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Chapter 74: No Title

Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Geoffrey_

Even though Tian Xing Jian did not know how Russell had fallen to such a state, he did not have any positive feelings towards such a slaughter artisan; however, for the Gyaca Woods Empire to place such a character under house arrest, there was only one such group in Miracolo Planet that could do it⁓the special forces directly subordinate to the Gyaca Woods Empire royal family, the Myth Legion, a fierce and vicious yet loyal dog!

Tian Xing Jian did not feel well in his heart, as he thought about having to face the Myth Legion once again. Fighting against such a dangerous enemy… if one said he wasn’t afraid, then that would be a lie. Looking at An Lei, he saw that there was a complex feeling hidden in her eyes, making Tian Xing Jian sigh in his heart. Right now, what he needed to do was to go to the research lab. [Logic] was, after all, the biggest safeguard for him to return alive and see her again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing the back of Tian Xing Jian as he walked out of the office and disappeared at the turn of the corridor, An Lei’s heart finally became messy. Not a single word spoken from the generals had been heard by her.

Why was such a dangerous mission be given to him?

In An Lei’s heart, since they were young, he was a boy who always needed her protection; he was certainly someone incompatible with war! Never had she thought that he would be in a place surrounded by the fires of war that filled the entire sky.

An Lei always thought that she was a calm person. In reality, the moment she first saw Tian Xing Jian, she did her best to remain calm. But thereafter, the impact came one after another at her. This boy who was deeply buried and hidden in her heart, someone who she was about to forget as time went by, had actually grown up and become an extraordinarily outstanding military staff officer. He was even a recipient of the Purple Insignia Medal of Freedom, but what was more shocking was that he was from the special forces and was the Federation Hero who had encountered lots of danger in the rear enemy lines as he brought out 270 prisoners-of-wars step by step!

An Lei felt that she could no longer maintain her calmness. That childhood sweetheart of hers, the one who had always been appearing in her mind, finally grew up to become a true man!

An Lei hated herself. She did not care about what medals or awards he had, but what she hated herself for was that in her disappointment, she had actually left his side and never went through thick and thin with together him! How much pain and agony had he suffered? How much blame and how many tribulations had he experienced?

Her heart could no longer control the dull ache. So it turns out she was someone who could feel heartache for a person to such an extent… This hateful fool was ultimately someone she cared about the most!

What made An Lei even more hard-pressed in accepting this fact was that this person, who had caused great waves to emerge in her calm heart, had suddenly left the moment he appeared, accepting an extremely dangerous mission as it was his duty. That unease made her incapable of holding back; under the weird looks of the several generals, An Lei pulled open the door and rushed out.

When Tian Xing Jian had just walked out of the forward command gates, the sound of urgent footsteps from high heels came from behind, making him turn over. A female staff officer was currently rushing to his side before passing on the document to a soldier in the flying car at the gates. “Quickly, send it over!”

The flying car whistled as it shot away.

Tian Xing Jian bitterly smiled and shook his head. After that, he went along to the forward command building towards the research laboratory. When An Lei appeared by the gates of the forward command building, his figure had just turned at the corner of the wall.

An Lei thought for a moment before deciding to walk in a different direction. Once she got lost in the massive building of the academy at the educational campus, a weird ineffable grievance rushed up her head, causing her to be unable to control herself as she knelt down in tears.

[Logic]’s preliminary modification had long been done a few days ago, and Milan was currently doing the final touch-up on it. Just now, her father had told her on the phone that the research laboratory had confirmed to be retreating back to the capital’s military institute in three days. Thinking that she was about to be leaving soon, she wanted to do something for Tian Xing Jian.

All the best materials had been used by Milan extravagantly on the body of [Logic]. Even though there were several proposals which had not been worked on, the biological double attribute metal’s instantaneous transformation had already been strictly tested upon. Also, even though the electronic attack equipment installed in the [Logic] was not the one researched initially, its function had still given the [Antenna] a greater invasion power!

Although the ion-blade had not been finalized yet, a long-range energy sniping cannon had been fitted in. From a distance of a few kilometers away, this cannon could penetrate the cabin of any ordinary Battle Mecha!

Fatty quietly entered Milan’s research laboratory with complex feelings. After seeing An Lei, his entire heart had been occupied by An Lei’s knitted brows and her smile. As for his ambiguous feelings for Milan, Mei Duo, and Ni Ya, he was clearly not responsible for them at all.

This good man Tian Xing Jian walked to the side of Milan and once again looked down at the beautiful scene under her neckline, causing his thinking to be immediately controlled by the lower half of his body.

Damn, all men are animals of the lower half of their bodies! Fatty scolded himself in his heart while simultaneously tiptoeing and stretching his neck to the fullest extent to have a peek!

So fair!

Zeze! So fair and delicate! He truly wanted to give it a bite!

Fatty’s saliva dripped down into the neckline of Milan’s! Oh dear!

Very clearly, once Fatty’s figure entered the eyes of Milan, who looked up, he suffered from the most dangerous pursuit he had ever encountered since the start of the war.

He had been forced to just hug her and use his body to press her down on the table, making her unable to move.

The moment she made contact Tian Xing Jian’s body, Milan immediately became powerless; her body felt wobbly, and it was burning with charm. That ample chest of hers had been pressed against the chest of Tian Xing Jian, and under the rubbing, two hard pokies began appearing.

The thinking of a woman is truly strange. As long as it is someone she liked, then whatever he does, she would not mind. Towards this man whom she had opened her heart to, the moment Milan got in contact with him, the idea of resistance immediately dissipated.

Using her hands to lightly hug Fatty’s neck, she could hear how this foolish chap was using an incoherent speech to try to explain his wretched behavior. Milan could not help but roll her eyes. In her heart, she was silently displeased, ‘No wonder Ni Ya hated him for how his mouth is always itchy. This sucker!”

Bashfully burying her head in Fatty’s embrace, Milan lightly said, “Damned person, why did you come here again? I’ve just called my father. He said that there will be a transport ship coming in three days later to fetch us.”

Ai, this is the outcome of acting 《Iron-Blooded, Gentle Feelings》[1]! On one end, Fatty was enjoying the soft and beautiful figure in his embrace with an untroubled heart; on another end, he was scolding himself for not being something good. Damn, why would guys like one the moment they saw one? Why exactly is this damn thing happening? Why is this father, such a traditionally good man, included in this as well?

Especially when a woman had completely given her heart without reservation to him, Fatty only felt that he was responsible to protect them and not let them suffer from any harm. But, what about An Lei?

Unless he was destined to meet but fated not to be with her?

If only she appeared earlier on, then before even Mei Duo and Ni Ya, and before this ambiguous feeling had been formed with Milan due to his boredom… if only she had been always by his side, then maybe… he would have become a good man, forever protecting her and forever not forming such a tiny bit of ambiguous feeling towards other women.

Fatty gave his final conclusion—f*** this! I am a damned fatty and not Liu Xia Hui [2]! But what is even more annoying is that I’m not some emperor of the three palaces and six courtyard [3]! Isn’t this the case of wanting my life?

[1] Check chapter 63.

[2] Google Zhan Huo–a famous character in ancient times for his virtue.

[3] Referring to how in the past, the emperors would have three palaces, six courtyards that are quite similar to the different ministries in modern times.

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