each other’s territories as every single inch of area had a battle going on. As the defensive troops located over by the 3rd public road and defense lines of Miari Valley started taking the initiative to attack, the offense of the Imperial Army over at the Garo Mountain region had visibly started slowing down. Right now, regardless of what the Imperial Army did over at the Lower Ridge Forest, it would be impossible for them to turn the whole battle around, as they were surrounded by enemies in all directions.

After General Bernadotte saw the combat report, he announced, “Currently, we could be considered as prematurely celebrating our victory. The enemy’s surface troops have been completely surrounded by our army and are being exterminated at this very moment. The enemy’s outer space fleet battle has also entered our control; the 1st United Fleet currently wields an absolute advantage, and the 2nd United Fleet has finished their preparations for delivering a frontal assault against the incoming enemy. Right now, all the Newton Regional Fleet has to do is to delay the enemy’s frontal progress until the 1st United Fleet finishes with their battle and until the 3rd and 9th Fleet, who had long returned to the Leray Central Starfield, suddenly appears at the space warp point before proceeding with their destruction of the Gyaca Woods Empire’s fleet! Everyone, you better prepare yourselves. The various research units must ensure the combat plans are even more detailed. We must ensure that no issues are cropped out in the last minute! Dismissed!”

The combat meeting had ended. Bernadotte and several other generals had annoyingly pulled away An Lei. Thinking back to that clear and gentle look of hers when An Lei looked back as she was leaving, Fatty stood at his current spot for half a day before finally deciding that he would not give up this chance. Since his dream lover appeared, even if he had to harass her, he must grasp hold of this opportunity. Who knows what would happen the next minute, especially in times of war?

The confidential secretary, You Na, stopped Tian Xing Jian outside the office. She told Fatty expressionlessly that several generals were handling some extremely important matters and did not have enough time to see a first lieutenant.

Damn woman! Fatty, who had ironed his heart in wanting to enter the meeting room, ran back to his dormitory at a fast speed before taking out that Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom and returning to meet with Bernadotte over at his office. Coincidentally, at the same time, he had seen An Lei coming out from another meeting room with a document in her hands. The two of them looked at each other. Tian Xing Jian laughed awkwardly as he did not know what to say. An Lei, though, was natural as she said, “Right now, I have a matter to attend to. I’ll talk to you later, alright?”

Tian Xing Jian was pleased beyond expectation as he nodded a few times. “Right, right. I’ll wait for you outside!” An Lei indifferently smiled before turning and entering Bernadotte’s office.

Fatty was joyous and anxious at the same time as he paced back and forth outside the office. Time crawled slowly when one is expecting something. As he kept turning, You Na felt a headache from watching him and could not help but shouted out, “First Lieutenant Tian, this isn’t a place for you to chase after a woman! I’ve long heard that you are shameless, but never would I have thought that you are shameless to such an extent! Don’t obstruct me from working, get out!”

Tian Xing Jian was stunned. “How am I shameless?”

You Na was a woman of over 30 years of age. She was quite beautiful, though her expression was always cold; it was as if someone owed her a huge sum of money—this was the reason she had become the chief confidential secretary of Bernadotte. Most likely, she had heard of the bad things regarding a certain first lieutenant staff officer from the combat planning department during her ordinary working days. Furthermore, at this point in time, the war situation was truly nerve wracking. Regardless of whether it were the several generals or herself and even the other staff officers in the combat planning department underneath them, all of them were frantically working, and yet, this fatty had actually walked back and forth, flirting in front of a military major ranked secretary. That was something which she could not bear any longer, and thus she shouted at him.

Right now, after hearing Fatty ask back a simple question, she was startled. Previously in the meeting room, even though she did not know what was being said, she had seen this fatty inside as well. How many confidential secretaries had poor eyesight? Furthermore, she had merely heard of how this fatty was despicable and shameless. In other words, everything negative was placed on this figure. During her ordinary days, whenever she saw this fatty, she would think the definition of shameless fit him quite well. As the saying goes, without wind, there will not be waves [1]. Thus, she despised this fellow inwardly as well. But now that she was being asked to name what this person did that warranted her ire and what he did that was considered shameless, she could not speak of a single matter.

Seeing You Na at a loss for words, Tian Xing Jian did not care anymore. At this point, leaving was impossible. It would be better to just bring out the medal from his chest. Right as You Na was still staring at him speechlessly with an inconceivable look, he went ahead and knocked on Bernadotte’s door.

“Come in!” A voice came out from within the office. Tian Xing Jian entered the meeting room, had a look, and wondered what the generals and An Lei were discussing over at the office table. Seeing Tian Xing Jian entering, An Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry. This person did not care about what the occasion was and was still just like before. As long as he wanted to do something, he would be thick-skinned and shameless in doing it.

Right when An Lei was urgently and angrily giving Fatty a meaningful look, she discovered that including Bernadotte and the other generals, all of them stood up and gave Tian Xing Jian a salute when they saw him.

An Lei almost fainted from this. She conscientiously gave a look at this chap who still had an expression of unreliability, only to realize that there was an additional Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom on his chest!

“Oh my god!” An Lei covered her mouth in astonishment. How did this medal end up on the body of this fool?

General Bernadotte laughed as he waved his hand: “First Lieutenant Tian, you came at the right time. There’s a matter which we are currently thinking of finding you for.”

Fatty had a look of devotion to righteousness as he replied, “Yes, General.” At the same time, he inched stealthily over to the side of An Lei.

[1] Cause and effect.

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